See What A Difference HD Makes For Final Fantasy X

Along with the news that every preorder of the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be upgraded to the Limited Edition with a 24-page art book for a case, Square Enix also released a comparison video that demonstrates how much we probably could have done without this remaster.

Smoothing out the jaggies is lovely and all, and I really love the widescreen presentation, but these are not things I strictly need to enjoy Final Fantasy X. All I need for that is the original disc and around 40 hours of spare time. If they really wanted to add value, they could have, I dunno — made the story better. *ducks*

That’s not to say I won’t buy the collection, but I’m really just in it for the X-2.


    • Personally, I loved it!

      I clocked over 100 hours of it and it’s the most I’ve ever spent on any Final Fantasy game. I really enjoyed the battle system, decent storyline, exceptional art direction and a mostly good cast of characters. Oh, and great acting too.

      My only criticisms for this game is that there are two characters in this game that bring nothing to the storyline, the gambit system is a little weird and the music is quite weak overall. Definitely not Hitoshi Sakiomoto’s best work.

      Once a HD release comes out, I’m ready to jump back in!

      But it really depends, who you ask. It’s in my top 10 for best JRPGS but I also know many that hated it.

      • I second this! I love FF, but 12 is the only one that I really completed everything in. The story is meh, but oh my god the gameplay. If you only like traditional FFs it may not be for you, but on its own merits if you have the mmo itch this game will give you a giant rash.

    • It was a single player MMO with really neat touches added in from Final Fantasy Tactics.

      That said I really enjoyed FF12, it was a rich, vibrant world that I enjoyed exploring and the story had its moments too though it does kinda fall flat in sections especially with Vaan and Penelo. But Vayne was an interesting protagonist and the hunting side-missions rule.

    • Opinions are extremely mixed. Some people loved XII. I’ll give them credit for trying a lot of new things. Nonetheless, I thought it was a sloppy attempt at a more WRPG style game – it was a chore to play. It didn’t help that the voice acting was absolutely atrocious, and the plot was pretty ordinary too.

      My feeling is that X was the last good FF game, but it wasn’t as good as 6 through 9.

      • X felt like a more westernised game than 7 – 9 to me, obviously because it was trying for a larger audience than the previous 3 though given its higher budget. But at the same time it was a phenomenal game. I still remember being stunned by SIN’s attack. Absolutely emotionally stunned. A hell of a game. So glad they’ve done a HD re-release. Will definitely pick this up.

    • I loved FFXII. I think the story and locations were amazing. The Gambit system worked with me, saying that it just made it extremely easy for the battles to run smoothly. I set up my gambits that for the random encounters played out automatically.

    • It was polarising for a lot of the community. I loved the presentation of the story and the characters were well developed but where it fell a little flat for me was the combat, the PS2 didn’t have the power to make it as fluid as it should have been resulting in costly spell delays while loading animations etc. It also required a good deal more grinding than other entries in the series.

      • Personally I love a game that polarises communities, then you truly hear the good and the bad sides of things, to this point its quite intriguing me now. I wonder if its available on psn?

        • One of the main things for me was the characters were not unique, any character could equip any weapon so there were no character specific legendaries like in 10.

          This also meant they all played the same. The combat could also be setup to play itself. You could set your guys up, stand them in a hallway then come back in the morning and they had been fighting monsters all night getting XP.

          The game wasn’t bad, I did pass it however it just felt like a generic RPG rather than Final Fantasy.

          • A good critique, it sounds like it was the pathway to 13 and its quite frankly, terrible combat, which literally played itself.

          • Interestingly enough, I believe the “International Zodiac Job System” version, which was released later in Japan, put the more traditional class-system back into play, which I believe would have been a better choice from the start.

            The whole “every character played the same” is certainly one of the major problems I had with the game. Granted, you are free to create your own DIY classes, but there’s little encouragement to do this. I think this was partially compounded by certain characters being unimportant (Penello was the biggest example here. She was semi-relevant for a few things earlier on and then faded in the ranks of the party). The character links and personalities were far blander than FFX. So I wouldn’t say it was in the same league as FFX, but it wasn’t a bad game, by any means.

    • I agree with FFX being the last great FF game.

      FFXII was a terrible game. I only made it half way through the game before giving up.

      • i agree… i played the international version recently and man, it flipped the whole vanilla system upside down. i loved it!

  • Ok i’ll go that preorder – I’m a sucker for art books 😛

    I’m really looking forward to this because I never got a chance to play FFX or X-2. Couple this with LR:FF13 and it looks like I’ll be riding high on FF for a bit 🙂

  • This is one of my all time favourite games, but I don’t know if i’ll buy this.
    I don’t use my PS3 much anymore (don’t enjoy console gaming as much as I used to) and don’t own a Vita.

    Guess I can just fire up PCSX2 and play on my PC again 😛

  • I hope they touched up the pre-rendered backdrops to not look like ass on any HD resolution, it’s the main thing I’d notice playing this on PCSX2, with the internal res bumped anything 3D looks great (seriously the textures they were using back then were pretty good) but anything 2D just looks awful.

  • I really wish they would inject a really good dose of ‘Fantasy’ back into the Final Fantasy series. Why are they all so serious and ‘realistic’ these days 🙁 Any word of a HD remaster of FF9 (the last IMO that really had the ‘fantasy’ element)

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