Shameless Gaming: It Begins...

When you're knee deep in gaming culture there's a real pressure to remain present — to keep pace with the constant new releases, to discuss the games that were released this week. This month. This year. It's draining. Shameless Gaming is our annual antidote. In July, when the release schedule grinds to a halt, we give ourselves a month to play catch up — to play the games gathering dust on our piles of shame.

Shameless Gaming was a concept dreamed up by Kotaku regular Trjn and the beauty of shameless gaming is that it's shameless. You can play the games you want to play. You can try and finish as many games as possible or you can just do... whatever really. The point it: take time out from the latest releases and play what you want for a change.

This will be Kotaku Australia's third year of Shameless Gaming in July. The first year I blasted through about three or four games including Bulletstorm. Last year? I spent the whole month playing Dark Souls and Dark Souls alone. I had always wanted to dedicate a serious amount of time to Dark Souls but just never had the opportunity. Dark Souls now ranks among some of my favourite games of all time.

I am unsure about my plans for this year but, since I'm spending the entire second half of July overseas on holiday, it will probably involve handheld gaming.

But just off-hand, while I'm here, there are a few games that I'm keen to finish. Games I started and enjoyed, but I got sidetracked somehow. Games like Thomas Was Alone, The Walking Dead. There's been a copy of LittleBigPlanet for the PS Vita sitting on my desk for the better part of a year — I might give that a try now that I've finally dragged the Vita out of retirement for Hotline Miami.

I was also thinking about making an attempt to learn a completely new type of game — playing Civilization or something, or maybe an RTS? These are games I've neglected my entire gaming life. Maybe it would be worthwhile giving something like that a try.

Or maybe I'll just play through some of my absolute favourite video games, just to remind myself of what I really love about games. Metroid Prime, A Link To The Past, Metal Gear Solid 3 — games like that.

But that's the beauty of Shameless Gaming. Do whatever the hell you like. Just play video games. Without shame.

What will you be playing?

Getting involved in Shameless Gaming this month? What are your plans? What's sitting atop your pile of shame? Let us know in the comments below.


    I will complete Minecraft!

    But seriously, Sleeping Dogs, Tombraider, Xcom.

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    For anyone wondering, the definition of "finishing" a game is very simple: if you think you're done, you're done. Whatever you think counts as finishing a game is what matters. Being satisfied is the key.

    EDIT: As for what I'm playing, I thought I'd start with Hotline Miami as a bit of a palette cleanser after finishing The Last of Us just last night and then move on to Dark Souls, Hitman: Absolution, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Arkham Horror.

    No doubt my plans will change as the month goes on and a handful of shorter, indie games that I picked up on Steam are going to find their way into the mix. PAX definitely throws a spanner in the works but I think I can work around that.

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      Well said.

      Though I have an issue with feeling like I've completely completed stuff, so I find it hard sometimes to let it go. I've had to give games to friends so I could forget I owned them. This way they're out of my mind and feel more complete.

      Oh man... Hotline Miami and Dark Souls? I take my hat off to you, you have balls of steel. I have no desire to have my ass beaten into a bloody pulp over and over and over again.

        I'm not expecting success. Just one hell of a month.

      Trjn you really are truly the upvote king.

        I don't think you're giving @dc his due credit :p Unless you mean collecting upvotes, in which case, maybe?

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      For the purpose of shameless gaming and enjoying oneself I agree. In practice Id never actually tell friends I've finished games I... well haven't. I suppose I might say "I'm finished with game x" though :p we tend to go with being "done" with a game rather than trying to adapt a alternate wording. Along the same lines that I'm conpletely fine with reviewers not finishing games but think they should always mention that fact.

      Anywho, probably a bunch of ps+ games. I regret leaving outland twice now.

      Trjn: Im playing StarMade at the moment, Minecraft in space, it's fantastic. The game literally has no 'end' as we know, but my 'end' point at the moment is that I MUST finish this mega-carrier I have been building. It's HUGE. We started legit, buying all the bits for a few days from shops ingame but had to resort to cheating to get the blocks we needed *oh well tough luck*.

      Either way, the construction at this point has hit four days (sweating like a hog here) and its huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Like HUGE. It's based on the Tigers Claw from Wing Commander loosely. I'll put up pics eventually, but thats my gaming point at this time to finish. So yeah, I completely agree with you.

