Stealth Is Hardly The Only Way To Succeed In Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Will you be a stealthy ghost? Maybe a silent, but deadly panther? Or is mowing your enemies down with a machine gun more up your alley? This new trailer, released by Ubisoft for the newest Splinter Cell, shows that there is merit to each approach.

Blacklist hits Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC on August 20.


    The walkthrough we saw at PAX showed that silent take-downs were worth more exp, and non-lethal was worth more than lethal.

    Min-maxing will show you the way to true Splinter Cell purity, my son.

    I don't mind the idea of having a last-known-position, but I can imagine the AI being easily exploitable if they just haul towards them every time without a thought as to the possibility of Sam moving locations even slightly.
    It's like the disguise system (or hiding in plain sight in a cupboard with your head poking out, for that matter) in Hitman Absolution - unless there's surprisingly good AI written around mechanics like this I can see it as being an easy method of exploitation for personal gain.

    Anyway, as for which method to use - like many stealth games with those options, non-lethal is always the most beneficial. Dishonoured discouraged you killing people, and Hitman actually took points away for every non-target kill. The first splinter cell actually didn't give you a great deal in terms of full-on assault or lethal takedowns; you spent most of your time knocking people out.

    I don't mind the prospect but it sure would be great if there were equally cool benefits for all of the options, if not to make them all tempting in some way.

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