Rockstar Might Actually Bring GTAV, Other Games To PC

Red Dead Redemption never made it to the PC. Grand Theft Auto V hasn't been announced for PC. Such sadness. But what's this? A personal computer-shaped rainbow on the horizon?

Rockstar's Leeds studio recently posted a job opening for somebody to "help bring our latest titles to the PC platform".

"Working together with the other Rockstar studios", the advert continued, "you will be responsible for maintaining the studio’s uncompromising quality bar, delivering the highest quality PC experience possible."

It's since been pulled from the studio's site, but the internet, it never forgets.

Given the timing it would seem this is geared towards perhaps GTAV, maybe even just games after GTAV, but you should never give up hope, PC gamers. Never give up hope.

After all, Red Dead was the first big Rockstar game is a long time to not make it to PC.

Leeds job posting hints at GTAV PC port [Rockstar Watch]


    Oh god please...

    And please RDR? Its NOT too late.... PLEASE?

      What makes me hope is the fact that it said "Titles" with an 's'!

    Looks like I'll miss out on Wii U. Can hardly get through games at the moment though. Being a parent takes away so much gaming time!

      Being a parent married to a non-gamer takes away even more. It's ok, I have already spoken to my wife. During the 40 hours of GTA IV she watched buffy on the laptop next to me. When I brought up GTA V she said she has Angel the complete series ready to watch. It should be ok. Its rare that this happens so I have to save it for a game I will die to play through. Far Cry 3 has taken me around three months to get through and at the moment I get maybe an hour a weekend to get through it a bit more. The last three attempts have me stuck in an area so I have literally played the same twenty minutes of the game for the last three sessions/weekends.

        That being said, I have two and a half hours per day on a train and I was playing pc games on my laptop daily but no GTA V on pc and my laptop is not up to it anyway.

    Oh please bring it to PC!
    I think I am slowly getting hyped for this game but it needs to be on PC before I board the hype train.

    Have you ever seen a little dog who is just so ecstatic to see you that it yaps and turns around and jumps and hops til it just about backflips and finds itself writhing around in a twisted ball of fur in a paroxysm of glee? To the point that you worry that it’s going to hurt itself? My inner gamer-dog just did that.

    I really couldn't care less. If they don't release it on PC I simply don't play it, even though I own all current consoles. It's the principal of the thing.

    “you will be responsible for maintaining the studio’s uncompromising quality bar, delivering the highest quality PC experience possible.”

    Have Rockstar ever played the PC port of GTA IV? Years later, my latest PC is only just fast enough to play what has to have been the shittiest PC port I have ever had the misfortune to waste money on. What is there to maintain? I bet they decided not to bring RRD to PC based off poor sales of GTA IV, which was self-fulling after vomiting out the port that we got.

      Not sure anyone's going to agree with your blatant, child-like exaggeration. I've had it ever since the day it came out, my computer ran it then with everything maxed but the view distance. Now I max view distance.

        Actually GTA IV is notorious as one of the worst ports of all time.

        It brought perfectly good, properly configured gaming rigs to their knees for no reason other than appallingly bad code.

        Some people (like you, evidently) had no problems. For others it was a choppy, buggy nightmare of a port. 20 seconds on Google will confirm this for you.

        However, by all means go ahead and assume that your experience is universal and that anyone with a different one is an idiot.

      Perhaps it's because your PC doesn't support Blast Processing?

      Ahhh I remember my Intel 80486, don't worry you will always be able to play sam&max and all the lucasarts classics but best leave games like GTA to modern PCs. ;-)

      i swear that games for windows live just psychologically primes gamers to hate what they're playing. i've never had performance issues with gta4 but i still get pissed off playing it on PC.

    Of coarse GTAV is coming to PC, it will just be a year + late and buggy as hell.

      I know they are different style of games but i was impressed with the PC version of Max Payne 3 at launch, i didn't encounter any bugs or glitches and ran smoothly.

      I suppose by Rockstar wanting proper people to handle PC ports then they at least try to minimise the bugs GTA V might have if they choose to release it on PC.

    Read elsewhere that it's because Red Dead was primarily developed by Rockstar San Diego - who generally just code for consoles - that it never came to PC, whereas the GTA series are done by Rockstar North who do console/PC. No source to back that up, but it might explain why.

      yeah i think you're right, according to wiki the PC version of gta4 was a rockstar north/rockstar toronto joint effort. rockstar san diego haven't been part of a game that came to PC since 2004. rockstar leeds seems to be exclusively for ports to PSP/iOS (chinatown wars) and PC (l.a. noire) and likely more into the future.

    Do it Rockstar. I have money for you.

    RED DEAD REDEMPTION!!!! That is all - actually I like how PC is the new black.

    Last edited 10/07/13 8:48 pm

    Im getting the PS3 version, but if it comes to PC Ill be grabbing it! Im still surprised at the hilarity that mods can bring GTA IV.

    It's not just that the PC port of GTAIV was bad, it was that it was *intentionally* bad.

    "What, are you saying that PC gamer lower one graphics option so that they can raise another? Geddouttahere..."

    Considering both red dead revolver and gta both originated on pc i think it's terrible rockstar have forgotten about the sales that made them what they are today.

    A decent RDR implementation on PC would be a no-brainer purchase for me.

    GTA IV was fun, but the port was kinda terrible. When playing Saint's Row the third, I had to wonder if that game's awful performance was actually a clever homage to it.

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