SimCity: Now With $9 Balloons

If your $US50 copy of SimCity is lying unused, would a $US9 piece of DLC adding a few balloons get you playing again?

Of course not, but that's the plan at EA regardless, the new "Airships" set adding two new types of hot air balloon park and an airship mass transit option. That's it. For $US9.

Believe it or not, the video above is not parody. It is a real promotional piece.

I really want to write something nice about the game, since Kirk beat me to the game's sole bright spot, its wonderful soundtrack. Maybe one day I'll get the chance.


    I'd be all for it, but I have no room in my regions for it! City sizes need to be made bigger!

      It sold ridiculously well early on... in the millions. I don't know what they were expecting; but millions is pretty good. That doesn't account for refunds or charge backs... but honestly, despite all the people talking about it I doubt a very large number did (I'd say sub 1%).

    When all's been said and done, did they end up making money on this game?

    They deserve not to, i mean wow what a way to screw those of us who've been waiting years and years for this, but I wouldn't be surprised if they've made heaps.

    I had to put my copy of Sim City 4 away a few years ago because it was sucking my life away. Such a great game.

    Because the game hasn't had enough hot air as it is.

    When I saw the airship hanger at 1:40 the first thing I thought of was "Good news, everyone!"

    Fuck me, seriously I didn't think this game could be worse than Simcity Societies... but there ya go.

    This makes horse armor seem like a reasonable purchase...

    Is this the fix for the traffic jams caused by bad car AI?

      Maybe. If not the Airships will end up crashing into a nuclear reactor.

    You know what cost ME 10 bucks (albeit on sale) and is 10x better than this game and its DLC? Tropico 4.

    lol i cant believe this freaking game, who the hell wants to add more stuff when you cant even fit the basics in this tiny unusable map??! and its still in alpha. Worst game of all time. OF ALL TIME!

    Oh EA, the more you change, the more you stay the same.

    Over at Forbes there was just an article about how EA is pushing hard to actually walk the talk about their consumer first shtick. This is either a poorly timed piece of business from EA, or they're really just taking the piss.

    The problem is they can keep pushing this kind of stuff and idiots are still paying top dollar

    I've always wanted to organise a gamer protest were we all gather outside of EA's main office building for an asparagus breakfast, surround the building then simultaneously piss on it. Juvenile? Yes. Effective? Only one way to find out. :)

    An urban hot air balloon park? That will make sims happy, especially those who like watching fiery balloon crashes.

    I think the original plan was to have a huge, loyal install base who wouldn't mind a bit of this every now and then, and would be so socially-invested (thanks to the Always-Online forced multiplayer) that they would need to buy to be able to continue to play with their friends.

    Instead, we get the train-wreck of a launch followed by utter disillusionment down the track when it's discovered that the whole thing is fundamentally broken, and these bits of DLC no longer have the same sort of enthusiasm to them.

    These DLC releases (especially the more cynical ones tied to buying certain brands of toothpaste or paid advertisements for Hyundai or whoever it was) come across less as a value-add or gaming enrichment, and more as an embarrassing request from some deadbeat friend or relative for a loan of money you know you’ll never see again.

      It was Nissan... .... ... I guess that advertising worked on me... (actually, I refused to install that add-on out of principle).

      The thing I can't understand is the price... Do they really think the value here is worth $10? When other games (Borderlands 2 for example) give us entire expansions for that price? I'd be totally down for paying a dollar or two... but $10?

        Well, it's certainly in line with their attitude towards Sims expansion pricing, which usually gives you a half-dozen swatches to apply to furniture and maybe a few extra end-tables and a jacuzzi or something... for about FORTY DOLLARS.

          I will admit that the Sims is one of my guilty pleasures, but even I don't splash on the little "lifestyle" discs. Only bought proper expansions, and while they're not value for money in the true sense of the word, they do give you a good deal of content ( new town, interactions, items, etc. )

    I also find it hilarious how many times "hot air" is mentioned. :P

    EA can suck a dick. Didn't but this game. Will never buy this game. I have played it though.
    $10 for some more crap to find a place to jam into the pathetically small city.
    EA money gouging again. Trying to make up for unfulfilled sales expectations.

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