Rise Of The Triad Gets A Metal-Heavy, Explosive Pre-Order Trailer

Rise of the Triad, the insanely fast-paced remake of the classic '94 Apogee first-person shooter, will be released on the PC on July 31. Pre-ordering also gets you four more classic Apogee titles, including the original Rise of the Triad with its expansion pack, and the two Blake Stone games. Not bad.


    If you check out the video on youtube, Inteceptor Interactive are replying to most comments IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE THE GAME IS THAT EXTREME.

    That looks terrible.

    Pre-ordered, but I wanna play now!! Bring on thee gibs!


    Last edited 03/07/13 8:10 pm

    Oh god this takes me back...totally seeing this being refused classification though LOL

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