Stop-Motion Donkey Kong With Fuse Beads Looks Like A Lot Of (Time-Consuming) Fun

Fuse beads are the perfect way to translate retro art into real-life objects you can terrify your cat with. You could also use them to entertain yourself if your NES decides it doesn't want anything to do with your ancient Donkey Kong cartridge. OK, so that's a really specific example... but maybe not as specific as you might think, given the video above.

YouTube user "GuizDP", with the help of a few friends, took this scenario and transformed it into an excellent piece of stop-motion video. I have no idea how long this took to put together — it's sadly not mentioned in the description — but I'm going to guess a while.

What I like is the attention to detail. Sure, there's Mario, the princess and Donkey Kong himself, along with the prerequisite gravity-defying girders, but the scores, lives and other text are also included up the top.

It looks particularly great if you don't play it full-screen / zoomed — the beads converge enough that it does resemble a retro, pixellated game from a couple of decades ago... as long as you can ignore the odd flash of feet and hands.

Stop Motion — GuizDP: Donkey Kong [YouTube]


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