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And while I've got you all here — I want to make a big apology. For some reason my Community Kudos post didn't go live on the site on Friday. I have no idea what happened there. Really sorry about that. It's now live and you can read it here.

Again: apologies.


    Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I went to a friend's 21st on Saturday. He's also my next door neighbour, so I didn't have far to go. He had two parties, one during the afternoon that was sort of a family and close friends thing with speeches and stuff, and one during the night that was more of a party party with music and stuff. The whole thing was German themed, so they had heaps of German food there and a keg of German beer with huge steins to drink it with. At one point during the afternoon party some German performers turned up and played some songs, danced and told some jokes, which was pretty cool. I only tried a bit of the German beer and it was okay. A lot better than the beer I've tried in the past, which has mainly been Victorian/Australian bitter stuff.

    Ended up wondering home between parties, since as I mentioned, I was only next door. When I went back down to the late night party I was surprised to find there were still heaps of old people around as well as a few kids, because apparently a bunch of my friends family had decided to stay for some reason.

    I have to admit, initially I was bored out of my mind. I'm not a drinker, I'll have a cruiser when eating a heavy meat meal, like a steak dinner, but that's pretty much it for me. Everyone was chatting, having a good time, and I was sort of twiddling my thumbs not knowing what to do with myself. Ended up going back home again because I was so bored, then decided to head back and give the party one more shot. I decided that the only way parties are actually fun is if you're drunk, so I decided to start drinking, starting with a shot of whiskey my friend handed me (which I almost spat out. The thing burned my throat like hell). All the German beer was gone at that point, so I ended up having whiskey and coke, then spiced rum and Pepsi, then Malibu and some sort of fruity soft drink. I also had one of those vodka lolly drinks at one point.

    Point is, I ended up getting intoxicated for the first time in my life. I have to say, I can see why people get addicted to drinking. I can see why youths are going out and getting drunk every weekend. It felt great. Where I'd previously been withdrawn and socially awkward, I was now chatting it up with everyone. I was laughing at the stupidest things, and the way the world kept swaying was awesome. And all that frightens me a bit. I've always valued been in control of myself, of having a clear head, but now I just don't know. I know I have the self control not to fall into alcoholism or something, but it's tempting to just go out there and become some sort of party animal.

    I felt I did do the right thing while I was drinking though. Made sure I had plenty of water, kept stuffing my face with food (that's supposed to help, right?). Didn't make a fool of myself, or at least I don't think I did. I didn't end up wondering home till about 4 in the morning. Most people had already left by that time, but since I lived next door I felt I could stay around and chat with people for a bit. Didn't get to sleep until 6 in the morning, slept through until 5 in the evening, and now I've been up all night.

    So that stories probably a bit boring/stupid, but it's the first time I've done anything like that and I felt the need to share.

    In gaming news, I finished The Walking Dead 400 Days. It was pretty good, though a bit short.

    I shot the white collar guy on the prison bus.
    I stayed in the car (cause I'm the rock, paper, scissors champion) as stoner dude.
    I killed that woman as Shell (or however her name is spelled) despite spending all my time up until that point talking about keeping our humanity and not doing stuff like that. Normally in RPGs and these decision type games I always go for the good guy, not compromising my morals route (that's how I played Lee during the main game), but after playing The Last of Us I feel more at ease with going down the brutal, do what you've gotta do route (you've been a bad influence on me, Joel).
    Left the crazy guy behind as the black guy.
    Told the truth as the ginger woman.
    In the end stoner, Shell and ginger decided to go with black woman while prisoner and black guy stayed behind. It'll be interesting to see how all this plays into season 2.

      If I didn't know any better, that was written in advanced...

      That, or you're known for your quickness. XD

      And all that frightens me a bit. I've always valued been in control of myself, of having a clear head, but now I just don't know.

      This is why sometimes I've considered drinking.

      I know I have the self control not to fall into alcoholism or something,

      But I honestly do not know if I have this kind of self control, which is one of the reasons why I don't drink.

      Also thanks for sharing!

