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Howdy folks! I'm back from a weekend at PAX Aus, and ready for a couple weeks in the Captain's chair. And I'm fairly sure anyone who attended the expo would still be on a gaming high, even considering it being Monday morning. It was a great atmosphere - very inclusive, and very "come and play!" A stark contrast to the E3 that just finished, which was all about shovelling groups of people into a room, showing a demo, and keeping the cattle moving.

I didn't get a chance to check out the many, many interesting board/card/tabletop games in that area, though - did anyone get a chance to? I was a little busy crashing out of the semi-finals of the FIFA and Shootmania comps. Sadface.


    Morning all!

    The Lesser Evil ebook is out! If you care about the environment, or fancy paying just $0.022 per page for epic sci-fi comic adventures, this is the moment of my career that you've been waiting for.

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      And if this Lesser Evil thing is a mystery to you, here's some more info!

        Phew! Now that that's all out of the way, I've got a few minutes to chat. So, how are you going?

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          Going good Shane, how are you this morning?

            I'm cold,Cam.V ery cold. We're getting wind straight off the snow-topped mountains here in Canberra.

              Stuff that gotta pack on those jackets and beanies. It's cold down here in Melbourne too but the sky..she lies.. All blue sky's and freezing.

      Also, it's worth noting that there is a spelling error in your name in the illustrator credit on Book Depository

        Thanks, man. I already fixed up the Amazon listing that had the same problem. BookDep is a bit trickier to get to :)

    I'm working from home today, my legs still hate me after PAX and can barely walk :(... but worth it! :D

      My throat is still feeling from Saturday XD, but it was so god damn worth it! Final count down and bohemian rhapsody were both shown great justice that night

        What about Don't Stop Me Now? :( I thought I did okay :P
        Also for your throat, have some tea, it helps :)

          This is true, i was actually impressed that you took the stage to be honest... i would not have the guts to grab the mic single handedly, so i take my hat off to you good sir! Bravo!

            Hey I was hosting the party (Shoutout to @scree for helping me organise the whole thing btw! :D) I thought I might as well put on a good show myself, especially with Never Going to Give You Up lol

              Best Rick-roll ever!
              yes, big Kudos to both you and @scree for this... best initiative!

                I only organised it because no one else would. Seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

                  I think you mean the 2 least laziest people ever.

    Morning everybody,
    Hope you all had a good sleep and hopefully the drole of Monday-itis isn't too bad.
    My day started with my bird waking me chatting to the birds outside, on the plus side I got a phone call from my boss saying don't bring lunch your doing a half day so that's a plus haha.

    Going into hermit mode at home for a while after seeing all those people at PAX.

    Yay for sleeping.

    Also, HANABI!

    When the hell is state of decay being released in Australia it had been classified but he's seemed to disappear :p is annoying really want to play it!

      Latest estimate is for the hours following 7PM AEST this Friday, according to the last UL Round-Up thread. I hope there aren't any more delays...

    Wicked, wicked - @junglist massive!

    I have no regrets.



          lnk cr b82rez 2g4

            Was the first one that came to mind, but couldnt remember it fully for the life of me

              A mate and I used to quote it to each other all the time in high school.

              We were the coolest of the cool.

                I always remember losing it during an interview he had with a natural health practitioner discussing the benefits of sperm as a natural product. Miss that show.

                  The interview with the founder of The Body Shop was pretty great.
                  "An animal called a crylic. It live in Taiwan."

    Herrow peoples!

    It was nice meeting everyone at PAX, finally got to put faces to names. Hopefully I didn't scare everyone off with my presence :P
    It felt kinda weird introducing myself as 'nightFlarer' in person, 'cause I never use that name in IRL haha

    As for PAX, I wasn't as disappointed as others have been, I always go to at least 3 conventions per year, so maybe I knew to what expect? or maybe I didn't have to travel to another city? Compared to the others I've been to, PAX had the best quality. The negatives was that the venue isn't large enough for the amount of people that came which also caused large queues.

    Also got a bit starstruck meeting Shiggy and Doc (I didn't show it though :P), listening to them speak was like listening to a live Potaku :D

    Hopefully I can meet up most of you guys again in future meats!

