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This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum. I've promised Mark that not every post I make this week will mention Bubble Bobble. Although having mentioned it, I guess I'm off to a bad start already.




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      What's new, brotato?!

        Not much. Woke up. Went to work. WAS FIRST ON TAY!

        How's things, Brotaku?

          Upvote for Brotaku.

          I got a new phone and a new bed! I'm a new Pants!

          I didn't get any new pants though. Although...

            TIME FOR NEW PANTS! Purple pants! For PAX! Although you do run the risk of looking like a geeky Barney the dinosaur...

    Hey gang,

    Am worried about my 3 year old. I'm concerned she might be depressed and/or autistic and/or gifted. We're going to be getting her looked at soon (starting today), and obviously it's too early to be making any of the above claims, but she's been extremely out of sorts recently (and beyond what I think a normal 3yo mood would account for)... and tbh, none of the above three diagnoses would particularly surprise me (though autism would be the most surprising)

    The other day we tried to tell her how great she was, and she just put her head down and mumbled, "No, I'm not great," and then slumped away and sat in the corner. :( Last night she put herself to bed instead of dinner, and stayed in her room for fourteen hours :(

    As much as it's possible with a one-year-old who's declared war on her, we're going to try to get her mood up. If it turns out she's gifted, then this whole thing might be because she's feeling unstimulated. So, one option (among many) is that we are looking to get her a tablet computer for educational-type games, to keep her occupied and challenged at those times where we can't be directly interacting with her. This is where TAY comes in - need advice and recommendations, plskthx. <$100 is good, <$50 is better, mostly because it's all we can afford, and also because we'll almost certainly need to replace it several times. Recommend to me, please! eBay has a few, but I wouldn't know what I was looking for.

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      I know a guy who can get you some tabs for about $50.

      Primo stuff, you'll have a great time.

        If her mood doesn't improve, I'll be in touch.

      My nephew has a Leapfrog pad or something like that - think it was about $130. Seems to keep him occupied, granted he isn't really gifted - I caught him throwing bread into the ceiling fan the other day.

        Thanks. We've already got one of the really old LeapPad systems, with the cartridges, etc, and she seems to like that. Additional cartridges are hellspensive though! :P

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        I dunno man. Last time I took an IQ test it was over 160, but I've also caught myself giving the thumbs up to someone over the phone. I'm a really smart idiot.

          "Mom... picture-phone."

            Oho! I see what you did there. I dunno how long I can sustain a Simpsons quote back-and-forth, though.

      There's actually a huge market for tablets for kids of that age (no, really) in terms of apps and accessories (protective cases, etc.). There's benefits to whichever you pick, but based on your price requirements I'd be looking at Android devices, particularly older generation ones. iOS devices are great for kids too, but they're expensive to buy and generally expensive to buy apps (compared with Android).

        Thanks, yeah, I'd pretty much already assumed that anything Apple was out of the equation :P Other than being from China, does kick up any red flags? All I know is that it's pink and that it can access the Google store.

          I can't see anything particularly dodgy (well, dodgy as in if they're selling you an empty box) for that listing, but you're certainly getting what you pay for in terms of price.
          Before grabbing something like that it might be worth asking around here or at work to see if anyone wants to offload their old tablet before upgrading? Can't hurt to ask, and you could get lucky.

      I might have an old iPhone 4 sitting around somewhere. Maybe. Can't remember if I already gave it to someone or not.

      If it still is here do you want it?

        Only if you let me buy it from you.

          I think you underestimate how many old phones I have cluttering up the house.

            The most sophisticated piece of phone technology in our house is my wife's iPhone 3GS. Second-most sophisticated is my 10-to-12-year-old Nokia. :P

            I think you underestimate just how damn generous you're trying to be.

          I too have an old iPhone 4 model lying around, so that is available, if wanted.

      normal 3yo mood

      Here's your problem. Everyone knows the only thing normal about 3yos is how abnormal they are.

      In all seriousness, I hope she's okay. The nexus 7 can be picked up for $250ish and is a pretty decent little tablet.

        Thanks, man. We were ready for mood swings and tantrums, the cornerstones of 3yo behaviour.

        It's the quiet stuff that I'm worried about. The compulsive apologising, the shattered self-esteem, the lack of interest in almost everything... it's worrying, and I'm having trouble believing this is 'normal'.

