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    Went looking for Ghibli's new film but found this - Berserk film 2 this Sunday at Dendy! @strange @jimu @gutsoup and @whoeverelsewatchesBerserkinBris! 3pm at Dendy Portside. I'm keen! Jimu, you could time it so you watch film 1 the night before or something!

    @dc - I know you like meats and cinemas! Get film 1 and see if you like it! Medieval power play and violence! Dark themes, wooOOOooo! Mebe...

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      I'll check my diary ;-)

      This post needs more Sherpa! \o/

      Aww, man, it's my Girlfriends birthday on the weekend, I hafta attend a BBQ that day, i believe @jimu should be coming too. I'll see what time things are due to wrap up. Oh @dc if you can't find the first movie I've got it and I live near (ish) to you

        Your girlfriend won't mind if you skip her birthday! :P

        Also, thanks man!

        Oh, yeah, I'm out @sughly. Already booked in for that!

          Nooooo D: I might go alone if noone goes anyway because seeing this at the cinema would be awesoooooome! @strange! You're my last Berserk fan hope!

      Kaze Tachinu is July 20th in Japanese cinemas, probably won't hit home video for a year or more. It was going to release alongside Takahata's Kaguya-hime no Monogatari (don't think this has an official translated title yet) but that film's been pushed back to later in 2013.

      Just FYI since you mentioned it.

        But home video doesnt translate to when we get it at our cinemas. I think it was only about 5 months or so that we got Arrietty at our cinemas after Japan.

          Yeah, except I expect it'll take longer this time, because the reason we got Arrietty so fast was that it got licensed quickly by a UK company separate to Buena Vista. No one wanted it as much because it was hard to market - it's Ghibli but it's not Takahata or Miyazaki. Even Poppy Hill is easier because Miyazaki Senior wrote it and it's got that family connection.

          The Wind Rises is a new film from Hayao Miyazaki. That means it's a way bigger deal - he's got that Oscar and everything after all. It'll get a big, big push, the same way that Ponyo did. And that will mean you're waiting a lot longer, I expect. Might be a few subtitled screenings at film festivals I guess.

          For reference, Ponyo released July 19th 2008 (The Wind Rises is July 20th). It got an international screening at the Venice Film Festival in September 2008 and had releases in Asia January 2009, then Europe in April 2009 (Spain & France). The English release didn't happen in cinemas until August 2009 (delayed because they dubbed it). The initial Japanese home video release was in December 2009.

          So expect a pretty similar sort of approach this time as well, though they may put a little less into it this time simply because the film looks more mature, aimed at an older audience than Ponyo or Spirited Away were.


      I'll ask Mr. Strange if I can go. It'll be almost my birthday so chances are good if I play that card. :P

    Dear cold,

    You have four days to return my voice to me, or Imma come after you with everything I've got. We can be reasonable about this. All you have to do is die.

    Also, fuck you.

    Your pal,

      Who needs a voice when you've got a series of published graphic novels? :D

        I think I might turn people off at Oz Comic-Con if I croak and flail at them. I need my suave charm :(

          Get a helper monkey! May I recommend the Colobus, there's eight sub-species, don't you know!

            Never heard of them before.

            Edit: Also, I would have to get a capuchin, and it would have to be called Ampersand. It's a comic convention, after all.

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              That's probably a reference I don't understand, so I'll just nod my head and smile.

              *nods head, smiles*

              Have you got your booth allocation in Artist's Alley yet?

                But if you did understand, your life would be much improved ;-)


                Don't think I have my booth allocation yet...

                *nervously checks emails*

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                  Y: The Last Man, I will read you some day...

                  Or see the movie...

    Walked out of the cinema, just watched superman.

    a couple walks past and the girl says: I didn't like it. It had too much action and sci-fi.

    Wtf. Who goes to see an action sci-fi movie and then complains about it? Trailers clearly showed sci-fi and as fir actiot, what kind of superman movie would it be if he did nothing but talk For two and a half hours?

