Report: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Will Come With A Brand New Ending

Report: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Will Come With A Brand New Ending

Did you ever think to yourself, “Hey, Final Fantasy X and X-2 are good and all, but what they really need is another 30-minute cut-scene during the credits?” You’re in luck!

According to the Japanese publication Shounen Jump (as translated by Siliconera), the upcoming HD remakes of FFX and FFX-2 (to be released on PS3 and Vita this fall) will come with a 30-minute cut-scene that plays over the compilation’s credits — presumably at the end of FFX-2.

I reached out to Square Enix earlier today for confirmation/further details, and I’ll update if I hear back from them. Hopefully they don’t go all Harry Potter on us: if this scene is set in the distant future and Tidus and Yuna have a kid named Jecht Auron I’m gonna break my TV.


  • I would actually enjoy this extra ending… if i ever get to finish FF-X2 with the good ending…

    • Getting the good ending didn’t require victory in that stupid coin game I forget the name of, right? (the reward was the Lady Luck dressphere, I think)

      • I dont think so, the ending I wanted was the one with all the Crimson Spheres. i remember getting to a point where i just gave up in that dungeon under the church headquarters

        One thing i remember was that to get the 100% ending you also had to not skip the cinematic scenes, choose the correct options in conversations and do the missions in a special order.

    • My guess would be no, it would be something like FF9 where during the credits there were cinematics playing in the background with the wedding and catching up with a few of the characters etc.
      I can’t see them going “Surprise, you aren’t actually already dead!” then changing it so that you actually “are” looking for Tidus in the second game

      • I never finished the second game, so I wasn’t sure how that all panned out. I think that there was a good ending where Yuna could sort of see Tidus or something, but decided to let him go?

        Maybe I should just read a wiki or something.

  • Will this wrap up the stories for all the other characters in the game? One can only hope so

  • Would this just be the extended ending that came with the International version? If I remember right it kind of bridged the two games.

  • My jimmies be rusltin’. Next up we finally get confirmation of the ff7 hd remake only the truly foolish wanted only guess what jokes on everyone aeris lives in the next extended international ending happy version 2.0………

  • Aw man, here I was hoping that they’d change the fact that (to me) FFX was just Tidus wanting to tell his father he hated him and then saying it in the most pathetic way after questing for 40 hours or so. It was so anti-climactic and why I didn’t like the game as much as the others. Tidus was kind of like the Shinji Ikari of FFX.

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