      Obviously I don't know your daughter well, having only met her once, but from what you've said about her in the past and after reading the stories she has written, I'd be seriously surprised if she sat anywhere on the autistic spectrum. If she did it would be towards the "high functioning" side.
      I'm not an expert, of course, but my brother's fiance is an OT specialising in kid's with behavioural/developmental issues. I'll ask her what she thinks.

        Thanks, man. My wife's got a certificiate in disability support and has worked with autistic kids for about eight years, and she thinks it could be possible but unlikely... you know, just one of those things that needs to be considered.

        I'm honestly more worried about a diagnosis of 'gifted' - I don't really want her life to turn into Malcolm in the Middle :P

          Well then I think it's safe to disregard my comment.

          Hope it all works out groovy.

      @freezespreston @izzy

      We have sorted out an iPad for my daughter, but my wife has now decided that she would like to upgrade from her iPhone 3. I would therefore be interested in purchasing one of your iPhone 4s from you please, if you are still looking to offload.

      If you want to hold onto them because the matter at hand is no longer the welfare of a three-year-old kid, that's totally fine. But I will add as an addendum that my wife is entirely capable of behaving like a three-year-old at times :P

      Thanks for reading.
      Your pal and mine,

        Do you realise how hard it was to find this on a mobile?

          No... I've never browsed Kotaku on anything other than a computer.

          Sorry! :(

          Double sorry if this post is also hard to find :P

            I'll see if I can dig up the thing. Also pretty sure it's just a 4 not a 4S.

              Thanks, man.

              Regardless of outcome, this book has now been pre-ordered in your name. Enjoy! :D

              (Note: not a substitution of payment for the phone, BTW. Just for being a cool guy.)

        Apologies for the late reply, but I'm still okay with parting with the old iPhone

          Thanks, man. Can you please shoot me an email at shane at and we'll sort something out that everyone's happy with? Much appreciated. :D

            Hello again, apologies again for the late reply! Yesterday, I got distracted making a pro design in Animal Crossing New leaf, and was out this morning. Anyway, just letting you that I just sent through an email.

    Programming! (with data structures)

    If there's one good thing about living on campus it's that I can get up at 8:30 and still have time to spare. Unlike staying at my friends place and having to get up at 7 this morning :(

    In more upbeat post, am still enjoying Ace Attorney.

    Case Four: The trial of Miles Edgeworth

    Day One of trial, and Det Gumshoe has just revealed the murder weapon and ballistics information that he forgot to tell me earlier, despite claiming to be on my side with this one. XD

    I think he's the worst ally ever. Also, the prosecuting attorney is kind of hilarious. It's gonna be great watching him lose :D

    Phoenix stressing out in court is so funny - love the exaggerated animations. Hell, I love everything about this game. It's a great game.

    Thanks @scree! :D

      No problem! Glad it's making you happier. I hope your daughter feel better soon


      Hey sure, rub it in.
      Here's other things that would also aid in this endeavour:
      "Bundaberg Ginger Beer"
      "Sunshine and warmth"

        Why do you miss minties? Do you enjoy breaking your teeth? SADIST

          Do people not know how let things sit in their mouth a little to soften up?
          I gave someone at work some Cadbury Marvellous Creations with the popping candy in it, and by the time I told them to let it melt in their mouth, they had already chowed down on it and finished it and complained about there being a lack of popping.

            "Here you go, Stampy! Eat it slow, it has to last for-- you ate it too fast."

              That quote is almost twenty years old. I love that we all know exactly what it is :D

                I don't get it :'(

                  If you haven't seen the classic Simpsons episode "Bart's Elephant" you need to do this immediately. Actually, it sounds like you need to see it right now anyway, even if it's not for the first time.

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            i do that, i dont want chocolate covering my teeth.

              Wash that chocolate away with some coke. Then brush your teeth immediately afterwards, so that the coke acts like paint-thinner for your teeth enamel.

              Ten years of that and you won't have to worry about ANYTHING covering your teeth.
              (Because you won't have teeth.)

        Hey man, you have poutine and extremely apologetic people and peanut butter cups and now i'm hungry THANKS BISH



    Howdy all.

    This past weekend was a blast -- My partner @asheleah and I attended AVCON in Adelaide and spent a significant amount of monetary items for little pieces of fandom.

    Did anyone else go?

      I thought I saw someone talking about it a few days ago, but that might have just been you on Twitter...