      Superman Returns

        Haha! Oh man, terrible terrible movie.

          Really? I just didn't feel strongly about it either way. It was a terribly average flick.

            I stayed up that night at uni doing an all nighter, so I was pretty sleep deprived too but I thought it was so damn bland in every way. Haha!

              YEah, blande, sure.
              Just didn't invoke much feeling at all.

              I'm not a fan of the old movies BTW, even as a kid I found them boring. I actually like the Supergirl movie more and it's TERRIBLE.

                I really liked the Supergirl movie as a kid too, it was pretty bad.
                Masters of the Universe movie was awesome as a kid too, only in the eithies could a piece of alien tech be mistaken for a bitchin' synthesiser

      Eh, it's clearly part of the mating ritual. Just as guys will go to chick flicks to woo a lady, so too will the ladies flock to spandex superhero films to win over their men.

      Also, from what I've heard:
      Even for an action movie, this one was over the top. Collateral damage was insanely high for a Superman film. I haven't seen it, so can't comment, but there are a bunch of criticisms being levelled at the film for its implied death toll, and for Superman's own willingness to kill. Thoughts

        Kinda spoilers for movie:
        Saw this on Saturday, loved it.
        Implied death toll? Yeah Metropolis got messed up pretty bad, however Superman's willingness to kill? As far as I remember he only kills one guy, and that's because this guy is about to kill more innocents and the only way to stop him was to kill. Supes is pretty shaken up by the event also.

          Yeah. Though didn't like that it had to be done. Overall, awesome movie for me.

        Don't know. Doesn't sound worth it. 2 hours of shit movie for a bit of action? I guess I will never really understand it. Just doesn't sound worth it.

        re: spoiler

        I found a couple of other, small frustrations with the film... none of them relating to collateral damage or Superman's willingness to kill. In fact, the collateral damage fits within the context of the story and part of the movie shows Clark 'n Jonathan talking about how Supes needs to keep his emotions and powers in check to avoid hurting people or exposing himself. Any killing that may or may not occur isn't trivial.

      Saw it with three friends — two of them didn't like it, and said WWZ was a better film. D:

      Not enough sci-fi. If any thing, there needs to be more sci-fi in everything!

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          More scifi in biopics! The Aviator would've been even better if Howard Hughes went to space!

            With a smartarse robot sidekick :D

              Just to make it more plausible, the robot could be a manifestation of his mental illness!

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                But it's sci-fi, the robot was issued to him by the government BECAUSE of his mental illness! :D

                (this thing writes itself) :P

                  @dc Have you watched Robot & Frank yet?
                  It's sooooooooooooooo good.

                  Nah, I haven't watched movies in ages. Will resume my list later. Should I add it under the Jimu section?

      It's Superman. He whisks people away from danger and does not live in an overly futuristic world so maybe she did not expect much action and sci-fi elements and she found it too much to be true to the Superman feel.

    Final Fantasy XIV
    (yes, the online one)

    So, I tried to "quickly" download it Friday night, I went to bed at about 11.30 and it was still chugging along.
    Thank fully, when I got up in the morning it was done, I've left things going overnight on PS3 before and PS3s seem to stupid to log back in if the net craps out at some point.

    After watching the impressive intro movie that blames the gods for the re-do (and not Square execs after it failed the first time, wait...Do they think they're gods!!??), I started making my character: a purple haired, dark skinned, cat-lady.

    At first I thought it was a tad silly and maybe a little sexist that I could see up my characters skirt to her tighty-whiteys without ever needing to dip the camera below waist height... Then I saw some cat-men out and about and realised they actually wear WAY less clothing. The large amount of cat-men I see wandering about is either odd or the beta isn't loading cat-men clothing.

    I actually had quite a bit of fun playing. Usually wandering about in a generic fantasy land questing over and over again shits me to no end, but for some reason, possibly the music and character designs, I was having a lot of fun.

    I saw a midget called Tinyfists Paccapunch and laughed out loud, and I mean out loud.

