Star Wars? In Kingdom Hearts III? Maybe!

Disney helps make Kingdom Hearts. Disney owns Star Wars. Seems like a match made in carbonite heaven, right?

As soon as word came out that Disney had purchased LucasFilm — and consequently, the right to adventures in the world of Star Wars — people started wondering what that'd mean for Square Enix's popular action-RPG series, which is created in collaboration with Disney.

Tetsuya Nomura, the Square Enix superstar who created Kingdom Hearts, is wondering too. And he wants the crossover to happen in the recently-announced Kingdom Hearts III (which he's directing), according to an interview conducted last weekend at the Japan Expo with the French gaming site Finaland.

"We’ve been talking about Star Wars itself since it became Disney’s content recently," Nomura said. "When I [heard] the news I was like, 'Wow! Wow!' Yeah obviously it’s gonna be great if we could add it, but like I said there are a lot of restrictions and rules by Disney so we don’t know what’s gonna happen but yeah, we’ll see."

Man, I can so imagine Sora and crew fighting on like, the Death Star. Donald Duck would look so adorable in a Jedi outfit.


    I don't know how I feel about this. Kingdom Hearts is my all-time favourite game, and I really like the Star Wars movies, but I don't know if they're a good fit. I suppose if I'd trust anyone to do it well, it would be the KH team. I think I'll be happy as long as there aren't any more stanky singing levels like the little mermaid world in KH2.

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      KH is my favourite game also and I initially thought the same thing, "ewww no, bad fit". But think about it... masters/apprentices, good side, dark side? Jedi magic, special jedi specific weapons? Kingdom Hearts is basically already Star Wars so I think the two franchises would fit incredibly! WAYYY better than any Marvel franchise!

    Only if they include a level where Sora jumps a shark... because that's what a Star Wars level would be like.

    I didn't like the world of Tron or Pirates in KHII (or KH3D), I don't think worlds based on live-action films work properly.

      The tron world wasn't based on a live action movie... I think. I'm pretty sure the original Tron was CG. I actually liked the tron level. Except for the bike part.

        Tron in KHII was alright, but... Tron Legacy in KH3D didn't feel right to me (it had me taking long breaks from the game. I'd play for an hour and then stop playing for four days).

        No, both Tron films were live action.
        It's not that they weren't fun, they just felt wrong to be in, when you have worlds full of obviously animated characters and then suddenly they try to throw in photo-realistic characters, there was a serious disconnect.

        Tron was live action with rendered/animated backgrounds for the most part + some CG sequences (lightcycles mainly). Tron Legacy was Live Action with CG everything including CG Jeff Bridges.

      Tron world was okay. The Pirates world was seriously unfun and looked terrible compared to the others. Didn't fit at all.

    I just want Dr Facilier (Princess and the Frog) as a KH villain. Star Wars though? Not so sure.

    Star Wars and Marvel which Disney also owns could work in Kindom Hearts if they set it in the Clone Wars series animated setting and Super Hero Action Squad for Marvel.

    Doesn't EA own the exclusive rights to make Star Wars games?

    When will you people learn? That quote doesn't say "hey I want to put Star Wars into Kingdom Hearts", it says "it would be great if we could but we can't". And, if you get the whole quote, it goes on to say "but that's okay, because we've got some other things you love in there instead". Way to take things out of context and spread misinformation, Loltaku.

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    If any of the characters from KotOR or KotOR II appear, I swear I will hunt down every meatbag responsible.

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