      That makes me feel better about the bajillion games i'll never finish nor play. Damn you steam and PS+!

      It really helps when you're unemployed too.

        Yup, that's a pro tip right there. To complete the most games this month, quit your job and move interstate to be with your girlfriend. Best done two to three months before the start of July.

    Last year I finished my adventure game secret shames... The Dig and Beneath a Steel Sky.

    This month, there's nothing I really feel like playing. Except for Pikmin 3. :P

      Oh, how was The Dig? I've been meaning to play that for quite a while :P


        The Dig is great. Amazing animation and a different, serious tone than most other LucasArts game. Holds up well!

    When I finally bought a TV after moving house I still didn't have Internet, so I tried to work my way through some PS+ games I'd downloaded. I'm about half way through Quantum conundrum but its just getting annoyling difficult so might end up ditching it... next on the list to play is Infamous, I think.

      Stick with it. Whether it's the spotty controls or the difficulty of the puzzles themselves holding you up, Quantum's last couple of levels use the dimensions mechanics in seriously cool ways, which are well worth seeing. The DLC really ramps up the difficulty but always remains fair, and the challenges are always logical within the game's context.
      I really enjoyed this game, and I hope you persevere.

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    I have actually got a bit more involved in this whole shameless business.
    I created an excel spreadsheet with the entire list of all my games and all platforms.
    I have a completed column and a purchases column. For the last financial year I beat 29 games and bought 53 for $1700...
    My new "financial year resolution" (I work in accounting) is to beat 10 games before I buy one... My steam back log is redic...
    Having a spreadsheet with a running total slows down my wallet a bit. Sometimes you just gotta have the newest games though!

      yeah in prior years I did similar (minus the cost just because that is depressing).. keep us posted on how you go.

      I had been fairly good at not purchasing new games. But then steam went ahead and rejigged the way they track number of games owned so now I am close to a milestone again and thinking, hmmm that will get me closer.
      I have a feeling this sale I might end up buying more than I intended.

    I totally love this time of year and Bunny is a great dude for continuing to push for this. I've completed 10+ games over the 2 years I've participated previously.. sadly, this year it has totally snuck up on me due to other stuff on last month so I'm totally unprepared.

    I was given a copy of the Last of Us today so that has to be first on my list, even as this is NOT on my pile of shame. After that, I am really not sure. I should perhaps complete Hitman Absolution or even get the last few cheevo's in Trials? My gaming time has drastically reduced so I'll see how I go.

    Oh and I bought Catan on android because of Bunny so in his honour (and because I love it) I will finish the campaign on that too.

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    I'm going to get back into Trine 2. I got about half way then forgot all about it..

    Also on my list,

    Finishing Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid Other M (I actually liked it when I was playing it, believe it or not), and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

    I might spend SGM updating my backlog on how long to beat
    Not sure what I will do this year, think finally finishing Bioshock is on the cards. Might even see if I can finish one of each genre that I think of. An FPS (which might be action or might be AAA), a puzzle game, an adventure game, etc

    Although with Le Tour on I might have to work out what will run on the laptop.

      Stream Le Tour from the SBS website on your laptop while you game.

      I'm set up at my desk and will have it on my second monitor while I use my main monitor for PC/console games.

        Might be a go but my interwebs isn't great and streams can drop which is annoying in the last 10 km. Normally I'll stream the early part of the stage then switch to the TV once things are getting more interesting.

    My biggest gaming shame is Hotline Miami, i keep dying and rage quitting before i punch a hole through my laptop screen.

    Games i might try to finish are Sleeping Dogs, System Shock 2, Far Cry 3 and maybe play the last 2 chapters of the Back to the Future game.

    Having just (literally) finished setting up my new WiiU and being right in the middle of my uni holidays, I see much gaming in my future.

    I'd like to finish Dishonoured (almost there). Hitman, Metro Last Light and Starcraft 2. That's my Goal.
    Witcher 2 would be nice to finish as well but I'm making no promises there.
    I already finished Bioshock and TombRaider, but then I bought Metro before finishing the others....