        Getting a bit personal here, but my dad's an alcoholic, which is why I've always been a bit reserved with my drinking, and why I'll never allow myself to fall into addiction and become the sort of person he is (not that he's a bad person or anything, but when you see what it can do to someone...).

          Yeah, I've known some alcoholics and I understand your reasonings perfectly.

          No one decides to become an alcoholic though.

          My dad isn't necessarily an alcoholic, but I avoid him when he is drunk. Also one of my favourite English teachers got liver cancer and didn't live past 33, which apparently can be caused by alcohol, which was also scared me off it.

          Sorry to hear dude. I feel for you and understand why that would put you off completely.

      My weekend involved having my Aunt & Uncle from Sydney come over for the weekend. My uncle is one of those people that think their way is the only right way. So the weekend consisted of him telling me how terrible my life is / how much of a failure I am because I do things different to him.


      Good times

        :S This will sound harsh, but I stopped associating with extended family ages ago for similar reasons.

        Atleast you had Batman games. Did you end up starting Arkham City?

          Nah, didn't get too much time for games.

      You really need to expand on your beers. VB is definitely not a good beer to judge by.

        VB is nasty and gives me the worst hangovers of any beer in existence. Most domestic beer doesn't agree too well with me, to be honest. If I stick to imported beer, or failing that, low carb domestic beers like Pure Blonde, it's a lot safer.

        Also Dire, mixing drinks like you did is a recipe for utter disaster. It sounds like you averted horror, but trust me - mixing is generally NOT a good idea. For future reference. =)

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          I don't like a lot of domestic beers either, I do give Beez Neez and Little Creatures an exception though. Fantastic beers.

            Little Creatures... that pale ale is one of the best mass produced beers available period.

          As a seasoned beer drinker I would argue that VB is actually not bad. I will happily have one, since they have changed the recipe they used it is 100x better. It put me off all beers as a teenager.

      Here are the reasons why I don't drink much:

      1. I don't need to be drunk to have a good time... It's pretty funny watching other drunk people
      2. I'm Polish and have a fairly high tolerance to alcohol. If it's not a house party it costs WAY too much to get drunk enough to enjoy it.
      3. I metabolise it very quickly so unless I keep drinking, I sober up pretty quick... again a cost thing.
      4. Hangovers are almost never worth it. I hate wasting the whole next day recovering.

      I guess for someone who doesn't drink it could be a novel experience but I really don't see the appeal. I do drink occasionally during dinner or at a party but I only get drunk once or twice a year.

      The last time was my bucks night... I drank most other people under the table. Stopped drinking about 12, got home about 3, and managed to hold in the spew till I got home. I was pretty proud of that.... so many shots that night....

      I think, point number 1 is the most important. 99% of the time I'm happy to be the designated driver. I get to watch other people do stupid drunk things and also make sure my mates don't hurt themselves. I dunno, maybe it's just that I don't like literally pissing money away down the toilet...

      Last edited 08/07/13 10:13 am

        Pissing money away down the toilet? What about investing 1000s of hours into video games?

          I get a lot more enjoyment from $100 of video games than I do from $100 of alcohol

          Edit: I read hours as money... since "pissing money away" but same goes for time too. I find many things more enjoyable than alcohol. video games, sports, travel, reading, TV, other hobbies etc

          Last edited 08/07/13 12:30 pm

        2. I'm Polish

        is that why your username has an sz?

          yes. its the first 2 letters of my surname

            Oooooh I just assumed you were being hardc0re and added a z to "Inquisitors" :D

              No... in hindsight I should have made it Inquisitor_sz but I didn't really think of it at the time and cbf chaningin it now.
              It's also my screen name for games and things since Inquisitor is always taken and Inquisitorsz never is...

      Haha, that's totally me two Novembers ago. From the had never been drunk before, to the valuing being in control, to the oh hey this is pretty good and the temptation to keep doing it again and again. Not that I deliberately did it that first time, it just kind of happened (wedding, wine glasses that kept filling themselves, water was the only other option and I hate water).

      Getting that sociable buzz without getting completely plastered is great. It's easy to overstep that line if you drink too quickly. Take it slow and you'll have a good time (a good way to maintain your own pace is to avoid doing rounds with mates).

