Steam Summer Sale Starts Today

Get your credit card ready: the biggest sale of the year has begun. Valve's annual Steam Summer Sale has just started, and it includes deals on BioShock Infinite, Left 4 Dead 2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, among many other games.

The sale will go from July 11 to July 22, and as usual, it comes with flash sales, daily deals and all sorts of other ways to get you to spend money.

You can check out all the discounts right here.


    It has...BEGUN!

      You know it's funny but I said those exact words seconds before I read your post.

    If you're going to copy this post from Kotaku US to Kotaku AU, please at least update the prices... Bioshock Infinite is not $29.99, Dragon Age: Origins is not $8.99.

    Skyrim is actually cheaper on the AU store for once.

      I was about to say that. Stop being lazy on a Friday morning Jason.

      Also, I'd hold out for the flash deals. Dishonored and Borderlands 2 up for voting for the first deal at 60-66% off. Hopefully there's not too many games I want this time. I think I've grabbed most of them in the last few sales

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    I made a list of the game I want. Going to see what happens over the next few weeks and will then choose which i should buy.

    This is such a good idea. I'm doing this so I don't end up with 15 games I'll never play!

    Edit: this was supposed to be a reply to @jjr

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    Remember the 3 rules of Steam Sales.

    Rule No 1:
    NEVER BUY ANYTHING THAT ISN'T ON A FLASH/DAILY SALE - Even if it's discounted, it can always get cheaper, you probably only need to wait a few days. Patience!

    Rule No 2:
    DON'T FEEL BAD WHEN YOU DO GIVE IN AND BUY SOMETHING THAT ISN'T ON A FLASH/DAILY SALE - You still got it for 50% off, who cares if you could have gotten it at 75% off? You're weak, accept it and move on.

    And the most important rule of all, Rule No 3:
    NEVER, EVER stop to consider whether you will actually play any of the games you buy. They're so cheap! Maybe one day you'll be stuck at home for a year and you'll be able to play them all, or maybe you can leave your Steam Library to your kids in your will! Just BUY BUY BUY!

      I only have one rule, do I want to play it? If yes, buy.

      Mm, as far as #3 goes - I've worked on the assumption that one day I won't have much in the way of disposable income (hello, future mortgage) and then I will look over my expansive backlog and laugh.

    good lord not again....must resist must not purchase Aaaaaaand im broke


    Buy a steam card in ebgames. Today's conversion rate is $.9169US to $1AU. So if you're buying a $5US game, you'll be charged $5.45.

    Steam cards are valued at US dollars but you pay the exact amount i.e. Steam card valued at $50 is $50AU rrp. Basically, they sell cards on parity in value. In other words, if you are buying $50US worth of games, you'll be saving $5AU if you use a steam voucher card.

    If only they could discount my quota... or have the full content mirrored on the gamearena / bigpond servers :(
    Relevant every year.

    Damnit! I'm meant to be saving money this month.

      I know, I have a trip to PAX coming up, and I don't want to blow all my disposable income too early and be living on 2min noodles when I get there!

        Yep. I've got PAX, friends in town, gym membership needs renewal, I ruined my two main pairs of jeans by wearing them to work and my dog needs a refill on her medicine. =S I had it all surprisingly well sorted at the start of the month but now I know I'm going to eat into PAX money replacing those jeans and impulse buying on Steam.

    Actually this could work out well for me this year, for once. Normally I don't have a lot to buy in these sales because I have already bought everything I wanted throughout the preceding months... but this year I've not bought a game through Steam, GoG, GMG (or other places) for at least 6 months... so it's very possible I could get some decent games for cheap this time.

    On the other hand, the reason I haven't bought anything is because I simply don't have the time to play them.....

    Darn. All the games listed either do not interest me or I have already on Steam or on another platform.

    Hack, I am even spending more on these days. The main reasons being they are the old classes (sometimes have extras such as wall paper and the soundtrack) but above all they are DRM free.

    Don't get me wrong I still use Steam from time to time (especially if the game I am after is offered via Steam Play) but if I see the same game on I go for that version.

    Woohoo, the only game on sale that I'm vaguely interested in and don't already have is still a bit too expensive to be an impulse buy. I have survived round one!

    I'm after the Borderlands 2 Season Pass... First thing that happens, 33% off due to the summer sale; now it hits the community pick and will go to 66% off at 11am.... DAMN YOU STEAM!!

    Borderlands 2 Mechromancer and Psycho classes. First casualty of the Steam Sale...

    One title I might keep my eye on is Prison Architect.. it's still in Alpha/Beta at the moment.. but it looks like another Introversion hit..

    I'm not enthused about Steam sales any more.. I have over 5000 titles in my steam account (mainly from years, almost a decade) of bundled games... frankly I spent more on GOG DRM free titles in the past two weeks than I thinK I have spent in the last two years on Steam.

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