    All you really do is talk to NPCs get a mission, kill some monsters or talk to another NPC. I did this over and over again and over the weekend managed to get my Gladiator up to level 9.

    I also met up with NegZero and made a fool of myself thanks to my lacking knowledge of MMO norms.
    I also blew hima a kiss and many randoms as they wandered by. You can do that, blow kisses.

      a couple of friends and I felt like jumping on a free MMO just to muck around, and ended up on some weird one. basically you could sit on a bench and lean in for a kiss. if the other person leaned in as well, you started making out...

      so anyway long story short, we were sitting on benches next to girls and leaning in. got a couple that complied, but things got awkward when the girl sitting next to my friend stood up as he was leaning in, after which my brother sat next to him and leaned in for the make up session...

      extremely awkward, yet the reaction and hysterical laughter that ensued was priceless!

    Don't forget.

    Every Friday morning, 9:30 am.

    I love you all.

    Finished The Last of Us last night:
    Great game. So many good moments and they nailed the character progression and tension that so many games fuck up. I wanted to take the flamethrower to David the cannibal's fucking face but having Ellie machete him was good enough, I guess.

    Joel's lie at the end was a nice touch. He's selfish and it wasn't a "good" ending for anyone, not even Joel who it wasn't even an ending for, but it fit everything that happened so well.

    Motherfucking giraffes! Naughty Dog sure does moments well.

    Towards the end, there gameplay came a lot closer to what I originally loved about it. Stealth with combat as a penalty. Sure I could have blazed through the Fireflies with reckless abandon but I had to take that last opportunity to enjoy the gameplay.

    The whole Winter section was great, aside from the shootout with David near the start. Standing in a room, shooting the approaching horde is kind of meh compared to the rest of what the game had to offer. Even the final showdown with David was nice. People complained that there was no strategy but I managed to take him down fairly easily by showing myself and then looping behind him.

    I don't want a sequel. There are no loose ends I want to tie up and anything new with Joel and Ellie would just feel forced.

      Winter was my favourite part of the game. I didn't mind the shootout because it wasn't something you saw anywhere else in the game. As a one-off moment, it did well. But I really really liked the 'boss fight' with David at the end. Are people really saying there was no strategy? You just need to step on the broken plates on the floor and loop around when he goes to investigate.

        People are apparently quite dumb.

      Fuck leaving the Fireflies alive. They had a death sentence on them and who am I to deny that?

        I shot all of the doctors but I just enjoyed the non-shooty bits too much to deal with the Fireflies that way.

    I spent all weekend playing Rogue Legacy, such an amazing game. There is something magical about having a Paladin with dwarfism and IBS as a Legendary Boss slayer.

      Is that the Level-5 JRPG on PS2?

        Nah, it's an indie game made by Cellar Door Games. Basically it's an RPG 2D-Platformer. It's really great, so much fun. I just wish it was on 3DS / VITA because I want to play it on the train.

          Rogue GALAXY I'm thinking of *facepalm*

      So, buy now or wait for it to go on sale in the Steam SUmmer Sales?

        Probably wait for the sales that will start in a week or two. =P

          I mean, it's worth the $15 it currently is but cheap games are best games.

    Guys. I love you all and don't want any of you to die so I tell you this from a loving place in my heart.

    THE ASCENSION Of THE WORLD DID HAPPEN RIGHT ON SCHEDULE DECEMBER 21, 2012 There will be a limited amount time or a grace period for people of the EARTH WORLDS to learn how to SURVIVE these new energies. My Immortality workshops will be extended to MARCH 23, 2014 To survive the deadly heat energies of the Ascension process that did occur on December 21, 2012, there is a requirement for Humanity to prepare for that time.

    Seriously you guys, I'm concerned for you. I'm just going to go ahead and book a place for everyone here.

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      Only a billion dollars for immortality? Bargain.

        Even better when you consider the visit to Earth Prime in the 5th Dimension.