      Drinking plenty of water was key. Nice work.

      Sounds like you aced it on your first go.

      Last edited 08/07/13 4:30 pm

      I don't drink, period.
      I also like maintaining control of my actions (even the ones I regret :P)
      As long as you know yourself well enough to control your drinking (which you seem to), you should be fine (again, which you seem to). Have fun!

    That survey ad is beyond annoying. Renders Mobile Kotaku pretty much unusable and unreadable.

      Yup, I even gave in and did the survey. Nope, still there. =/

      Last edited 08/07/13 8:39 am

        That's where they get you! :P
        ... And never let go.

      It's pretty annoying. At least it's not as in your face when you're in an article though.

        On the mobile site it takes up a massive chunk of the right screen. I can only read text if I scroll at the exact right position. If that's not "in your face" then I don't know what is. =/

      This morning at around 4am it was a large triangle in the corner. D:

        Mobile version :/

          Oh wow! D: It's well into the white space on regular window, where the hidden Telstra ads usually are. XD

      Even rubs in the fact your unemployed by not having an unemployed selection.

    It's Stranges birthday on Friday. We should hang on Saturday night if she wants to!

    Last edited 08/07/13 8:43 am

      Can't do Fridays

        Saturday? (I chose Friday cause I remember last time you telling me that you can't do Saturdays. Haha.)

          I work until 6 on Fridays and need to work on Saturday. I finish at 4:30-5:00 on Saturday so it's a lot easier for me.

      Fine. Just take over my birthday Meat plans, why don't you. :P

        Aw, I really, really worried about that. I'm sorry. Truth be told, I just want to hang out with you guys. If you have something in mind Strange, then that's cool too. :D

        Last edited 08/07/13 8:58 am

          I don't have anything specific in mind, just thought Saturday would be the best time.

            Really sorry for inadvertantly hijacking the day. Changed original post. Also I feel like I've been unintentionally jerky with you lately, especially forgetting to mention you in the PAX North stuff. You're one of my favourite and most respected people here. Don't mean to do these stupid things. D:

        Don't forget @enduwolf. And umm....what was that Sunshine Coast guy the other week? I forgot already. I am the worst.

          Nate, but I think he had a weird handle.


                I remember I added it to TAY names after you put all the tags there. His and JamieDeeCee's were the only one's I could add that you hadn't already done. I like helping. :P

                  I tried adding his but I got it wrong and gave up :P.

            Hey hey thats me! Busy this saturday coming as its my old mans birthday also but thanks for the invite :)

            What you guys planning on doing?

              Whatever @dc plans for us. :P

                In all seriousness, what do you wanna do, Strange? Mexican food? (We could relive the Oblivion meat.) Korean BBQ? (We could relive the Freeze/Sughly meat) Burgers? We could relive the D.C. birthday meat. You decide, it's your bday. I made everyone go see ParaNorman on mine! :P I just want to hang out with you guys. XD

                Last edited 08/07/13 9:45 am

                  Not big on Mexican or Burgers for dinner, they're more lunch kinda things for me. And I'm having Korean BBQ for dinner on my actual birthday with my family so that's out too. Was actually considering Bavarian Bier Cafe or Ribs And Rumps in the Valley.

                  Sounds good! :D

                  Edit: Also reading back that post, I didn't mean you had to choose one of those. Was just throwing ideas out there. Haha! XD

                  Last edited 08/07/13 12:18 pm

        Leave me till last. I see how it is. This hat rack is getting rather full and I only got it yesterday.

          Haha! To be fair, that post yesterday was the second time I mentioned the meat and the first post was still on that same page. Also you were the only person to have responded, so I figured you didn't need the tag. Stop being a doofus, you doofus. :P

          Last edited 08/07/13 9:13 am

        I'd love to say yes, but I don't know what my plans are for this weekend yet. Have to wait til I get paid, and see how much money I have first off, then secondly need to find out what Rury wants to do. She's going to Melb on Wednesday next week, so it might be my last chance to see her for a while. Will keep you posted though.

        Got a gig Friday & Saturday of a mates bands (he's in 3 different bands) to attend, can't make it.

