Runescape 3 Launches July 22

It's been 12 years and change since Jagex first unleashed the ridiculously popular free-to-play MMO Runescape on the world, and it's finally starting to look like something I might play. The game's largest upgrade ever, Runescape 3 has been confirmed for a July 22 launch.

Along with some relatively smoking-hot graphics upgrades and the return of the gods to the game world, Runescape 3 gives players the abilities to shape their world, with a focus on player-created content. Not bad for a 12-year-old browser-based game.


    I wasted way too much time on this when I was in school.

      Yere, doing virtual chores instead of real life ones... hahaha

    Graphics seem to not have improved based on the picture. I have played it before and t was very enjoyable. Time consuming but enjoyable.

    looks great ! thanks.

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