South Park's Trey Parker On DLC: 'F--- That'

The co-creator of South Park has some strong words for anyone who wants him to turn cut content into downloadable content.

Trey Parker, speaking last night at a Comic Con panel (as transcribed by Polygon), said that, inspired by Skyrim, he and partner Matt Stone wrote some 850 pages worth of material for the upcoming RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth. That wasn't gonna work. When he and the development team at Obsidian plotted out just how they'd turn that material into a game, they wound up slating the final project for, as Parker joked, "holiday season 2032."

"Everyone kept saying to us [make that extra content] DLC," Parker said, to jeers. "And I agree... fuck that."

So instead of turning it into DLC, Parker said they'll likely use the cut material for the show. The Stick of Truth, meanwhile, is slated for this holiday season. Parker said it takes inspiration from games like the aforementioned Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda, and the recently-re-released cult classic Earthbound. And it looks amazing so far.


    I freaking love Trey and Matt, so pumped for this game! HURRY UP! XD

      so this. all other comments are now superfluous.

    We used to have a name for this kind of 'extra storyline DLC'. We called them expansions, and people loved them. Assuming the right balance of content and price, and can a fan of a game not want this??

      Yeah you are right, back when Warcraft 2 came out.. I was pumped spending close to 50 bucks on the expansion. It's not the consumers fault though, a lot of the dlc that comes out is just crazy.
      I was thinking about buying sf x tekken a while back checked it out on PSN...the game had over 100 dlc items... what a joke. Maybe games should be restricted to 3 dlc items so they have to be bundled and maybe have 3 month cool downs before they can release another, that way maybe they'd put some more thought into whats really important and how to best bundle and price it instead of having in some cases over 100 items.
      At the moment it's all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast.. definitely needs some sort of system in place to get things under control.

        terrible idea, dlc should come out sooner if anything. example, Call Of Duty waits until the last month before the next game is out to release all of its DLC, complete bs. BF3s dlc took a year to all get released - and expansions, like Sims? hella expensive
        F dlc man

        I know one game with DLC done right. New Super Mario Bros U 1 dlc also released as a different game. Great fun.

    Credit to Trey and Matt. Honest integrity. Stand your ground fellas. It will be a better game for it.

      But then you finish the game and want more.
      Im getting this game, I would be an idiot if I didnt, but he says no DLC, but then we are gonna see Ingame items become DLC after release.

      Also have to mention that this game is gonna be a massive success, and He would be an idiot not to release an Expansion pack.

      I dont want DLC. But I think having 1 Expansion to the game will be a good idea then leave it at that, then just make us wait for a sequal.

      But I have high hopes that the game will have so much content that their is no reason for DLC and a high replay value.

    I don't see a problem with DLC, so long as it adds to the game. If Trey and Matt have enough material to make another quarter of a South Park game, it's on sale for a reasonable price and serves the original quality and spirit of the game, I think it'd be ridiculous not to investigate it.
    Just because very few others have hit the perfect blend of the above three elements doesn't mean they shouldn't try to.

    I guess no one should tell Trey about the preorder DLC ;)

    Also hurry up and release that game!!!!!

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