      What I love most about this website is that it's clearly been around for about 10 years, and the author probably never really thought it'd still be around at the end of 2012... but had a contingency plan of a 'grace period on the apocalypse' ready to go anyway :D

        The FAQ section is amazing.

        Question: If you are a true Breatharian why did you recommend a diet of diet coke and McDonald’s double-quarter-pounder with cheese meal?

        Wiley: In order to understand why I have chosen these foods you must first know how the human bodies descended into the 3rd dimensional world in first place. This is not our natural home. Being here as long as we have been was not intentional. We didn’t plan to stay here permanently. You could say it was purely by accident that we ended up getting stuck in this 3d world. The Earth, without a doubt, is the most beautiful planet in the Milky Way galaxy and that is why it was "the" vacation spot of the galaxy for millions of years. There was always a constant stream of visitors coming here from Worlds and Galaxies far and wide.

        Like all societies, there are always people who want to ‘up the annie’ by increasing the intensity of the sensations a 5d being normally experienced on their visits to Earth, by staying for longer and longer periods of time. It would be like the sensation or high you get by the making the roller you’re riding in go faster and faster.

        One of the most exciting things about coming to Earth was eating 3d food. Food was not eaten for nutrition but for the exquisite taste and sensations you would get. Just like today, there were many 3d restaurants, 3d shops, 3d clothes and thousands of 3d things you could buy and take back to your 5d world. This was a most exciting thing to do. Just like the feelings you get when you go on a shopping spree to Las Vegas or similar places.

        After million of years of these activities, making their vacation times longer and longer and eating more and more 3d foods, it was like the fad of the time to be "3d" savvy.

        At the first part of this "million of years of fun" period every body got rape up in the 3d fads and sensations, we stop noticing the slight discomfort we would normally get when staying too long in this density, it had become less bothersome, someone even came with the brilliant idea to eliminate these "you have over-stayed your time " symptoms altogether. By brewing up a concoction of 3d foods and herbs, a new miracle drug was manifested to take care of this problem once and for all. The brew was similar to what you know today as ice-cream. The main active ingredients were carbon-based sugars and iron.

        This new miracle drug took the galaxy by a storm. Now anyone could come to Earth and stay as long as they wanted to and even eat the 3d foods without any noticeable after-effects. This certainly was the talk of galaxy for a long time, now even more visitors are streaming to the planet, eating more 3d food and staying longer than ever before.

        Herein is where the "The Fall" actually began. The after-effects you used to get from eating 3d foods, that you thought you got rid of , are now back to bite you in the butt.

        Since I am on the subject of 3d foods I may as well address the question that’s sure come up which is "Why do you ask us not to eat any fruits and vegetables while on the 5 magic words diet? Duh! Do I really need to say more?

        The seat of the multi-dimensional mind that controls the physical body is the stomach (you are what you eat)

        The body mind itself is the human heart. The dimension that your body will gravitate to or harmonize with is dictated by the directions from the heart. Communication with the heart or body mind is done with Light and Sound. The real blood stream of the physical body is a form of liquid light. The digestive system is designed to extract or digest the Sound and Light frequencies from our words and thoughts and condense them into liquid light. By changing the frequencies of the heart you change the frequencies of this liquid light, which in turn changes the frequencies of the body. When your words and thoughts or foods are 3d based, it is inevitable that the body must follow.

        Likewise, when your words and thoughts and foods are 5d based, guess what happens to the body? Now let me ask you a question. Can you tell what words and thoughts and foods are 5d based? Bingo!!!

        Would you believe a double-quarter with cheese and diet coke could possibly be 5d based? The frequencies of a substance in dictated by it component part. In other words, the sum total frequencies of all of its parts equal the base frequency of that item.

        Since I’m starting to have fun asking the questions for a change, let me ask you few more.





        "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, THE WORD WAS WITH GOD, THE WAS GOD’ .or something like that. I’ll get the correct quote in time



        The secret in the diet coke is the "LIQUID LIGHT" Duh!!!!

