Some Of Japan's Most Annoying Commercials

Japanese television commercials can get rather creative. Some of them (like this) are moving. Others are downright odd.

But often in the West you get a look at the interesting, cool or peculiar Japanese commercials. What about the annoying ones?

According to 2ch, Japan's largest web forum, here are some of more irritating Japanese commercials from the last year or so. Keep in mind that just because someone else finds these ads annoying, that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy them! One person's pain is another's pleasure.

"Opa" is the name of a shopping centre in Osaka.

Maruhan is a pachinko chain. This ad is unforgettable.

This is for the Ameba social gaming platform. This ad is pretty freakin' irritating!

The ad features the child actors of Kodomo Keisatsu (or "Kiddy Cops"), which starred children in a 1970s style police drama.

This commercial is Hikkoshi Zamurai, an online search engine for movers. The text tells you to pick the right mover. Lots of people online, however, were amused by this commercial. I thought it was funny!

The commercial is titled "Globalization", and the group of Japanese businessmen are supposed to use English when they go into battle — which ends up being very basic expressions.

People seem to find the song and the kid's movements a bit much.

This series of ads are based around a pun with the word "yoyuu" (余裕) and the model who stars in the spot, Yu Yamada. The other ads, however, don't have this channel-changing-inducing singing.

This is for chewing gum. The vast majority of people online in Japan seem to think it's pretty damn creepy!

And while this spot is a little older, no round-up of annoying Japanese ads is complete without it.

今年の不快CM [2ch]


    My Spongebob straw holds a special spot on my mantle because of that ad. I had to go to McDonald's and ask for a kid meal. I had to explain that yes I want Spongebob. Same with the adorable drums from taiko no tetsujin. So worth it.

    These are bad, really bad. But nowhere near as bad as the Coles ads...

      The little red quote ad has me seething with rage. That bald guy opening his eyes as wide as he can ... my personal favourite happy set sponge bob remix!

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