      It's my son's 3rd on the 13th, you have no chance, sorry, @strangist

    So sat down and looked at all my Pokemon games and the state they're all in progression wise. Godshitballsdamn there's a lot to do. Still need to finish B2 and W2 before X and Y drop. Might make that priority, methinks. Just transferred all my good Pokemon to B2 and I'll go from there. Usually doesn't take long to smash it with traded over lvl50-60+ Pokemon.

      By the time you're able to use them the game will be mostly over, I don't see it saving you much time.

        The 8 gyms themselves aren't much of an issue, it just means I can usually steamroll the Elite Four at the very least without having to grind or anything.

        EDIT : It also helps when I can trade over other Pokemon at say 20,30, 40 etc so I'm right at the limit of badge control as well. It just makes things easier.

        Last edited 08/07/13 9:00 am

      Used to be I'd just keep on playing the latest Pokemon game until I finished it, but in the past few recent games I've found myself lagging a bit. I'll play through half the game, then not pick it up again for months. I only finished White 2 about a month ago, and I've still got some post-game/end-game stuff to do.

      Man, I prefer the challenge. I make a new team of new choices each game. Teaches me things too. Pokemans things.

    *waits for @Shane's 17 paragraph Oz Comic Con write up*


    Last edited 08/07/13 8:55 am

      Keep waiting. I'm exhausted. Also it might not be too upbeat :P


        Welcome back, my friend! The Walking Dead 400 Days awaits!

          Holy shit. Thanks for the reminder! :D

            Looking forward to hearing about Oz Comic Con even if it's not all upbeat!

    Yesterday I went to King Of Cakes and said "Give me ALL your pretzels!". That is really what I said. The lady was all "There's 9, do you still want them all?". Silly lady. :P

    So yeah, now I'm set for awesome breakfast all week. Best week.

    Surveys gone from Mobitaku. Imma assume it was because of my influence because I'm the big man around town here.


    Did you just call me fat?

      Gone from main site too!

        It just popped up in the corner over here.

      I didn't call you fat. The scales did.


        Well, atleast it's in the corner now, slightly less obnoxious.

          Wait, it's gone now ... I'm scared! D=

            I tried to do the survey (because hey, free computer) but the redirect link doesn't actually show me a survey. Probably because of the ancient version of IE I'm forced to use at work.

    I think I spent most of this weekend in the car. My wife is determined to get a decent amount of kilometres on the car before the 3-month inspection, which means we are constantly visiting people.

    Man, I remember when I had time to play video games on the weekends.

      I, too, spent hardly any time playing video games on the weekend.

      I did spend a fair chunk of time (>6hours) playing board games, though.

      Supporting evidence.

        When I'm on leave I'm going to fill my hours with games of all kinds. I might even pick up a couple of new board games - what's that one? Is it any good?

          It's Ticket to Ride: Europe, I grabbed it on the recommendation of @trjn and @freya (see here, with other recommendations too.) I've only played a few games of it, but it seems pretty good - one great thing about it is while it might look complicated, the rules are pretty simple (makes it easier to convince people who would not normally be enthused about playing board games to have a go).

          There's a 30min play through here which shows how it plays. They use the USA map instead of the European one, though. (fwiw, I find that whole tabletop series is pretty entertaining and informative to find out about new games + see how they play.)

          Come over and play games with us. We've got a good mix and we'll tell you details of more info you definitely don't need about them :p

        We spent the same time playing board games yesterday. And a few hours on Thursday night with @freya's sister and her sister's boyfriend. And a few hours on Saturday to try out the new games we bought.

        @kermitron If you're keen on grabbing some board games, you should come to one of our board game thingies some time. Test out a good range of them and see which games scratch the right itch for you. Just be warned, lots of 7 Wonders will be played because it is amazing.

          I'll make it over there at some point, probably once I have my Ps. I don't think the wife is that interested in driving to Camperdown. // @freya

    So sick of being sick. Ten days so far, and every time I think it's going, comes back with a vengeance. Now I have a constantly tickling throat, which means constant coughing. And I still have to go to work. Man cold is the blurst.

