Skyfall? Nope. This Is TF2's 'Spyfall'

Youtube user The Pinky has recreated the Skyfall trailer using the Spy from TF2 in Source Filmmaker - and the only other thing I'll say is it's damn well made. Watch for yourself!


    Wasn't this posted a couple of weeks ago?

      Yea, I did see this a little while ago. Dosent stop it from being friggin awesome however. Really well made and deserves all the posts it gets. IT must have been a real pain to get this to function well, it is really well done. And hell, id watch Spyfall over Skyfall any-day. Maybe I wont fall asleep this time. (I always start movies after gaming sessions to wind down, this starts at about 12:30am, game over mate..)

    Great video...

    It's like YouTube user TrueOneMoreUser videos of Law Abiding Engineer and The Demo Knight

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