Sandman Creator Neil Gaiman Is Finally Putting Out A Video Game

It’s been one of those question that every game enthusiast has asked himself after reading American Gods, Neverwhere or the beloved Sandman comics: when the hell is Neil Gaiman going to be involved in a video game? Well, faithful ones, that day is coming soon.

Mashable reports that Gaiman has been working with dev studio The Odd Gentlemen and publisher Moon Shark to create multiplatform game Wayward Manor.

Inspired by Gaiman's love of both supernatural and slapstick genres, the game follows the misadventures of a ghost who wants nothing more than a peaceful afterlife, and to kick out the motley crew living in the house he once called home. A gothic New England estate is the setting, with the storyline running from the 1920s all the way to the not-too-distant future. As the ghost tries harder and harder to get rid of the squatters, he also unravels the mystery of his own death and the after-life.

There’s not been an actual look at the game yet but Gaiman’s such an iconic writer of the fantastical that his pedigree alone is enough to get folks excited. And if you need some bonnafides for the folks making the game, then you should know that The Odd Gentlemen’s The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom was a stylish, excellent little brain-bending puzzle platforming game. I could totally see these guys executing the concept outlined above. It’ll be interesting to see how Gaiman’s cache carries over to an entirely different medium. Wayward Manor is coming out for PC, Mac and mobile platforms later this year.

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    Regardless of the game, you know if Gaiman's involved it's going to be some trippy stuff. I love good game writing!

    after that bullcrap nightmare in silver ep, im not sure i want to play this, his other stuff was great but night mare ijn silver, no way

      If you're put off by his Dr Who work, check out Neverwhere. Brilliant show he wrote way back when.

        no, don't. that adaptation was dismal :/

          Actually, it was a show first, then a book. C'mon, the Marquis de Carabas doesn't sway you?

            ahh did not know that - then the TV show was just flat-out horrible then :P (I enjoyed the book thought)

        alread seen it, ive seen how brilliant he is/was, Nightmare in silver ruined it for me, maybe he is not as good in his later years, maybe to old or lost touch

          Seriously man, nobody's perfect. If you completely give up on an artist (in any genre) because they produce one thing that you don't like, you won't be left with much. TV isn't even his principle genre.

            never said i wasnt going to i just said i might not and hope its better then "nightmare in silver"

    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble. But I knew I had heard of this game before. May I present Haunting staring Polterguy on the Sega Genesis.

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