        The type of plastic and quantity of it combined with the diet coke equals the base frequency of its liquid light.
        I know that was a long answer, but what can I say?


          I'm gonna go round asking everyone this question.

          Hahahahaha, wow.

          "Up the annie"
          Also random placement of word "rape"


          They eat better than me though!

      Sounds like the makings of a meat!

      My favourite Breatharian is the one that tried to participate in James Randi's million dollar challenge.

      They had him locked in a hotel room to test how long he could survive on air alone

      James Randi busted him breaking back into the room with a bag of Maccas

        In a 5D world, McDonald's is like air. At least in terms of base frequency.

      oh my god.... i found my two favourite quotes....

      Before you can withstand the amount of heat (fire) generated by this Ascension initiation process your blood stream must have already been converted to a type of gold bio-plasmic liquid light. Therefore replacing the iron that is normally found in the blood. A body that still contains blood cells with iron will not be able to survive the heat (wall of fire) that protects the entrances, portals, vortices and stargates into the 5th Dimensional Worlds.


      The most telling ones were on a cell phone I had to throw away because of the incredible amount of pain caused by the electro-magnetic energy generated by the phone. (All cell phones generate this same energy). This deadly energy got even stronger after turning off the phone and removing the battery. I could still feel the signal up to 5 miles away, so I had to go back and find the phone and literally break it up in small pieces because I could still feel the connection to the phone when passing within 5 miles of where I had thrown it away.

    Most times I comment in the What Are You Playing article I seem to not play the games I said I would.

      That's why I say board games.

      I always play board games.

        Boardgames? More like ... I don't know where I'm going with this.

          More like cardboard mat and plastic tokens and cards games amirite?

            Ohhhhhh, BURN!

        Ahhhh, I would, but I worry if I say video games then I won't play any.

          Say "I will spend all weekend working" then you won't spend anytime working! \o/

            I did tell my boss I planned to mow the lawn and it rained all weekend!

      Misdirection! Now the Serrels/government/illuminati won't know what you've really been playing.

    Anyone want to buy my 3DS XL?

      I'll swap you Xenoblade for it!


          You must admit, it's a good deal!

            Yeah, who needs a Bravely Default machine when they've got Xenoblade :D

              I do!!
              (Surely it's an Animal Crossing machine?)'s Shameless Gaming Month...

      Don't you mean Game Sale Season?

        What kind of moron would plan an event like Shameless Gaming Month during the Steam Summer sales?

          They didn't know!
          Please don't blame them.

            Nope. They're a jerky jerkface mcgee.

      Then why do I suddenly feel so much shame? :(

      It's also Pikmin 3 month! :D

      Ha ha! This month is THE worst month for that kinda behaviour for me.

      My birthday, I usually get a tonne of new games this month.
      Also, I either have to visit rellies or they visit me so I GAME LESS!

    Day one of having Animal Crossing … I have no idea what I’m doing, I should not be given a seat of power! WHY MUST THESE ANIMALS BE SO TRUSTING!!!

    I’ve planted a tree, put a down payment on a house, which was just a potato sack full of teeny tiny bells, an Anteater named Otis moved in and Isabelle is a cutie patootie and I’m kind of worried that she doesn’t have a house.

      This, along with the Potaku article from last week, really makes me want to get Animal Crossing.

        It's the first game to make me smile like an idiot because of how cute everything is, especially Isabelle (your assistant) she's mind numbingly cute

          On the surface perhaps. Wait until the dark underbelly of corruption and decay is revealled

            See the issue is, I was telling some friends about it and one of them linked me to this fic... Then I had to seriously rethink things


          Here's an Official Nintendo StreetPass Isabelle hat


          THE HORROR

            Ahahaha! Looks like shes eating your head

              More like it looks like she's been decapitated and you're wearing her head :/

              THE HORROR

      She never stops working. Srsly. Never. Never sleeps either it seems...

