Skyrim Is For Kids. This Is Real-Life Role-Playing.

Avegost is a live-action role-playing (LARP) event held in Georgia. If you think you know LARP, and think it's just people using foam swords and screaming "LIGHTNING BOLT", you ain't seen nothing yet.

Beginning as a humble tabletop gathering, it's grown into what's described as a "full-immersion" LARP, which means the entire event is done in-character. The outfits, the gear, the language, the works. It's as close to a fantasy world as Georgia is ever going to get.

Blending historical re-enactment, sport and story-telling, it really is an RPG come to life, as the short documentary below shows.

The comparisons to video or tabletop games run pretty deep; if you sign up to take part, you have to create a character using a set pool of points, and there are factions to choose from. There are even people responsible for creating and developing a narrative for people to play through.

While this might seem hardcore to you, maybe even crazy, the emphasis really is on role-playing in its most extreme form. It's cool if you're happy to do it in front of a screen, but sometimes people want more, and this is absolutely perfect for that.

You can read a great interview with Avegost's founder, Joe Landolfi, at the site below (which is also where these great shots came from).

Avegost: An interview with Owner/Creator Joe Landolfi []


    Looks good, anyone in WA into this?

      I hear there is a few of these groups that run in WA. Been meaning to get along and check one out but havn't had the time yet.

      For something like this, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) might be the way to go, local groups:
      Alternatively, there is a national Vampire: The Requiem game that runs in Perth (and every major city bar Adelaide) called Beyond the Sunset.

    I'd give it a go, to see what it was all about first hand.

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