        Potentially. I was talking about it most of the weekend ;)

      Woo! More Adelaide TAY!

      @wilbur went, I would have but I'm paxing in lieu. Maybe @benny?

        Nope not me, didn't go. All this weekend drizzle meant I was home sitting at my desktop, watching steam sales update every few hours or so. Not actually playing any games.

      I went. It was pretty cool. Lots of costumes. There should have been staff with mop and buckets following Jessica Nigiri to control fan drool.

    1-0 up in the Ashes. The next 9 matches in the next 6 months had better not be so close. Not great for stress levels. Dunno what the umpires were smoking all through the match though

      they were smoking the ashes of the stumps, that's why its call the ashes DUH!

      amateur :P

    Hello All! I must ask: is there anybody here interested in a spare 3 day pass for pax aus? The person who showed some interest in it hasn't responded for over a week.

      Whoa! If you dont find someone, you could put it as a one day sale on ebay though and be rich. Not that... not that I'm endorsing scalping >_> Just... endorsing being rich.

        Nothing wrong with endorsing being rich! Although I'd feel guilty about overpricing it (on the other hand though, Money!)

      I'll give you five bucks and a Popsicle from the fridge.

      Not a chocolate one though. Any other one is fine.

        Replace chocolate with strawberry and this is pretty much the argument me and Ash have after every dinner.

      Hey @Izzy, i am totally interested... how much are you after for it? alternatively, send me an email (Zetrox2k) at the hots dot com, (no brackets!)

      @shane @scree thanks for the heads up guys!!!

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        Hey! I'll send you an email a little later on, my asking price is $115 (early bird pricing, what I paid for it).

          sweet! ill be glad to take it off your hands!

            Alright! I'll email you soon.

              @izzy hey not sure if you sent it yet but just thought id let you know i havent received it yet.

                Sorry for the late reply! Doing receptionist work today, got a bit busy before lunch. I just sent through a confirmation email now.

                I'll check my emails when I get home from work.

                  replied and left you my mobile number, just sms me instead as im toolazy to check emails!

      Ahhh @zetrox2k can have it. I don't wanna fight over it.

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        OMG man, you should have sent me an SMS! I missed out on this as I didn't get a chance to come here. :(

        Ah well. If anything else comes up, let me know.

    Dear TAY

    @rize has sagely suggested that I ask around here before lashing out on eBay.

    Does anyone have an old tablet computer they'd like to sell me? It'd be for my three-year-old, and would be used for educationalist games and apps. Name your price - I'm anxious and desperate, so use it! :)

      I think Mum and I paid about $300 for hers. I would suggest going to places that sell them second hand as people tend to trade in things that are no longer the latest thing.

      That's a funny coincidence. Since the weekend I've been pretty seriously considering ditching my first-gen 3G ipad, if that's the kind of thing you're looking for. It runs fine and isn't scratched, but it doesn't support the latest software coming out. (Which is why I'm thinking about getting rid of it.)

      I was planning on using it for reading comics on my PAX trip, but after that I'd probably be pretty comfortable with sending it to a good home. Price? Uh... I'm pretty out of touch on what'd be fair. I guess maybe forty bucks or thereabouts (which would cover postage plus a bottle of something decent)? It's not a proper tablet PC, though, so I'd expect you to get some better offers, and maybe some more thorough searching of ebay could turn up something better.

        Dude, this sounds pretty much ideal. Latest software isn't a concern, as long as we can still pick up some educational type apps for my kid (can it still access the Apple store?).

        Are you sure that's a fair price? Edit: for clarity, I mean that it seems low. :P

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          Yeah. When I said I was thinking about getting rid of it, I was only going to offload it on to family who might like it anyway, I don't have time for dicking around with ebay. I only wanna token charge because I only do charity for family; everything else can muddy who-owes-what. At least a token price is a price you can shake on then you're done.

          Like I said, I wanna keep it for the PAX trip though, so if you get better offers or earlier offers, that's ideal, but otherwise, my username at gmail is a good place to start for contact details.

            Thanks, man. I will let you know either way what happens.

            Really appreciated! :)

        Told you it was worth asking, Shane!

        You're an alright guy, Mr Mind.

          You were right, man.

          Don't know why I undershot, asking just for advice. TAY comes through. Always.

