Robot Unicorn Attack Sequel Hits Android

There was a time when Adult Swim was mocked for its games. I'm looking squarely at the PS2 release of Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro Am. But the game that changed all that was Robot Unicorn Attack, an endless runner with a hilarious background track. It was given the sequel treatment back in April, and now that's made the jump from iOS to Android.

If you're curious about how it plays, Mike Fahey did a decent write-up right here.

It looks like there are quite a few new features, most notably the ability to customise your unicorn, new levels and challenges every day, and additional background tracks for $0.99c USD (Yes, including "Always"). Fahey seems to think the other music is just as good, and apparently the in-app purchases were necessary to make the game free. Fair enough.

Also - you can fly! Get it for free here.


    Late to the party eh? This has been out on droid for a good while already. Slowtaku.

      A week and a half at most. Not "a good while". Unless you're talking about the April iOS version?

        Thats still too late. How unprofessional would it be to report on the launch of a AAA game a week after it's release. Oh wait... that still happens here.

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