    Anybody else mortally wounded by a cold this year?

    Also hi. Long time lurker, lazy poster.

      It's Batguy! I met this guy once, he had a 3DS. True story!

      Hope you feel better, my friend.

        I was going to upvote but then I hit the survey link. So nuts to that.

        Last edited 08/07/13 9:36 am

          Literally just did the same thing while trying to upvote this comment :/

          I had it all last week. Finally starting to get over it now, just a blocked nose left to show for it. I think the trick for me was lots of strepsils, vapour drops and alcohol.

      I was sick last Monday and if not for that fact and the fact that after this week I have two weeks of leave, I might have done so today. For some reason I woke up with a pounding headache, blocked sinuses, and general miserableness. I can't explain it, unless someone is sneaking into my room and breathing germs on me. My cat sleeps on my feet and I am yet to understand how that keeps her warmer than snuggling into the washing pile or the corner of the couch, especially since I tend to squirm around a bit. I think the only reasonable conclusion is that my cat is leeching my energy.

      One night I will fall asleep and my wife will awaken to discover the dessicated husk of my former self, and the cat will have tripled in size.

      I'm either super lucky or I have a decent immune system as I only ever seem to get one (two on rare occasions) colds a year. I always seem to miss the little ones that plague everyone else, but when I do get done, it's usually a good one that sits me on my ass for about 2-3 days.

      Last edited 08/07/13 10:12 am

        Yeah, I don't get sick all that much too. I did earlier this year though and had a weird fever and the trippiest dreams ever. :S

        It's kids. I used to think I was invincible, but since my son was born two and a half years ago, I've spent a couple of weeks out with random colds each year.

      I'm on day 3! My head feels like cotton wool and I sound like Darth Vader when breathing :(

      I have basically got the same cold. :(

      EDIT: Or at least, the persistent cough part. I think I've actually gotten over the cold and have some kind of minor nasal infection instead.

      Last edited 08/07/13 12:35 pm

    Had platinum seats at the Lions game with my Dad. Total of 14 hours worth of drinking took place that day. Mainly pints, some red wine and maybe even some vodkas. I really just don't know anymore.

    Great result for the Lions and a fantastic atmosphere.

    Sunday was not so much a fun day to start with. However, a well deserved lie in and a nice trip over to Manly for dinner, followed by a viewing of 'Movie 43' & 'A Few Best Men' at home made it a perfect hangover day.

    All in all, a great weekend. The only games played were SongPop, Candy Crush & Doodle Jump. Hope you guys had a pleasant weekend.

    My wallet is in a state of high anxiety every morning when I open Steam.
    *peers out of my pocket* 'IS IT SAFE? HAVE THE ENDTIMES COME?'
    I just hope the Steam sales can wait until Friday, which is when I get paid.

      My payday is the 15th which is Monday, but usually when that happens I get paid on the Friday before the weekend since the banks are closed and we wouldn't receive our money. I have to remember that if I start spending this month's pay on the weekend, I am making my month 2-3 days longer and moderate my spending accordingly. That might prevent me spending money on games I don't need.

    Morning all!
    So Nob, Cakesmith and I started out on Tiny Tina's DLC for Borderlands 2 last night. All I can say is:
    Holy shit. Buy it.
    It's freakin' amazing, and the humour is just fantastic. Oh, and without any spoilers: there's a large number of references a lot of people here will enjoy.

      I have it, waiting to play it with a friend. I did start UVHM over the weekend

      There's a gun that shoots swords, which is all that is enough to make me regret not getting the season pass. Oh well.

        So far I say it's worth buying it alone.

        Do eet.

          Considering you (Saturday) didn't pay for the game and each DLC is around $5-15 - it's an awesome price :D

          I'm 1/15th away from affording it! hazzah!

          Last edited 08/07/13 10:15 am

          What happens if you already own borderlands 2? Can I just register the season pass.
          Mrs Tigs has been pushing to get Tiny Tina's racist adventure for a while and I think that it will probably only be 50% off during the steam sales

            It comes with two keys I've been told, I'll confirm in a sec.