      Dishonoured it is for me too!
      I think I’m really close to the end I just got obsessed with killing as few people as possible which made progress REALLY slow.

      Hitman I gave up on too but I don’t have any urge to go back to that.

      Also Zelda: Skyward Sword, I stopped ages ago and I feel like I should go back and finish it. It’s clearly a good game, It just looks so rubbish on my 54” TV and the gimmicky controls do my head in too.

        I gave up trying to do Dishonoured without being spotted or killing anyone. I made that decision after the first level when I noticed that there was no such thing as hiding in shadows and standing 1 floor above an enemy made you invisible.
        I still tried to play it like a stealth game but it didn't worry me when I was spotted because I knew that it's almost impossible to not be seen sometimes.

        Hitman on the other hand still lets me play the game like that. I put in WAY too many hours trying to finish the levels perfectly and do all the achievements, but when I realised I was only half way through after something like 30 hours I started to be more reckless. I just want to finish it. Love the game but just don't have enough time to do it properly.

      Yeah, something about Witcher 2... I just beat the river boss and had sexy time with Trish and then... stopped playing. Not like I don't like it, it just seems too easy to walk away from and play other games.

    Knocked off Nu No Kuni this morning. TLOU, Tomb Raider, Bioshock: Infinite, Farcry 3 and Borderlands 2 are now on my list for the month. I'm also on holidays now so there's actually a possibility of achieving this goal!

      Until MH3U puts a huge dent in your plans :D

        Hahaha! Shhhhh... Don't tell my pile of shame about that!

    I just can't be arsed finishing TLoU... so I'll have to force myself through that.

    I don't really have a pile of shame as I get rid of games if I've no drive to finish them, so I may replay something...
    Alpha Protocol or The Saboteur maybe?

    Let's see ... my pile of shame this year

    1. The Walking Dead
    2. Ocarina of Time
    3. Hotline Miami
    4. The Cave
    5. Shadows of the Colossus (Ugh)
    6. Max Payne 3 (double ugh)
    7. Halo 3 ODST
    8. Metro: Last Light

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      I would prioritise Walking Dead and ODST off that list, but to each his own of course. I just thought ODST had a great solo campaign, though some would disagree.

        Then those people are wrong.

        ODST is great, and I eagerly await an ODST-2 announcement.

        It's one of the worst FPS campaigns I've ever played. Painful. Just painful.

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          ...are you serious? I mean, if you didn't enjoy it, that's fine. But calling it one of the worst? If it truly is then you probably haven't been playing games for long.

            Dude, spare me your fanboyism.

            Millions may have liked it, I personally didn't .

            I imagine all this must be very difficult for you. I'm sure you'll be able to process everything this was said here and move forward.

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          Wouldn't being with Matt mean that you thought ODST had a great solo campaign?

        Oh ... they're not in order of what I'll be playing, that was just the order I remembered them in.

        All I know for certain is metro last light is the first one because It's in the xbox at the moment and Max Payne and shadow of the colossus are all the way down the bottom because I'm not a fan of them

        That said, most of my weekends are already booked up so I'll only really be getting 1 - 2 hours after work where I might be able to play games

    My pile of shame is the following:

    1. Super Mario Galaxy
    2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    3. Ocarina of Time
    4. Skyrim
    5. Xenoblade
    6. Paper Mario 64
    7. Super Metroid
    8. Infamous 2
    9. Kirby's Return to Dreamland
    10. Kirby's Epic Yarn

    A number of these I'm replaying after a very long hiatus. Some I haven't even touched (i.e., Skyrim, Infamous 2, Super Metroid, etc)

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      My worthless opinion? Just smash through Galaxy 1 and 2, if nothing else. You won't regret it.

      Xenoblade! <3

      Love that game but it's a looong one.

        I know, it's been nearly 2 years. I'm ready to re-live the experience all over! SMG 1 & 2 as well!

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    It's funny, I've hardly played a game all year. I picked up Rhythm Tengoku while in Japan in January and started playing that a little bit on the train during the first few months back, then I picked up Dream Trigger 3D and Luigi's Mansion when JB had that 20% off sale. Finished DT3D but only put a few hours into Luigi.

