Russian Gas Truck Explodes, Caught On ‘First-Person’ Camera

Russia, your people’s love of putting cameras on their car dashboards has won the day again.

Only a few months after the craze let the world see an insane event it might otherwise have missed, this time we get to see a freeway bumper-to-bumper become a fireball, a truck carrying gas canisters exploding on contact and sending fiery silver death plumes spinning all over the road.

Amazingly, nobody was killed. Not even the maniac you can see running across the road, caught in the hottest game of Frogger on record.

Взрыв ISUZU 13.07.2013 на МКАДе [YouTube, via Laughing Squid]


  • I believe that ‘maniac’ was one of the drivers in the accident so given the choice of sitting in the middle of that conflagration or taking your chances and legging it as far as you can I’d say legging it is the wise choice 😛

  • Just so you know, Russians aren’t just obbsessed with the things, it’s because their car insurance system is f’ed, so they put it there to prove the reality of the accidents

    • Don’t know if it’s f’ed… seems like a pretty reasonable idea really. I think all cars should have dash cams and black boxes.

      • The idea is great!, I meant that their insurance system and court system in accidents if f’ed, because it basically comes down to whoever claims the other did it first, is right.

  • woah. at around 0:20 the camera car wants to change lanes left but i guess he looks in the rearview and sees this fast moving truck and gets out of the way. A decision which is validated when the truck runs up the back of a bus and explodes dramatically.

  • If there’s one thing I’ve learnt growing up as an ex-firemans son, explosions in real life are always a letdown compared to how hollywood movies make them look lol.

      • Haha gold. Dad often sits there with me watching movies, critiquing things. He HATES watching movies about firefighters, as they 9 out of 10 times, get *everything* wrong. Right down to the equipment believe it or not and how it’s used. Backdraft is a huge offender. “Why would they just walk across a roof like that? We would NEVER walk across a roof like that without a safety line.” for instance. Then there’s the issue how in most movies they use the wrong extinguishers most times… etc etc. I could go on for ages trust me.

        • I was a musician for 13 years, travelling, touring etc. I’ll let you know when a movie correctly portrays an artist recording music. it’s forehead-slappingly bad. The bottom line is that if Hollywood portrays anything vocation, it’s most likely painfully inaccurate.

          • So they don’t just improv out fresh new songs and sounds while everybody in the room instantly understands the cultural impact the song will have for generations to come? You lied to me Dewey Cox!

          • I love it when you see them all in the same room laying down tracks. You do that for guide tracks but no the final product. The spill from the drums alone would be unmanageable.

    • The difference, is that Hollywood explosion is just bags of gasoline. Big fireball, not that dangerous.

      In real life, explosions have far less impressive fireball, but more likely to kill you with shrapnel.

  • I really didn’t look at the thumbnail for this post before I clicked it. I went into this thinking the large black tanker (which is more prominent in the thumbnail) was the exploding truck.
    A little disappointed, but my own fault.

  • Can’t say I’m surprised given the motorist behavior in the rest of the video. Did you see how many cars got stuck in the merging lane and had to stop? Everyone there just seems to ignore the “I’ve run out of road let me in you inconsiderate douchebags” indicator light.

  • The dummy in the silver bus, originally in the far left lane caused this mess with their stupid driving, if they were a good driver they would have planned ahead and been in the far right lane much earlier (exit road was the target). When they couldn’t get into the far right lane they just stopped, you don’t do that, you must accept that you have been defeated by superior driver(s) and commence taking the long way around, regardless of how long that is, and learn for next time.

  • they saw awww eyooo eyooo. I wana scream n shout and let it out . bahahahah poorly Ironic ! I was waiting for that Gas tanker to explode too!

  • I want to believe the person filming reversed all the way home, à la the time Homer caught Apu cheating on his wife with the squishee delivery girl.

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