        Exsqueeeeeze me. She totally stopped working on that Summer Solstice day.

    Hola Tay

    I had a quiet weekend, played a chunk of Borderlands online with a mate. Also finished watching Hannibal, which is a great series.

    A Monday Morning Question: What in-game vehicles would you want to do your morning commute in? I'd love the Ragnarok from FF8

      The teleporter from HL2. So reliable.

        What cat?

      Beluga from Beyond Good & Evil! Maybe the Normandy too. Both, I'll just dock the Beluga down on the lower decks with Cortez and James.

      Dark Souls - Gravelord coffin.
      Bound to be a conversation-starter!

      The Warthog from Halo. The only reason being that it doesn't follow the laws of physics.

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        Looks more like a puma

          What's a Puma?

            I told you to stop making up animals.

            What's that thing that sucks goats? Chuppathingy?

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              El Chupacabra?

              I feel like I'm missing a reference, but I don't even care. :P

              Last edited 01/07/13 10:05 am

                I think they mean Chuloopa but are spelling his name wrong.
                I totally know what's going on...

                  Looked it up. We're both missing references. Ignorance twins! XD

      The Ragnarok would be fun, but a Tardis would be wonderfully convenient.

        With the TARDIS you're liable to end up at places other than work though.

        Which may be a good thing

          Yeah, but you could adventure for a few years, and then just head back to 'today' and not be late for work.

      Teleporter from a game where it works. I could use the extra hour of sleep.

        But then all Star Trek nerds will start debates about whether it's really you who transports on the other side! D:

          Fucked if I care, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

        Looks like a Mobile Frame

      Spruce Moose! Dont even care that its not a video game...

      but yeah prolly Ragnarok ^_^

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        Oh man, you'll be able to fly to the Belgium Congo in 17 minutes!


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    Well, some people down the road were having a party on Saturday night/Sunday morning.
    I know this because I could hear their stupid doof-doof at 3am Sunday.
    Come Sunday arvo, we find that our mailbox has been pinched.

      How can you tell someone pinched it? Did it make a dent, or leave fingerprints or something?

        It's broken off at the base of the box, with the post intact.
        They probably just pushed it and pulled it until it snapped.

          Sorry man, I probably shouldn't be making dumb jokes.

          Hope your mailbox turns up alive and well, or at least isn't too costly to replace.

    They cast the Red Viper! This guy's face kinda matches what I had in my head \o/
    (Unlike that blonde git tryin'a shag Dany)

      I can't wait until (BOOK 4+ COMMENT)

      we get to see the Prince of Dorne tear shit up

        My timeline for those books is so mixed up, expected a bunch of that shit last season:-/

        After watching I was able to remember what happened when.
        Let's see what I expect next season! :D

    Also, A remake of Jacob's Ladder is on the cards.
    *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroan* That movie is still good, what is the point?

      I have cousins that range from 15-21 and most of them won't watch older movies because they're "lame". So they can remake movies that seem fresh to the ignorant and will likely get people who love the old ones to watch no matter how cynical they may be about it.

        Pretty much this. A remake (or other movie that uses an existing franchise - sequels, adaptations, and etc.) is going to get a big audience, almost no matter what.

      Oh lordy no! So utterly unnecessary, the original is easily one of the best horrors ever made. Flawless, imo. Eh well, kids these days I guess.

    @redartifice I hadn't heard of James Randi before. I've watched a few of his videos and trawled through his site and he is now one of my favourite people.

    So many lawsuits from people he has discredited and not one has stuck. :D

    Last edited 01/07/13 10:07 am

      Randi's pretty awesome- his TED talk is very good.

      He's also often on The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe :

      First learned of him via Penn & Teller. He's an absolute champ.

        Penn and Teller's Bullshit has some really great eps, and some that are so-so.

          Did you ever see the video where they talked about the series? They discussed the things they weren’t happy with and what episodes they didn’t like and tried to explain them. I’m at work atm and can’t spend the time to search on youtube but if anyone knows what I am talking about and can link, that would be super.

