You guys are on a roll. Again, pretty much guessed the last one in the first comment. Yesterday's was of course Framed, the nifty local indie title in which you can control what happens by rearranging frames, in a puzzle-y, comic book style.

Ben Kuchera of the Penny Arcade Report was at PAX Aus and just did a write-up of the game, here.

Or you can watch this short trailer. It looks very interesting.

No hints on today's, other than it's a little left of field.

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    EV: Nova was the best game ever.

    Edit: Damn, a quick google show it has names for star systems, not numbers. Still, great game.

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    Eufloria or that iOS game that had the exact same mechanics but a space theme.

    Matster of Orion Or Elite

    My Little Pony's Magical Join the Dots Adventure

    Reminds me a bit of eve online's star map.

    Not very left field, but reminds me of FFXIII's skill tree...

    Neptune's Pride

    (but also Biker Mice from Mars)

        NP has curved lines, the drawing has straight ones

          here instead:,r:70,s:0,i:297&iact=rc&page=5&tbnh=163&tbnw=310&start=67&ndsp=18&tx=145&ty=106

    I don't know if anyone else here was at the Retro Game Trivia panel at PAX but I was bitterly disappointed that "The Dig" was not any of the answers. Or even "Alex Kidd in Miracle World".

    Its Neptunes Pride II : Triton
    I played and got very frustrated at that game

    looks like a play by mail game my dad used to play called "spiral arm"

    Looks like the campaign mode in the original Star Control.

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