Screen Australia Announces Assessors For 2013 Games Production Program

If you're applying for game development funding, Screen Australia has announced just who exactly will be looking at your application. It's a stellar list of local talent, with the inclusion of one overseas luminary in the form of Siobhan Reddy, Studio Director of Media Molecule.

After the success of LittleBigPlanet, you could argue that those in charge of Media Molecule know a good, creative idea when they see one. Despite being based in the UK, Reddy grew up in Sydney, and was recently named Australian Woman of the Year in the UK.

Others on the list include Simon Joslin of Halfbrick, Matthew Hall of Tantalus and Big Ant, Morgan Jaffit of Defiant, and Sarah von Rampaey, formerly of Eidos and Sony. They'll be looking at each application for funding under the guidelines set out by Screen Australia, assessing the "strength of the project, the project’s ability to enhance business sustainability, and the experience, expertise and talents of the key principals involved."

You can check the full release with bios of each assessor over at the Screen Australia website.


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