Starbound, AKA The Best 'Performing Still Alive In Space' Simulator

Yeah, let's go with that. Since we last saw it, Starbound, indie group Chucklefish's upcoming 2D sci-fi sandbox title, made leaps and bounds in development. And, being a good, feature-rich sandbox, the game will have, alongside the usual spelunking, exploring, mining and building, a full-scale music system.

Here's Chucklefish:

You’ll be able to craft musical instruments including a trumpet, violin, guitar, piano and drum. Once you’ve got one of these instruments you’ll be able to hit various keyboard keys to play different notes. But more interestingly the instruments are able to read ABC notation.

Essentially you’ll be able to share tunes with each other as regular text. Copy and paste them into your Starbound directory and your player will use his instrument to play the song in game. You’ll be able to play songs in multiplayer and even synchronise different instruments with each other to form a band.

The above video, which is a charming harp-guitar-and-flute rendition of GLaDOS' "Stay Alive" from Portal, is actually the second demonstration of the game's music system — there being an earlier, more simple rendition of Beethoven's "Für Elise" among the developer's videos. It's quite amazing how far the system has come in just one week.

Starbound is slated to be released on PC this year, and can be pre-ordered from Chucklefish's website. If what you read above didn't whet your appetite, maybe the screenshots below will.

7th of July Progress [Starbound]


    It's still Terraria in space and I still haven't seen anything that makes me want to invest - yet. I'm hopeful as a lot of people are really excited about this one.

      At first I thought that too. You might be interested to know that Starbound has seven different playable races, each with their own unique set of items. As well as that, each race will perceive an object differently according to their background knowledge. You can also catch, train and evolve monsters, keep pets, accept missions quests from NPC's (who have their own villages/housing), craft hundreds of food items (unique for each race) and dig up fossils to revive dinosaurs. Not to mention experience, leveling system, numerous biome types, next-gen fish AI (they swim away from you!!). These and much much more take steps above and beyond Terraria (which I loved playing).
      It's definitely worth reading the daily updates they post - you'd be surprised at just how much the devs are packing into this game!

        Wow does sound more interesting - i'll be watching it closely from here on.

          I was very much the same, enjoyed Terraria but got bored once you had a good building and all the NPC's . Starbound looked a little better but I wasn't sold until I learnt all the above and more, player owned planets, custom ships, space stations, mechs and other vehicles. There is always something other than mining to do when you get bored and the scope of options increases every day. The fact they got over $1.mill in pre-orders in the first couple of weeks pulled me in too. But now the waiting starts

      Terraria in space and you're NOT interested!

      What kind of parallel world have I woken up to?!

        I know sounded strange to me on reading - but I was looking at it from the perspective of what is new? What is going tomake me come back and place this one for hours?? Turns out @Shallama_llama has already twisted my arm.

          Success =D Awnshegh, Hope you find even more you like about it as it approaches Beta (they haven't announced it... yet).

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