      As long as you introduce yourself as your handle while doing a power rangers pose, you should be fine

      Also, totes knew shiggy and doc before potaku so you know, whatevs *flicks fringe* Also pretty sure I helped name him shiggy.

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        Ah I was missing the pose, thats probably why it didn't feel right!
        I'm pretty sure I helped named Doc What when he used Watt back in the days haha

          There you go, between us we invented them!

      I didn't see ya!

        I know I'm so disappoint! Where were you on Saturday?!


            He was the guy in the almost-too-dark-to-be-green-which-disappointed-many-shirt
            also HI!


                aaaww :( but... BUT.... aaaaaaawwww... that's okay, i let people down too, for the lack of horned helmet and manly beard...
                One of these could have been helped

                  I saw a manly beard! Any beard is manly to me since I can't grow one :P

              Hi guy! There was a few people I didn't introduce myself to because I usually keep to myself so I'm not sure if I met you and actually was in the presence of @greenius. I was the half-asian guy with the black hoody and green shoes.

                i was the guy that got dragged onto the stage during "Land DownUnder" involuntarily and then ran off again
                or the guy that stood tall with @rize belching out Bohemian Rhapsody.
                or the guy stood awkwardly in one corner staring at everyone

                  haha that doesn't ring any bells, we could of been awkward staring together!

          Nah seriously, I was constantly walking around between places and seeing different people. I was mostly with TAYbies though and if you ever saw a long haired Dave Grohl lookalike, wearing lots of red, and a tall black guy - I was the green guy with them :P

      Glad I got to finally meet you and so many other TAYbies as well. Such an amazing weekend :)
      Best. Meat. EVER!


        How soon we forget...

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          ^ Who's this guy?

          He should come to Melbourne!

    @rocketman or @bdkiaf - you guys listen much to Sharon Van Etten? Probably played more of her than anyone else the last few months. Like Aimee Mann, but better. And I like Aimee Mann!

      Unrelated, but you check this more than Twitter.

      I sent you a DM.

        Haha, ahhh twitter is for schmos. Nah actually I'm just lazy.


    I need the Tomb Raider & the Bioshock Infinite Steam Trading Cards to craft my Steam Sightseer badge.

    If anyone has doubles and wants to put them in my inventory, I won't tell if you don't.

    I have spare Dead Island, Kerbal Space Program, Football Manager, Reus x 2, Skyrim & Torchlight x 2 if anyone wants them.


    Add that name to your lists.

      *Opens Trench-coat*

      I've got what you need

        I think I need the football manager one - Happy to give you the two you are missing for it once I figure out how to do that...

          Yeah, I'm still on Steam probation due to me not buying anything from it since forever.

          Once that's cleared up, among other... conditions, we can come together and trade.

    So how did everyone like PAX?
    I'll be reading all the reviews and comments since I didn't go =(

    Also was there no PS4? I haven't heard it mentioned anywhere... seems strange that it wasn't there.

    Did anyone try the oculus rift? I had a quick go at ozcomicon and while I agree that it needs a bit of improvement before it will have mass market appeal, I was none the less very impressed and excited.

      I loved it!
      Only went Friday, but there's was tons to do for one day.
      I couldn't see myself do all 3 days because i didn't participate in any tournaments or free-plays, but enjoyed the panels i attended and had plenty of time to check the showroom

      Overall 4.5/5 horned helmets

      I got a few minutes with the Rift playing Mirror's Edge.

      Impressive tech, light and comfortable. I'm definitely going to get one.
      Software support is going to be the big thing to make them viable - the demo was pretty much no parallax and head tilt was just bonus mouse movement, but I see the potential.

      I got to try it out with lunar flight.
      I'm sold, I'll be getting one. Was only a free set flight but had enough to understand the concept. Head movement was totally independent of controls.
      A bit of an issue when you move off the horizontal plane with balance type stuff, feels like you should be tilting or something. In the middle of a game I can see myself falling off a chair.

    Programming lecturer has spent 45 minutes using his r2d2 doll as an analogy...

