Yesterday's game was tough... and nobody got it. Today's was likewise drawn by one of my kids. One of my kids who has full access to my games library. Insert evil laugh here.

Yesterday's game was, in fact, Link's Crossbow Training. So now you know.

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game on a sticky note, and it’s your job to guess what it is! Come back every day at noon for a new ScribbleTaku! Feel like sending one in? Shoot us an email here.


    Mario Kart (Wii? 7?)

      Oh, full access to games library... might be a little more esoteric then... Crash Team Racing?

      EDIT: Or Diddy Kong Racing! Now we're talking!

      Last edited 18/07/13 12:12 pm

    Based on yesterdays scribble, this one could be Forza5.

    ...but my real answer is Mario Kart.

      It is Forza 5 ... before you download the rest of the game, :-P

    ..wait I got it..Razor Freestyle Scooter

    Last edited 18/07/13 12:36 pm


    I made a little cart just like that. Except I put rocket engines on the back.

    Rescue Mission

    The person is bald so it's either Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE Crush Hour or Tommy Pickles in Nicktoons Racing

    Mario Kart 7? Kinda looks like the bee stinger kart.

    Wii Fit

    That is obviously a Mii on a segway.

    Last edited 18/07/13 12:24 pm

    Modnation racing?

    No-one's got it yet. Although you're in the right kind of ballpark.

    Matt Hoffman Pro BMX 2

    Megaman ZX

    I thought this one was in danger of going fast. Obviously not.

    Trials Evolution, or
    Razor: Freestyle Scooter

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