Saints Row IV Voice Cast Includes Worf And Dr Horrible

Not as Worf or Dr Horrible, mind you. Although I live in hope that one day Worf will be forced to deliver Wonderflonium on the orders of Bad Horse. Maybe that'll be a DLC mission.

Volition's announced the full voice cast for Saints Row IV, and it's an interesting bunch, ranging from Nolan "I am every videogame voice ever" North, through to Neil Patrick Harris, Terry Crews and Rob Van Dam. Here's the full list, including all the voice choices for the President/Player role:

Keith David — As himself Danielle Nicolet — Shaundi Jennifer Jules Hart — Shaundi #2 Natalie Lander — Kinzie Kensington Terry Crews — Benjamin King JB Blanc — Zinyak/Phillipe Loren Michael Dorn — Maero Neil Patrick Harris — DJ Veteran Child Yuri Lowenthal — Matt Miller Arif Kinchen — Pierce Washington Tim Thomerson — Cyrus Temple Mike Carlucci — Zach Rob Van Dam — Bobby Rebecca Riedy — Asha Odekar Andrew Bowen — Josh Birk/NyteBlayde Michael Yurchak — CID TC Carson — Big Tony Ursula Taherian — Tanya Ogie Banks — Warren Williams

The President: Nolan North — The Player Troy Baker — The Player Laura Bailey –The Player Robin Atkin Downes — The Player Diane Michelle — The Player Kenn Michael — The Player Sumalee Montano — The Player

Saints Row IV voice actors revealed [Destructoid]


    Saints Row 2 spoilers:Didn't Veteran Child die?

    Two Shaundis and neither is voiced by Eliza Dushku? And still no Jonny Gat? For shame Volition! Particularly seeing as how it looks like they've got some time travel thing happening, based on the fact that Maero and Veteran Child are there (not to mention the 2nd Shaundi).

    Also, do we know if this has been reclassified for Australia yet (and if it has, exactly what's been cut)? Not that it matters since it's going to be censored either way and I won't be buying it here as a result.

      RE: Gat, see

      "And still no Jonny Gat?"

      I'll just leave this here:


    Its just a shame that i have to import it.

    I'm dissapointed by the lack of Violet or Oleg. And if we're bringing back characters like Tanya and Warren who weren't even Saints, where's Lin or Carlos, who were crew?

    And more importantly, when the flying **** do I get to deal with Dex??

    Don't get me wrong. I'm hyped as hell for SR4. Just a few questions I had is all...

    What? No Burt Reynolds?! Or Hulk Hogan? Sasha Grey?! No Zimos?! Come on!

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