Switch Characters GTA V-Style With This Mod For Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto V will have three different protagonists. Grand Theft Auto IV had three different protagonists, too, when you include Johnny Klebitz from The Lost and Damned and Luis Fernando Lopez from The Ballad of Gay Tony. Some modders have figured out a way to switch among them and Niko Bellic, the way GTA V will with its characters.

It's a work in progress, so it has some problems still. But with the script installed, players can switch between Niko, Luis and Johnny using hotkeys. Once you leave a character, the old one will stroll around or attempt to flee the cops if he has his wanted level. You can see how the switch is handled in the video — the view zooms out, flies over to the new character's location and zooms in, picking him up mid-action.

Each character has his own health, armour, ammunition and vehicle. "Those are saved each time you change [characters] and will be loaded when the game starts." You can see more in that video above. To download the script, visit the link below.

GTA V Style in GTA IV — Char Switch [GTA Scripting via Polygon]


    OK... This is the third time Kotaku has posted about the same god damn thing. We get it. There's a mod for GTA IV that lets you swap characters. FFS WE GET IT.

    this is freaking RIDICULOUS!!!!

    I wish the bloody writers for Kotaku would CHECK IF THE ARTICLE HAS BEEN WRITTEN before freaking submitting.


    Third time's the charm... I don't think I've absorbed this very minor hint of news just yet though. Can we go for a fourth repost? :P

    Thanks Kotaku, I hadn't heard anything about this mod in nearly 24 hours. Please keep the daily posts coming. ;)

    3 GTA V characters, 3 articles, today's date begins and ends with a 3, the World of Tanks advert says I can play it for FREE...

    ...stop trolling Gaben

    Three times? I can only find two posts about this..


        Hmm they all do not show up in the GTA IV tag.

    Mistakes happen when the US authors post stuff that the AU authors have already posted about, because they don't read the Aus site, and that's fair enough.

    But when TWO different US authors post something a third has already done, there's no excuse for that.
    I blame their "paid by the pageview" culture.

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