      There's not a great deal of good educational games and apps for Android and Apple. And giving a device like that to a 3yo, especially a precocious one runs the risk of accidental purchase of things as well. You should look into ebay for older Leapfrog or VTech stuff that people will sell with a whole bunch of software. We got an old Leappad (The original book kind,before iPads were invented and hence the new Leappad) and a whole bunch of software for it for somewhere between $50 and $80 delivered.

        All good advice - thanks! If we go forward, we will be vetting all software carefully and won't be storing any cc details on the device if we can help it. I've already looked up parental controls online, and have a pretty good idea how to prevent in-app purchases and internet access.

        We've got one of those old Leappads already! :)

          If you get one of the phones you can switch to airplane mode as a good way if stopping accidental purchase and inappropriate access

            That's way too simple a solution. Things need to be more difficult! Difficult! :P

              With IOS devices, you can disable in app purchases with a 4 digit passcode, or, if you jailbreak it, you can get Cydia tweaks that disable app-store and iap altogether, and can be enabled again by removing the cydia tweaks.... definitely something that would be way too complicated for a child, trust me...

              Yeah, what Zet said. There's an easy way to enable restrictions to block In-App purchases and there's settings that'll ask for a password each time you try to purchase something (which will stop accidental purchases)

            My son figured out how to turn that off on my iPod. :P

      like an android/ipad styled tablet? check out the JXD tablets on .. They are quite good and cheap, just bought the S7100 for my mum which also has Dpad, analogue stick and buttons for the emulation stuff for my mum....

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        This is the one i bought my mum.... it is amazeballs...

        only downside is it runs android 2.2 not 4 but there is another version of this that has 4.2

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          scrap that, dont buy that one at the moment... only the resistive screen version are available (stylus needed) all the capacitative screen versions (touch) are sold out.

    Just... One... More... Turn...

      Rogue Legacy? It's having that effect on me. It will be different this time. I'll actuall... Nope I'm dead again.I know it's probably not but relevant.

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        That too , but this one is civ. I lost my life to civ this weekend

          Oh gods Civ. I put two hours into a game sat arvo only to quit when Augustus Caesar was being a dick.

          I suffer from One-more-turn-itis. It manifests most strongly in Endless Space, Galactic Civilizations 2, Civilization series, Plants vs Zombies 2, and Infinity Blade 2.

      Civ V + G&K + BNW is probably the best Civ yet.

      I know it well. Althou getting my butt kicked going from prince to king difficulty

    With The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls, if Sony do another Playstation Allstars we could have Ellie versus Jodie in the ultimate match of 'Not' Ellen Page versus Real Ellen Page.

    Why I'm sending a hoodie to Queensland at a time when winter is petering out is beyond me, but it's well and truly on its way by now, @strange! Keep an eye on your letterbox for a massive soft parcel.

      Eyyyyyy ;D

      Ah wait you said parcel not package... ah.... hmmm...

      Last edited 15/07/13 9:39 am

        Haha, yeah, I was careful. Sorry :P

          You started with "massive" and "soft", you may as well have gone all out and included "package" as well. :P

          Also, thanks. I should be receiving another massive soft...package this week as well, containing all the fabric I ordered from the US for your wife's quilt.

            It's hard in the middle \o/

            Best I can do, sorry.

              It took you all day to come up with that? :P

                ...I'm not good at talking about my bitsy pieces. :P

      Shane! Supanova! November! You know Mr. Strange too? That's awesome! :D

        Yeah, man. I knew both the Stranges before they got together. Crazy long time ago now... like, 8 years or something :)

          Wouldn't you like to catch up with them in person? Maybe in November! :P

            I feel like you're pushing some sort of agenda here... :P

    Hola Tay

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday! Yesterday I had brunch with the family, went to a board game day in the afternoon, then to a pub tea with some friends in the evening.

    A monday morning question: Some of my friends gave me a lego minifig as a prelude to a PAX-based present. If you could make a Lego figure of any game character, who would it be? I'd love a figure of Faith from Mirror's Edge

      I don't know, but it'd be something from Dark Souls for sure. Maybe Artorias or Solaire

      I'd love Lego figures of the Borderlands vault hunters.

      ...I was going to say Borderlands 1, but hell, all of them.

      Solid Snake and the bosses from Metal Gear Solid.

      I think you could get some pretty good minifig sets from just about any Final Fantasy game.