    This Friday. This Friday. THIS Friday.

    Come one, come all, to the Shane In Melbourne for Conversation and Intimacy with TAYbies (YES, Melbourne) and an Elegant, Litigious Bonanza and Farewell Our Respected Puppylicks Meat (SIMCITYMELB-FOR-PM).

    Date: Friday, 5 July
    Time: 7pm
    Place: Yoyogi on Swanson St (or meet up somewhere else first and walk to Yoyogi)
    (@scree, do we need to book this place or just walk on in?)

    Tagging these folks (FYI and comments): @negativezero, @princesspipster, budgieishere, @inquisitorsz, @syvraen, @jordi, @splicer, @tofu, @ynefel, @blood_apathy, @notoriousr, @sarcasmfairy, @joshy206, @dire_wolf, @crazyguy1990, aidan, beavwa, @chuloopa, @f4ction, @tech_knight, @klutar, @puppylicks, @scree, @pixel_the_ferret_viking, @greenius, @zetrox2k, @mcgarnical, @smurfydog, @tigerion, @velnica, @shane (untagged because they’re piking, but retained for complete listism: aidan, beavwa and budgieishere)

    We need to remind PIXEL by email, because he shuns TAY. This is here so I don’t forget (I may still forget). jacob(dottithingy)didriksen(weirdawithatrunk)gmail(dottithingy)com

      Is OzComicCon a three day dealy?

        I think its 2. Saturday and Sunday.

          Thanks, man. Now I feel lazy for not looking it up myself. XD

        Nope. Saturday/Sunday only. Friday/Monday are travel/(un)packing days.

      Ugh, I guess so... :P

      By the way who's going and what's the plan? I should probably figure out how I'm going to get there :P.

      Is it possible to please grab a lift there? (@inquisitorsz @smurfydog). @negativezero said he didn't mind giving me a lift back but he'll be working during the day so can't give me a lift there.

      @shane what are you doing beforehand? Since I'm on holidays and probably super bored we could always organise to meet up earlier or something? Fed Square has always been a usual meeting place and then we'd walk to wherevs. Just make sure everyone has everyone's number so we can contact each other outside of TAY (sorry @tofu :'( - I blame Scree!)

        I think it's probably wisest if I say the designated meat time is the earliest I'm available. Will be setting up my Oz Comic-Con booth all afternoon, in all likelihood. Also need to locate some sort of lunch and grocery shop for weekend supplies.

          No problemo.

          Don't forget the 3DS!

            That's hardly likely; I carry it EVERYWHERE, man. Need those sweet, sweet Streetpasses.

        I'm on a sort of unemployment holiday so I can be in the city whenever. And yes we'll need phone number as I have no idea how you all look like.

        Can't offer you a lift though I'm afraid :(

          We also use Twitter to contact. Do you know @scree ? It sounded like you know each other outside of TAY :P, she has most of our numbers :D

            I do indeed have a twitterrific account


            Hit me up if any of you is in the city!

            EDIT: Yes I also know @scree so I'll probably meet up with her first

            Last edited 01/07/13 1:25 pm

        Should be able to give you a lift I guess. Considering I work on Wellington Rd.
        If you don't mind hanging at my place for a bit before we head out I could pick you up on my way home from work. Bout 5:30pm I guess.

      I should be able to make it, with any luck :)

        Yay I'll meet the legendary loops!!!!
        We can talk about how much GW is screwing up the hobby =P

    I know everyone is probably tired of me banging on about car shit, but I bought a new car on the weekend. Like, NEW new. A Barina Spark, and it's pretty sexy.

    The main reason I bring this up is because getting the bloody thing was kind on an emotional rollercoaster. See, our credit history is... not great, though our financial means have come a long way in recent years. There's no doubt new car finance is affordable for us.

