Skills: How To Get S+ In Assault Android Cactus

Skills: How To Get S+ In Assault Android Cactus
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Upcoming indie gem Assault Android Cactus is being made by Witch Beam, a small studio in Brisbane, and is played in this video by Youtube user Clayman90, who makes it look a lot easier than it is. The gameplay on show here is singleplayer, which is quite fun, but the game is also capable of 4-player co-op.

Very nice job keeping that combo going the whole time.

Despite the name, it’s not coming out on Android. This is a PC twin-stick shooter whose squad of robotic vixens each have an upgradable main weapon, and a super powerful (yet temporarily available) secondary. They all run on battery power, though – so if you can’t kill enough baddies to get your next charge-up, that’s game over for you.

It’s a style of gameplay that forces you to always walk backwards, luring enemies into a line, until those small moments when you can bust out your powerful secondary weapon – then you can walk forwards. It’s tricky, though, because there are always one or two enemies spawning in a flanking position. It forces you to change your path and give just as much thought to self-preservation as offence.

You can upvote Assault Android Cactus on Greenlight – because for some reason they have to go through those motions, even though it’ll be a crime if this one doesn’t get approved – and Witch Beam also has an interesting development blog.


  • Cool, this was by far my favourite game i played at PAX AU, an absolute riot with four people! I want this game so badly 🙂

  • I’d already voted for this game because it looked really good. Now that I’ve found it’s a Brisbane studio making it, I want to vote it up even more.

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