Sony Competition Forgets How Internet Works, Won By Accused Hacker

Sony Competition Forgets How Internet Works, Won By Accused Hacker

With the best intentions in the world, Sony recently opened up a competition called Bid For Greatness, which would let PS3 users compete to get hold of some props and costumes used in the company’s recent “Greatness” commercial. There seems to be a problem though, and it lies in Sony’s execution.

See, each item is going up for “bidding”, with the winner being the person who “bets” the most gold trophies (you don’t actually lose the trophies, you just can’t use them again for another bid on another item).

The first item, a costume from Killzone, was won by a user called REDSOXFAN95, who has promptly been accused of cheating.

See, like most online leaderboards, Sony’s trophies have long been vulnerable to hacking and exploits. And when PSN Profiles took a look at REDSOXFAN95’s trophy history, they quickly accused him of using “illegitimate methods to obtain trophies”.

A look at his PSN profile shows why some have grounds for suspicion. According to the profile page on Your Gamer Cards, REDSOXFAN95 somehow managed to rack up over 8000 trophies between mid-November 2012 and January 2, 2013.

Interesting. Could be a glitch in the system, but then, it could also be the first of many items being claimed by those who have cheated their way to a sizeable trophy collection.

We’ve contacted Sony for comment and will update if we hear back.

Bid For Greatness [Sony, via GameTrailers]


  • On a related note, has Sony ever gotten that feature to work? I once had to sync with the server three times to get all of my trophies. And even then, I went to play Prince of Persia only to find its trophies were STILL not there.

    Granted I have practically no trophies but come on! Data inconsistency is something of the 70s, it has no place in this world now.

  • He most certainly cheated. Here is his gamer card:

    Scroll down to Call of Duty Black Ops 2, almost his most recent platinum. The platinum itself was registered as the first trophy of the game he obtained. That’s impossible.

    If you keep looking, you will find that almost half of his platinums he earned in a matter of minutes. I’m guessing he used some sort of saved file hack, taking someone elses saved file from a completed game and somehow making the PS3 believe it’s from his PSN.

    These kind of accounts are easy to identity – Anyone who has picked up a platinum in 10 minutes or less will most certainly used some sort of hack. They should be banned from these auctions.

    • And check out January 2 on his/her timeline. Look at all the games he/she platinumed in that one day! And they’re minutes apart.

    • The Walking Dead
      49 of 41 Trophies.
      1425 of 1425 Points.

      More trophies than the game has… seems legit.

      • It is 49 if you count the 400 Days DLC. Got the platinum for the main game and completed 400 Days last night. I’m only missing the Rock, Paper Scissors trophy.

        I totally agree, all cheaters, gamerscore/trophy modders etc should be banned.

    • Am i the only one that noticed he got a few BO2 trophies in Feb 1995.
      What a great year ’95 was for FPS’.

  • And people want to get a PS4 over the XB1 when Sony has a demonstrated history of being completely incapable of running online services.

    • and people still want to get an XB1 over the PS4 when Microsoft has demonstrated a history of their console not being able to function without an online service.

    • Funny how people put more faith in the makers of Internet Explorer than Sony. The only difference between the two companies online security is how honest they are.

    • You’re an idiot, but so are @zoridium_jackl and @outatime – why don’t you all go back to primary school and argue about Mario being able to kick Sonic’s butt.

      • you know anybody can make claims of idiocy on the internet without providing any backing reason or argument, how about you at least try to be more then your standard dolt next time you post.

        • Oh look its a PS3 thread, lets start slagging the PS4 / XB1. That will prove your intelligence.

          • I was simply providing a counter argument to his, and pointing out the logical fallacy and how past actions do not dictate future actions and should not be used to judge them when you should be judging them on their own merits.

            if anybody here is the idiot it’s the person who is incapable of contributing to the discussion and instead insists on name calling as their primary argument.

          • All you did was bring yourself to his level, you didn’t provide any insightful argument, it’s just the same boring crap that fanboys have been harping on about since E3 that doesn’t really matter.

          • I’m not a ps4 fanboy you dolt, you shouldn’t make assumptions, I’ve never once even considered buying a sony console, yet I’ve owned both xboxes to date from near their respective release dates.

            and if you’re too thick to see the point I was making that’s your own idiotic perceptions failing you.

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