          Yeah I'm with Tigerion... I've already got BL2 for PC but that price for the season pass is hard to pass up. Is there a way to buy it then gift BL2 to a friend via Steam?

            Also @tigerion: That I don't know, dunno if it's one code or two that they send you. I play it on PS3 anyway, so one of you may have to test it.

            Also, extra 10% off: enter code GMG10-VTTCS-VYH18

    Hola Tay

    Hope you are all well

    Went to a mate's birthday on Friday night at a pool hall, where I proved once again that pool is not my game. Also caught up with the rentals yesterday, but other than that a very quiet weekend.

    A monday morning question: Many celebrities release an album at the height of their fame, often regardless of whether they can sing or not. Which video game album (and what title) would you have in your collection?

    Ezio Auditore: Killer Tunes would be mine

    I have 5 dollars ready for the steam sale.

    This is enough.

      Just wait until 2 games you actually want are discounted to $2.50.


        I will.


    @dc - go watch the AF stuff! I asked whether you ended up playing all the prototypes or not :D

    @jimu - I think I've given up with Knytt Underground. Kinda annoying how the bells that I did reach were blocked with a quest of sorts and I needed to get X amount of Y. I like the normal "Metroidvania" type of gameplay where you're blocked by your abilities and as soon as you get that double jump, or missile - you can progress further. Time to put the Vita back in its case :)

      I played all the prototypes, but some longer than others. (Autonomous looked pretty, but didn't really actually play it very much.) The Spacestation one just seemed half complete.

      Also when you said AF I thought you meant Arcade Fire and thought they had released something new this morning. :'(

        I'm sorry I played with your emotions like that - it wasn't my intention!

      I prefer Metroidvanias too, but this does it's own awesome thing.

      I am actually on a break after playing it for a while.

      Dissidia beckons!!!

    Does anyone know the participating retailers for the free 3ds game download (when you buy a 3ds)? ive been looking for a list but all i can find is that i have to ask in-store (needless interaction!? HUMPH)

    Edit: doesnt matter in the slightest now cos im getting the XL.

    Last edited 08/07/13 10:05 am

      As far as I'm aware there is no list since Nintendo are silly... You can try searching online to see which stores have worked for people but I think it's safe to assume EB and JB would qualify - the bigger retailers have a good chance too (Kmart, Target, Big W etc.)

      Just remember it's for the original 3DS and NOT the XL.

        Oh WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I didnt realise.

        Thanks for pointing that out!

          Yeah, Nintendo are silly... :/

          At least the games are pretty decent!

            Not silly, evil - trying to clear the old stock!

            Last edited 08/07/13 11:44 am

    Anderson Silva was beaten on the weekend!

      I thought being beaten was half the point of MMA.

      I didn't understand the reaction from Ruffles and Serrels? Was he expected to win? Does he win every time? If he wins every time what's the fun in that? :D

        Not sure if this is a legitimate question, but Anderson had defended his championship for 7 years straight before yesterday.

          Was a legit question and I didn't know that. That makes more sense then. I just thought they were fans. Haha!

            Ah, well yeah, Anderson Silva is easily the greatest MMA fighter of all time. His last loss before yesterday was January 2006. Stuff like this is what he does every fight. It's ridiculous. And yesterday he got caught out because he got a little too carried away clowning around.

              Whoa, dats nuts!

                Right? No one should be able to move like that. He's an absolute freak.

                Also, this.

                  Oh god. This sport is so painful to watch D:

                  ...but somehow enticing... >_>

                  @sughly Man, Anderson is relatively controlled compared to some fighters. Jon Jones absolutely tears guys apart.


          The only thing I know about UFC is from Ruffles and Serrels twitter feed/the movie Warrior. :P

      New rule.... you have to say what's in the spoiler... I can't avoid a specific topic if I don't know what your spoiler is about =(

      Last edited 08/07/13 10:31 am

        Good rule!

        Weekends UFC fight results.

      I too, understand sportsballfist.


      What, really? I wasn't really following it but that seems really quick :D. I just thought it would've come out later. WOO KATAMARIOLUIGI

      Preeorder it at EB Games and receive a really awkward incentive lol

        Ooo... whys that awkward? Looks kinda cool...

