Self-Published Indie Games May Not Be Only For The Xbox One

The makers of Pinball Arcade say they’re clear to self-publish to Xbox Live Arcade beginning in August. That’s when Microsoft will have more to say about the program at Gamescom. We’ve reached out to an Xbox Live representative for comment.

Developer: self-publishing set to come to Xbox 360 next month [Gamasutra]


  • I wonder if they have reorganised and streamlined their Xbox QA process so all XBLA devs can go through the same process. Would be great if they have. Suppose we will find out at Gamescom.

  • I doubt this is something they could have done overnight or as a knee-jerk reaction (especially given how slow and deliberate and planned the current beta is), so I’m starting to get the impression that it’s almost tragic that their early X1 marketing was so poor if they were planning on trickling out unarguably positive things like this closer to release.

    • I don’t see why not. Firstly, they’ve had since E3 to work on this. Secondly they said the DRM was built into the Xbox One and a fundamental part of its infrastructure and absolutely would not, and COULD not be removed. Then they removed it. And it didn’t take that long.

  • I wonder if the writer told the developer he’d call him names over twitter if he didn’t answer.

  • 1. Most of those games are shit, even indie diehards admit the Xbox indie scene was DOA.
    2. Australians wont get to enjoy the benefits no matter what ends up happening.

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