    A couple of weeks back for whatever reason, I picked up Luigi again and blasted through to the finish, checking it off my list and surprisingly enough, eliminating my 3DS backlog entirely. As luck would have it, my 3DS then got bricked. Great timing.

    Since I've remembered how to be a gamer I've also picked up and heavily gotten stuck into FTL. I also went back to Rhythm Tengoku and have now completed every game (48 medals) including those crazyhard drum lessons. Now just have 15 games left to perfect and I can move on :P

    I'd actually been planning to get through more backlog. I have Advance Wars and AW Dual Strike queued up to finish, since I could never beat those last couple of missions. Then I have Black Hole Rising and Dark Conflict both yet to be started too. I think those alone could probably get me through this month.

      FTL is great fun, I just managed to complete the game after taking a break from it for a while.
      Might have to get back into it and see if I can finish it off on 'normal' now

        Aw crap, it totally slipped my mind that I've only been playing on Easy. That's hard enough as it is...

        I don't know which I hate more - constantly getting wiped out early on in the piece, or making it through to the end only to not have enough scrap to fix up a few holes in your config so that you actually stand a chance against the boss, only to get wiped out by him instead. No thanks in part to all the repair stops in the sector getting overtaken by rebels before you can make use of them.

          Some tips from my one and only winning run (Spoilers in case you don't want to know)
          Teleporters can be really useful. One the boss certainly as you can warp 2 people into the room that has the missile barrage, kill the guy then destroy that weapon. I also found that I could often kill all the crew before I destroyed the ship that gives you better reward (more fuel and scrap)
          Upgrade doors, stops enemies running around your ship destroying stuff and if the port into the wrong area you can just open the airlock and kill them before they break through
          Engine upgrades help avoid incoming attacks which can make a big difference
          Be lucky, good luck

            Haha yeah, finally got around to trying out teleporters just last night. Ridiculously profitable! Sucked when I didn't notice my weapons were still targeted on the ship and I lost my rockman+mantis boarding crew...

    WHo knows. Not me.
    But games will be played.

    Well, I've been trying my hand at an entire year of Shameless Gaming. So far this year I have completed (in no particular order)

    1. Driver: San Francisco
    2. Bioshock
    3. Aquaria
    4. Crysis
    5. Bastion

    I'm currently about 8 hours into Alan Wake.

      I really enjoyed Alan wake untill about 8 hours in, there was 1 part that just infuriated me till i had to stop, i kept ducking when i should have weaved, and weaving when i should have ducked :(

        Was it the bulldozer?

          If you mean where it pushes the caravan off the edge then no, its much further, its while fighting an endless supply of shadows while running up a path with almost no lights or ammo :(

      Bastion is a good choice. I always think it's a good idea to have variable games and definitely one or two short ones in there so that you can feel like you're getting somewhere.

    Right now I am in the middle of The Last of Us. I recently picked up a Journey collection (including flOw and flOwer) so I plan to do Journey. After that I will take a crack at finishing Crysis 2 before I start and hopefully complete Crysis 3.

    Last year I only finished FEAR, FEAR 2 and F3AR, so I'm keeping it realistic... though I do have 2 weeks of leave later this month.

    When i'm done with The Last of Us i'll be plugging in the projector and SNES and saying a big "screw you" to HD gfx. I think a Secret of Mana and LttP binge is in order. I might even throw in a 2 hour Super Metroid run to show Mark how it's done. :D

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      Get an emulator up and running and play Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2). It shares top spot for me with Chrono Trigger as greatest game of that era and would almost certainly make the top 10 games I have ever played.

        Oh I have it, but I'm cracking out the hardware for a thrash this round.

    Plenty of games for me. Although I am still looking for ODST players.

    Way way way way too much Crusaders King II. The Sons of Lodbrok have conquered all of Britannia.... Take that Aed!

    I have a pile of Wii games to sort out. Both Zeldas, NSMB, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Xenoblade, ...
    Most of which I haven't even opened yet. I'll be here for a while :P

      Damn, I totally forgot about Metroid Prime 2: Echos.

      Thanks for reminding me!

    I can't.
    I am too far gone. I have other 300 physical games in my backlog alone and now I am trophy hunting so I spend longer on a game.
    Plus I still buy new releases.

    ( need to keep playing Dark Souls. You need to finish Dark Souls)

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