    Oh god this survey thing is so obnoxious, it's taking up half my iPhone screen. Will come back to kotaku when it's gone...

      Oh geez I thought it was a triangle, turns out it's a half invisible block taking up a big portion of my browser screen... yeah this won't be annoying one bit

        It's both. Triangle is annoying too because it's more of a square - so when you think you're clicking the blank space to upvote or something it ends up clicking on the ad :(

      But how will you know if it's gone if you leave?

    Morning all,

    My weekend was equal parts awesome and bleh. The awesome came from the shane meat and arcade trip afterwards, everything was awesome!

    The bleh came from being woken up at 3 in the morning on saturday to a wicked leg cramp that had me pretty much bedridden for most of saturday which meant I missed out on ozcomiccon and meeting Rob Paulsen and then I got no sleep on saturday night so I decided to rework some designy stuff into the wee hours of sunday before crashing at about 6 sunday night

    I also got to wander around @greenius town in animal crossing and by god mine looks like a crappy shanty town by comparison, we wandered around watering all his flowers and I ran into the robot that runs his coffee shop and a pretty racist lion called Mott that would only call greenius "That person" Before leaving, greenius let me run rampant and collect fruit and then he gave me an axe and we started chasing each other through the town ... good times

      Holy shit I think we had simultaneous leg cramps. I woke up around 3am Friday Night / Saturday Morning with a crazy bad cramp in my right calf, had to get out of bed and stretch it out and it was still sore until Sunday night :(

        same leg ... same time ... spooky

          So which one of us is the original and which one is the evil twin from a parallel dimension?

            Well, I can't grow an evil goatee ... so that kind of narrows it down

            I think we should have an evil off just to be sure though

              At many points in my life I have considered getting a high-backed leather chair and a fluffy white Persian cat and sitting on the chair in an ominously darkened room with the cat while plotting.

              But that's normal right?

    Radio day, didn't do it last week because reasons, who wants a song request?

      oooh me,

      I am a heart by Hey Ocean

        Hey Ocean, I know that band, the lead singer is a voice actress on... wait, forget I said anything.

        I'll see if I can play it, not sure if we have it.

          Indeed she is a voice actress on that show ... although she started as a singer and I prefer her for her singing than her voice acting

      I Wanna Fuck You In The Ass - Outthere Bros.


      Better - Screaming Jets.

      Your choice.

        Better off with the Jets. Kinda not going to pick the one with swearing in the title.

        Definitely Better by the Screaming Jets.

      I like the idea of offering choice:

      Invader, Invader by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
      The Power of Love by Heuy Lewis & The News

        Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

          I think their undisputed masterpiece is 'Hip To Be Square', a song so catchy most people probably don't listen to the lyrics - but they should! Because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of trends, it's also a personal statement about the band itself!

      Digging In The Dirt - Peter Gabriel

        On the list. Lucky I saw it, was preparing to head out for the station.

      And.... we're good, thanks everybody for the requests, looking forward to playing them.

      Anything by Solar Fields.

      Also, you should totes do a Spotify playlist.

        I actually just started adding this weeks suggestions to one.
        How to share spotify playlist?

          Think there is a share link button there somewhere.

    You can't win the computer from the survey. At the end there is a box asking how you would improve Kotaku. Most creative answer wins the laptop/tablet/whatever these things are called these days.

      Ultrabook? The hell is an ultrabook?

        Thin and light laptops. PC's answer to the Macbook Air, basically.


          I'll hold out for the Ultra Mega Mega Book then.

            Everyone knows Ultra is thin and Mega is huge. You're not making sense.


              Your face doesn't make sense Dickman.

              It's obviously an ultra thin laptop with a mega sized 60" screen. Everyone knows that.

                My brain hurts.

      Heh, I basically put in that I wouldn't improve Kotaku, since it's so great. I can't win anyway though, cause they didn't have a check box for unemployed, so I had to fill in that I was self employed and then put wanna-be author in the other section, which is probably against the rules or something.

        I just put in a joke answer, because how do you improve a website apart from saying "more content!"?