    Well the weekend was certainly interesting. We've all agreed it won't be repeated in quite a while! I hope all PAX goers had fun, even though from what I've read it was a bit of a disappointment.

    Woke up with Ni No Kuni music playing in my head. A good start to the day. :D

      i told you already D.C,
      DS cartridges DO NOT go there!

        Pixel! Read your post on the other TAY. I wasn't there, so can't comment on you in particular but I'm full of crazy doubt every time I leave a meat and it usually doesn't go away for a week. You're always awesome here on TAY, so I imagine it's the same in real life!

        Also, want some rye? Course ya do!

          thanks dude, i go through phases like that, so i really appreciate it...
          Certain people are trying to educate me on how not to care, and i'm getting better at it, especially at work.
          But when it's people that I actually care about and i believe their opinion of me matters, that's when the over-analysing happens...

          Also, you're a pretty rad dude yourself, you should come to melbourne so we can wallow in doubt together XD

            Don't fall for it, @dc.
            He might. Not. Even. Show. Up >:(

              Yeah, but the same could be said for me... *thinks back at PAX North*

              Also. NO. MELBOURNE. EVER. >:|


                Pixel and DC meat write-up

                *crickets chirp in empty square*

    @sughly: The Cave is $6 on Steam for another hour, I'm pretty sure you don't have that game? It's fun and definitely worth six bucks!

      naw man! totally want that... DAMN YOU WORK PROXY!

        Someone buy this game for Pizzel!

          Someone DON'T do this XD, people are waaaay to generous as it is

            Someone. Buy. It. I'll send $6 to whoever does.

              If I had money on the nets, I would. =(

                You got Paypal? I can send $6 to you via Paypal now. Would that help?

                  I do have paypal. I'm worried I won't make it in time though.

              @dc, got a spare $6 for a temp loan for a rye buddy? I've got my moolah here, ready to send you instantly...

                Aw, would like to, but can't really do it right now. Only 15 mins left on the clock too! :S

                  Paypal? Can transfer to you pre-purchase, so you not out of pocket...?

                  #OnACrusade \o/

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                  I don't even have Paypal. D.C.'s living in the past, Shane. Living in the past!

                  Okay, okay everyone, I have made the gift purchase. I will need to add Pixel to my steam friends list to send it to him later tonight.

                  Aw, @benny, sorry man! One of us just stole the other one's thunder - time will tell who stole whose :P

                  BTW, I have some Mario games that arrived recently that I believe you were keen on. We need to get in touch!

                Did anyone get him the game? If not ill buy it now even though it's back to $10

      I bought The Cave. I also bought FTL and Dragons Lair.

        I played The Cave three times back-to-back and was thinking about playing again this weekend. (Decided not too, though.) Flawed but great game though.

      Bought. Better be good *glares*

        Oh, it is. It is. *glares back*

        Unless you were glaring at Ron Gilbert. *glares at Ron Gilbert too*

        Uh oh. @Dc hyped it up so it's just going to be another Spec Ops and The Last of Us fiasco. Good one D.C....!

          Nah, @Sughly was into this before I even mentioned it. Ron Gilbert. LucasArts. Double Fine. I think he also knows it ain't really an adventure game too. :D

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            Doesn't mean he'll like it though!

              Saying it's fun and worth $6 isn't exactly hyping it either. XD Also, I played it three times back-to-back, so I liked it. *shrugs* :P

                I'm just messing with you Mr. D.C.

                Spec Ops, The Last of Us and even if @sughly dislikes Cave ain't got nothing to do with you :D

    Morning all! I am so physically tired from PAX, but hell I had fun.

    Friday was spent mainly lining up for everything, did end up giving Saints Row IV demo a try. Went to the Penny arcade make a comic/Q&A on Saturday morning, which was highly entertaining (from people seemingly trying to start State Vs State and Capital Vs Capital fights, to Mike and Jerry trying a Vegemite sandwich, and of course seeing the comic being created), and I tried out the Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World demos on Sunday. Of the two levels I got to play through in 3D Land - I was 2nd best in it, and the boss level - I lost power ups, and spent most of it just running around in circles trying not to die. It was really fun, as was Pikmin 3.