    The issue is, we could only secure the finance if we traded in our old car - which we were kiiind of hoping to hang onto to sell cheap to my wife's dad. The option we faced was either "Trade in your shitty 14 year old Sonata and get the Spark, or drive home in your shitty 14 year old Sonata".

    So, we agreed to the trade. We had to wait until the next day to pick up the car aaaand suddenly the Sonata shit itself. The thing was shaking and rattling like the engine was about to blow up. We were terrified that they would reject the trade and we'd be stuck with a car that was on the verge of dying, or even worse, we wouldn't even be able to limp into the dealership. We called for roadside assistance and were informed the computer that controls the revs was shot, and it would do that whenever it was idling - not dangerous in and of itself, but the car was lurching horribly and became difficult to drive. We parked it overnight and hoped for the best.

    The next morning... nothing. Not an issue. It started without incident, and not a single rattle. I would suggest it was running smoother than it ever had since we had owned it. So, we managed to conclude the trade, secure the finance, and drive home in our all-new baby car.

    Looking back I'm not sure why we were that worried since they were going to just part out the old beast anyway, but still... for about 18 hours we thought we had some serious trouble.

      They don't care if it was running. There's something about the way they set up the finance that requires a trade in. Not sure if it makes them look better or some tax reasons or whatever. they told me I would need a trade in with my new Commodore and the only other car we had was wifey's Xtrail which we needed. I purchased a $50 non functioning wreck of a 93 Barina from a tow company and an extra $50 got it towed to the dealer.

      They took it no problems and I left with my Commodore.

        Yeah, the car was worth shit in trade but they fiddle with the numbers so it looks like your trade in is worth a higher proportion of the value of the car you're getting, which helps convince the bank that you're financially committed to the deal.

      We were lucky that my gf’s dad gave us a 2012 Barina. Damn this thing is so small and has great handling, it’s a great car to drive. Good luck to any poor passenger wanting to sit behind me though, lol.

        I sat in the Barina CDX and it actually has slightly less room for the driver than the Spark because of the centre console. Of course, the passenger needs to keep their arms tucked in to stay out of the way of the driver when they're putting the car in gear or applying the park break. I wouldn't call the back roomy but I can sit ok, as long as I don't mind hugging the seat in front with my knees. We don't really have passengers - it's just me and the wife - so the extra doors are more of a novelty than a necessity.

    CEO (stream link) is a wrestling themed fighting game tournament. The players have been coming out to theme music and playing in a wrestling ring.

    Most of it has been pretty cringeworthy. Justin Wong came in to John Cena's theme and just kind of wandered up to his seat and unpacked his arcade stick from his backpack.

    Then someone came out to the Ducktales theme and the crowd started singling along.

    Then Flash Metroid came out to FLASH! SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE!

    Get hype, son!
      Nobody came out to this?

        Not yet. There's still plenty of time.

      And now there's a sing-along to the Pokemon theme.


    On the weekend, Sugs and I found out that you can add things to your catalogue just by having them in your inventory. So when swapping furniture to help others complete sets we can just drop it, let the other person pick it up, then they can drop it again and no one loses anything. That way it's added to their catalogue and they can buy it. Seems fairer that way since the person who wants it spends the money :D. But of course if you don't want the piece you can just give it to them :D

    I'm trying to complete the "Green" set so help me out :D. Post what you want as well so others can help out!

    I really need to trade fossils, they're taking up so much space >_> @sughly @rize @blaghman @scree others



    Speaking of green things, there's a green handbag in the image at the bottom of the page from FABSUGAR. Buy it @freya !


    OKI, Pikmin 2 time. WOOOOOOO FUN! (not really, the last underground thing made me rage quit :'( )

      I'll check turnip prices at lunch and let you know! Also, We need to organise to get some fossil swapping happening tonight, cause I keep getting distracted by other stuff :P
      I haven't really aimed for a set, but I think I'll go for whatever the fancy one is called. The stuff is white, usually with gold trim.

        Regal! @blaghman is going for that too so he should be able to help out. I've got about 4 pieces or so.