See You All In Three Weeks!

See You All In Three Weeks!

Hello everyone, just a quick note to say that I’m heading back home to Scotland for three weeks!

But don’t worry, we’ll still be producing a whole heap of local Australian content. From July 15-19 we have Alex Kidman looking after the site. Every post on that week will most likely be about Bubble Bobble. Just letting you all know.

Then from July 22 until August 2 we have the Junglist. Try and stop him writing about Dark Souls and FIFA. Just try. It’s unpossible.

See you all when I get back!


  • This is unpossible. The best writer in kotaku is leaving for 3 whole weeks! I think I’ll wait for Mark to come back before start reading again before I die from kotaku US authors.

    • You must not be familiar with Junglist, because he is one of the best gaming journalists that has ever existed. Alex did a great job last time as well. Huzzah for guest editors! Also enjoy your trip Mark!

      • I dunno…. I think we needed a girl… Site needs more “mass appeal”…

        /chuckle I went there….

    • Thanks man, but you’ll be in good hands! You’ll be like, oh man Serrels is back. BOOOOOOO.

    • True, sad to see Mark go :(. Someone should send in batman to bring him back asap. He is one of the few Kotaku’s who doesn’t conjure up stupid.

  • Have fun Mark! Hope you enjoy your portable shameless gaming on the flight.

  • Peace out Serrels. And remember, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE hahahhaa yeah coz it’s scottish get it nevermind have fun.

  • heard you chatting with Waleed Aly from Radio National last night… excellent stuff… enjoy your holiday 😉

  • Have a great time Mark, I hope the youngling sleeps through most of the plane trip and you get to have all the different types of porridge

  • I’m sorry Mark, I gotta ask, when you go back to Scotland do people say you’ve lost your accent? Serious question.

    • Dude, you wouldn’t believe.


      • rofl!

        A friend of mine, Erin, got back in touch with me after 18 years recently, havent seen her since highschool (thanks FB!) turns out she lives in Colorado now. Back then she had a real Ocker accent, now? Talk about a frikkin Yankee drawl!

        Och nay, kwit yer whinin Serrels ye bonnie git, lik, ye whinin lik a litl gurrrrl!

      • Wait-a-minute, there’s no Angus McCloud in North Kilt Town! Why, you’re not from Scotland at all!

  • while sad to not have you, Junglist is a pretty cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything

  • @markserrels you may have them fooled but I know your just going to Scotland for games that despite our R rating just won’t be available here unedited. Your cunning scheme is now undone.

    In all seriousness have a Good trip, come back relaxed, rested and ready to write a cool article about Scotland.

  • At least we’re in good hands.
    Hey, remember Tracy? I wonder how she’s doing these days.

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