Skills: Dark Souls Bosses, One-shotted

One of the best things about Dark Souls and it's community is the constant challenges that get thrown up. Onebro runs, Calamity runs, no-shield/naked runs... But Youtube user Vageta put up this interesting challenge that asks if bosses can be killed with one hit, even at a low level - and he does surprisingly well.

To ensure there's a limit to the levelling, Vageta puts some rules in place: You get two points for one-shotting a boss, and one point for two-shotting. You can use those points to level if need be, though he tends to wait until it's necessary.

He uses every trick in the book, from buffing weapons to going into full dragon form. He's also forced to use some very interesting, very hard strategies, such as combining the Red Tearstone Ring (increasing damage when you're on your last bar of health) with the Power Within pyromancy (which grants extra power while slowly depleting your health). With both active, there's only a small window in which you can get that vital hit. One shot to one-shot.

It's a lengthy series of videos, and you might want to skip ahead if you don't care about all the rules and gear, but he describes his strategies and then stays quiet for the actual boss fights, letting you both learn about the game and be entertained. Definitely an amazing playthrough.

You can catch the full playthrough, and others, over on Vageta's Youtube channel.


    You waited over a day before making your first Dark Souls post?

    You're slipping.

      We had to have a day to respect the Crabitron

    I haven't watched this but this better be the music accompanying it

      No, this!

    After all the talk about this game, i finally got it during the steam sale, started playing, died like 5 times on the first dragon thing... turned it off.... not sure its the game for me... i rage hard at games i cant beat... this one will probably cost me a monitor.... and my monitor is not cheap lol

      If you follow the tutorial signs, it actually tells you to run away from that boss. You come back later much more powerful to fight it. It truly would be a shame if you gave up on such a great game over that first section.

        i couldn't get to that sign, it was under the baddie.
        but i wont give up that easily, i just have to be in the frame of mind for it.

        Last edited 23/07/13 7:52 pm

      I just started Demon Souls. Ive been playing for four hours and haven't finished World 1-1 yet. The game is well designed and the deaths haven't felt cheap, though they often feel inevitable because its the only way to work out where to go.

      Ultimately, even though I like the game, I'm not sure I want to spend my limited gaming time redoing sections repeatedly. That said, I'm set on finishing 1-1 to see if it clicks.

    Yes I would have expected a Dark Souls discussion earlier on too. Any news on what the new one is going to be like??

      Currently doing a preview for Game Informer AU on it. Have played, have beaten Mirror Knight :P

        How many times did you 'SQUEE!' in joy! JUST HOW MANY!!!!

        Waiting in anticipation for the writeup...

    Aren't these fairly old now? >_>
    Ah well not that it matters, suppose not everyone hooks themselves up to a 24/7 drip, Vageta does really awesome stuff, well worth checking out his other stuff.

    Guess I'll have to check out the game informer article then :P

    sometimes I love this game, some time i hate it and sometimes i find it tedious and boring.
    i cannot make my mind when someone asks me to share my thoughts on this game

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