I honesty thought you'd have a hard time with yesterday's... But you got it pretty much straight away. I'm not alone, though, the entire office thought that one was pretty hard. So there you go. We all underestimated you.

That specific crab was from the specific game Wonder Boy in Monster World, but if you guessed any of the Wonder Boy or even Alex Kidd games, chalk yourself up a win, because let's face it - that crab gets around.

In fact, my goal was to try and get many of you guessing Crabitron, but if I had zoomed in on the face and neglected the horizon, that wouldn't have been fair. Today's isn't hard at all. I just felt it'd be fun to draw. It's not old, either. And if you were at PAX Aus, you'd definitely recognise it. No more hints, Kotaku! That's all you get.

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    If we were at PAX we'd definitely recognise it?

    World of Tanks!


        And by that I meant "laugh out loud", not League of Legends, whose booth was almost as big :P

          I preferred the double entendre.

          Yeah, what was up with LoL? Wasted so much space, as did World of Tanks. Space that could have been used for more indie games or other exhibitors.

            Space they paid for and other exhibitors didn't pay for.

            It's not like they didn't have the space for a few more booths. They just didn't have the exhibitors showing up. Running directly opposite San Diego Comiccon probably had something to do with that. I expect them to NOT do that again.

            It was fun seeing all the indie games, though, and Ubisoft did a great job of selling their stuff too (and the Total War Rome 2 presentation was pretty good too).

            Apparently the PA guys had to have a word to the World of Tanks guys about their booth babes though. Be surprised if the Sennheiser guys didn't also get asked to tone it down next time. Knowing about the "no booth babes" policy those two kind of surprised me.

              Yeah I was surprised by that too, since I knew that PA had a fairly strict policy on that.

              Personally I don't mind it. It wasn't distracting and they weren't that scantily dressed to feel like it was demeaning to them.

    Inspector Layton's Mystery Room the iOS game?

    Elevator Action!

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