      Raz from psychonauts. Would work really well with the big head and the little spindly arms

    Cube World is mad fun

    played for a few hours last night with faction, blaghs and Nob such a grindy fun but so rewarding, it fels like you really have to earn your gear. :)

    First thing my boss and I said to each other this morning, in complete unison:
    "How much have you spent?"

    Good ol' Steam sales.
    Side note: He's nearly at $200, I think I'm about $25. Not sure which one of us is winning, here.

      i spend $2.50
      cause i have been wanting hotline miami for a while.

      I loaded up my Steam account with $100 just before the sale started, and told myself that would be my limit - I've got PAX to attend and would rather buy stuff there.

      I (foolishly perhaps) spent a bit on TF2 keys, but damn, I got some cool new hats. And I've spent the rest on games already. I grabbed RPG Maker, so that was a large chunk, but I've been happy with all my purchases so far.

      Of course there's at least one item in today's deals that I kinda want, but I'm staying strong. The sale finishes after PAX, so I just need to track my wants and see what I've got left on encore day.

      Everybody is a winner.
      Of course the true test of who is winning is which of you is closer to crafting the steam sale badge

    Does @strange have the internet back on yet?

      She just posted in Tay, so my guess is yes!

      I do now, yes. It was just gone on Saturday. Stoopid iinet and their worst timing ever for their stoopid problems.
      Did you need me for something? :)

        I needed you for craft discussion.

          Ooh, is it more of your wife's awesome crafting? Tell me more!

    I seem to have misplaced my glasses.

    This presents a problem.

      I don't see a problem.

      Bet you can't either.

      Oh man, search around the ground while a Scooby Doo-like ghost creeps up on you!



    (repost from last night)

    The PAX Twitter account is answered a lot of questions last night. Here's a brief summary of some things that was said:

    - They said their larger shows take 25-30 minutes to load in but PAX Aus has Photo IDing which will make it a bit longer
    - Opens at 10am but you can start lining up at 8am
    - It's an annual thing. PAX Aus next year too! WOO
    - All attendees get free swag bags (they didn't say what was inside)
    - Lanyards are given at PAX
    - You need to be 18+ (bring ID as it will be checked) for unrated games. If you're under 18 you can't view it, even with a parent/guardian
    - First come first served queuing for panels and concerts
    - Free Wi-Fi
    - Theatre capacities - 100, 200, 300, 1,800+ (Wombat is 200, Dropbear is 300, Main Theatre is 1,800+)


    @sernobulus aren't you coming to Melbourne on Tuesday? ORGANISED SOMETHING YET!?
    @negativezero - lift maybe? :D. Depends what Nob plans because if it's not too late I can just get there myself if you can't be bothered giving me a lift :P


    So what's the plan for PAX? I'm going solo but hope to meet up with TAYbies otherwise I'll be foreveralone and bored out of my brains waiting in lines and stuff (so much hat for lines). I reckon we should look through the schedule and see what interests us, then we should see who else is going to those things, so we can go to those things together, yeah? Yeah. :D

    And if there's any group stuff organised we should probably organise that :P. Number exchange? Meet-up points? I know there's Karaoke but that's it and I'm still not 100% on its details.


    Just got my Uni results this morning. Was checking TAY on my phone and BAM got the results text. That stupid ban thing makes no sense and apparently I wasn't in the exempt part, yet here I am with my results. Get your shit together Uni :P

    I passed that unit I thought I'd fail and it's my first Pass and lowest mark ever :P. Also did a lot worse on a unit I thought I did alright in and did slightly better than I thought in another. Lowest semester average so far but at least I didn't fail and that shit is over.

    One more semester...



      Wow, a lot of good news there! Thanks for the heads up!

      im just gonna wander around cracking wise and talking to people, i dont really know whats going to be there , nor do i care, its more of a social event then anything.

      1800 seems low for the main theatre :/

      Might have to line up pretty damn early to get in there for the Ron Gilbert and PA stuff.

        Roooonnnnn :'(

          Yeah, how about that PAX North, huh? It's.. Uh.. A thing.. Yeah..

            Our keynote speaker also makes adventure games! SUGHLY!

              Does he, though? Haven't seen Anna's Quest yet ;)

                Should have bought Chapter One when it was available. It was all right...

                But I'm not convinced the rest of the game exists.

                Last edited 15/07/13 10:28 am

                  Don't forget Egress! EGRESS!

                  I did, it's on my old laptop, which didn't exactly play it too well. So I haven't played it.