Remember, Mario Kart's Arcade Version Lets You Drive A Tank

For around a decade now, while it's been a smash hit on consoles, Mario Kart has also been an arcade racer, thanks to a partnership between Nintendo and Namco Bandai. The latest version of the game, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX is out this week in Japan, and this clip shows what it looks like in action. Even if you're sick of the home version, the arcade edition is always worth a look if you're ever around one; not only do you get to drive using a good wheel, but this one's got a freakin' tank in it.

(via Arcade Heroes)


    Mario Kart DS had a "freakin' tank" in it too, though only for Dry Bones I think.

      It's my favorite combination - Dry Bones in his tank. You spend the entire race in one long boost if you know the tracks well enough.

      Pretty sure that after completing something (some achievment/challenge) you could put any character in any of the 30 vehicles. You are correct that it was initially one of Dry Bones vehicles though.

    Remember GTA III's PC Version lets you drive a tank too

    I've always been a bit of a fan for the arcade versions, certainly solid games. The tanks seem familiar, wasn't that something in one of the Crash Bandicoot Kart racers?

    I played Mario Kart in a Tokyo arcade for about an hour when I was there - I daresay I'll hit this new edition up with equal enthusiasm when I'm back next year.
    Everything's better in Japan.

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