Sweet Mother Of Beards, This A Cappella Sonic Cover Is Great

How many different ways do I need to say that Smooth McGroove's a cappella cover of Sonic The Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone music is bananas-level good? Just the one? OK. Enjoy!


    It is good, but his Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 is better imho.

    This guy is is a God.

      He has the Phoenix Wright Cornered!


        The Phoenix Wright is probably my favourite selection from any game. Smooth is awesome. :P

    Haha, that was amazing. His expressions were amusing too.

    Last edited 10/07/13 9:03 pm

    so what are instruments again?

    This dud'es whole youtube channel is just goddamn amazing.

    Chemical Plant Zone Acapella is way better

    He's like the polar opposite of SlipKnot :P

    This tune makes me so nostalgic. Great skills but I can't see him beatboxing, not sure if it really counts as acapella.

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