Skills: Is Injustice's Superman A Wee Bit OP?

The latest Mortal Kombat game proved popular in the competitive fighting scene - but how did the NetherRealm's latest game, Injustice, do? The Mortal Kombat pros, and big names from other games, competed in the new title at this year's EVO fighting game tournament, and it was our first look at top-tier Injustice.

Injustice brings Mortal Kombat's philosophy of using meter to create situations in which longer, more effective combos are available. Instead of special moves just doing extra damage, they provide the opportunity for more damage - and it's up to you to capitalise on that. It takes more skill.

But it also includes a few things that arguably favour a losing player - such as the Wager system, which allows a player on their last leg of health to heal a bit, and put some distance between both fighters, halting any momentum. As a part of the wager system, the health you get back is more efficient than any damage you would do. It's better used defensively.

That's an arguable point though, because both players have access to the ability. And certainly, in the below video, it's used offensively by Superman as players try to create distance for their laser eyes move. Overall, the impression I got from watching the top eight was that Superman is a bit overpowered, and easier to use. Not to mention boring. It even sounds like the commentators get a bit bored, as over and over they have to say a Superman player is, once again, zoning.

Any high level Injustice players care to correct me on that? Let me know in the comments below - otherwise, enjoy the vid! The good stuff starts around 14 minutes in.


    good to see that top players spam an easy move over and over like new players do. Who needs skill for a big combo when you have LASER EYES

      Last decade called, it has an article it wants you to read:

    I don't know about Superman, but don't ask me about Spamstroke er-I mean, Deathstroke.

    When the prize is money, you don't care about doing a show or showing some combos; you just wanna win.

    Superman isn't overpowered. Aquaman, batman and deathstroke against pubbies (although swordspin is ridiculously easy to counter and zoning him with hawkgirl is easy enough) are much better.

    But seriously, complaining about zoning? Have you ever seen good Dhalsim players? Zoning is an art.

    Imagine if Superman did not hold back his powers (because we all know that he must be) all you would need is one button, and press it only once - Superman Wins!!

    Characters with the ability to zone a la Superman, Deathstroke etc have been negated via the teleporting characters ie Batgirl, Scorpion, Martian Manhunter etc. Having said that - to beat a zoning player, all you need to do is keep on top of them and apply pressure... Having said THAT, a REALLY good Superman player doesn't zone and utilises his ability to pull out high percentage combos with him at will...

    Superman? Over-powered? Just because he has
    Super strength
    Super speed
    Super senses (including telescopic vision, x-ray vision, super-hearing, microscopic vision)
    Superhuman control of face muscles to change his appearance
    Eidetic memory
    Genius-level intellect
    Ability to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum and various other forms of energy
    Super Olfaction
    Enhanced Lung Capacity

    Nah, he's balanced.

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