Spider-Man Has The Best Superhero Instagram Picture. Of Course.

Tony Stark may have the technological know-how and Bruce Wayne is probably better with nocturnal photography but really Peter Parker would probably them have them both beat if superhero Instagram actually existed.

These mock-ups are the work of Sierra Katow over at the Comediva website. There are a few more on the site. What other heroes do you think would be great on Instagram?

[Comediva, via Laughing Squid]


    Not Fair. Peter is a professional photographer!

      Just goes to show that it doesn't matter how much money you have, natural talent gives you better photos!

    Of the three pictures shown, Spidey's is definitely the best; but I don't think his instagram would be all that good. Top-down pics of buildings would get kind of boring after the first couple dozen. Parker is a journalist, not an artist. Journalists take pictures of things they think are important, artists try to take beautiful pictures. Also, both Batman and Iron Man can get pretty much anywhere Spiderman can.

    Stark's would be much better. He can take a picture anywhere Spidey can, and many places Peter can't. All Iron Man needs to do to win is to take a couple pictures of the curvature of the earth from near-Space; Batman and Spiderman will then hide in shame. Taking pretty pictures requires creativity more than anything else, and Stark has the other two beat there. He's a genius inventor. Parker's supposed to be one as well, but all he's made were some wrist gadgets that spit out sticky stuff. Congrats, he can now ejaculate from three places at once. Batman just painted someone else's inventions black. Whereas Stark invented a bajillion different power-armors, and a whole new power source. Dude's got creativity out the but.

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