Sony Might Be Making A Gran Turismo... Movie

A report on The Wrap claims that Sony is looking to get the producers of 50 Shades of Grey to put a Gran Turismo movie together. The story claims it's part of a move to cash in on the recent success of "fast car" movies like Fast & The Furious, but I hope not.

As a series, Gran Turismo is about as opposed to that kind of car culture as it gets. It's about glossy car brochures and aspirations of driving an expensive luxury sports vehicle, not an obsession with gross paint schemes, action and drifting.

But hey, maybe it's all one big misunderstanding. Maybe what's actually happening is Sony will be making a game based on Gran Torino, with GT's creator Kazunori Yamauchi sitting on his porch yelling at the local kids for 20 hours.

Sony Fires Up 'Gran Turismo' Movie With 'Fifty Shades' Producers (Exclusive) [The Wrap]


    50 shades of grey and a racecar game turned movie. i sense that it'll be utterly shit.

      Cars 3 - fifty shades of Gran Turismo, Sexy Cars edition

    I hope this doesn't effect Kaz's focus on GT6. I don't want delays because he has to attend some stupid launch party for the movie.

    so they will spend 1 hour setting up the spring rates, camber and damper?
    and race for about 5 mins?

    Last edited 25/07/13 11:05 am

    i also cant wait for the cars to strip down to their motors and fuck

    I would be more impressed if they tore up the exclusivity arrangement with sony and ported all the GT titles to PC

    "Okay guys let's fire up GT and get plot ideas for our movie!" "...." "oh..." Seriously, what are they thinking? How about just making a true car enthusiast's movie (not the F & F rubbish) that hasn't got Gran Turismo slapped upon the title to try and suck in fans of the game. And for gods sake, give it to someone who's interest doesn't revolve around those "polite housewife porn" books.

    The recent success of these movies? It came out some 12 years ago. 12 years ago is hardly recent.

    I want a thousand kilometres of airway strip for the finale of this movie.

    of all the friends on psn who have this game only 2 including me like racing. the rest are into action, paint jobs and drifting

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