    The rest of PAX was spent mainly hanging around the Nintendo section, purchases, and hanging in the beanbag lounge area playing Mario Kart 7. Also loved getting all the Streetpass hits.

      Glad you had a good time. Did you end up meeting any TAYbies?

      Also PIKMIN 3! WOOOOO! 5 Days away!

        Unfortunately not, kept mostly to myself there. Maybe next time!

        I got to play Pikmin 3, it was awesome. =D

          Of course it's awesome. It's Pikmin 3. (That's what I tell myself so I don't get jealous. XD)

      Please... please don't talk about how many Street Passes you all got.

      My bastard gland is already working overtime pumping jealousy into my system that it could rupture.

    Morning everyone.
    I slept so well and I am now eating normally so I am pretty damn happy. I will do a pax write up soon (I want some breakfast first =P) I have lots of images, a lot of them are Elizabeths on request of my mother (sorry about that). Also loads of lol ones.

    Hope everyone is having a good day so far

      Can i just say, AMAZING job on the cosplay Scree, i was in awe when i saw it!
      Glad you're feeling better too!

        Are there pix!?

        I saw the Rupee cushions and nearly died from radness.

          There are loads left over. =P I made way more than necessary.

            I'LL BUY ONE!

            How much we talkin'? A million dollars? TWO MILLION!?

            -frantically scribbles in cheque book-

              Um, they're not worth that much ._.
              $25 dollars + postage and handling, is that okay?


                DM me details via Twitter?

                (at)dkzeitgeist if you aren't already on the Dan Train.

                  First of all, what colour were you after? I'm out of green ones though, sorry.

                  Twilight princess ones I have
                  Blue (2)
                  Skyward sword
                  Blue (2)

        As a perfectionist, I was constantly comparing it to others and wondering if it was okay. I would have liked to re-done it, which was the original plan, but Nova's cosplay took too long to make. Which was again because of being a perfectionist. ^^;;
        I was happy to finally meat you. I just wanted everyone to be happy and be able to meat, whether you went to pax or not.

          It was awesome to finally put a face to the name,
          Us north westerners need to stand together more XD.
          But yes, you did an amazing job, nothing to be embarrased about at all!
          #sadface that i didn't get to see Nova's cosplay though

            I have an image of both of us.
            Same here. I was totally expecting someone who looked like a viking.

            Nothing to see here!

            Last edited 22/07/13 2:33 pm

              Bahaha yeah i'm sorry that i look rather ordinary...
              fixed that phew!

                It wasn't a problem. I totally thought Blaghs was rocketman for an hour on Friday.

                  But one totally looks like a tall manchild and the other, a beautiful monstrosity.

                  Blaghs pretty much confused the hell out of me which is why the confusion occurred.
                  @pixel_the_ferret_viking He caught a banana that the LOL people were throwing into the crowd. He put it in his pocket and left it there.

                  Something to do with a LoL character having a move that looks like bananas that's totally OP.

                  He also liked stroking it and attempting to throw it at people.

      Great to hear you are better! \o/

      I would do a write up but ... lazy! =P

        I will at some point, but I want to write it in open office writer first.

    omgomgomgomg imma be an Uncle soon,
    Sis just went into labour!!!! \o/

      A baby, and a new game! Whatta day for you, man. :D

        Baby yes, game NO! :P
        Too bad i couldn't afford going back home to actually be there, this is the only downside to moving that far away from home...
        COME ON NIECE!

          Do you go home often?

            not since 08 to be honest.
            getting residency was REALLY expensive, and then paying for my education down here has left me a bit on the broke side XD...
            We're aiming for maybe Christmas 2014 at the earliest but who knows.
            #globaleconomy and stuffs


              Do your folks/family visit you here?

              Edit: Oh man, just occurs to me that these posts might be bringing you down.



              UNCLE! WOOOOOOO!

              Last edited 22/07/13 10:19 am

                Pixel visiting is sister kickstarter?

                  naw, that fuzzy feeling inside ^.^
                  Seriously though, i am okay with how my life turned out...
                  scratch that, I'M BLOODY PROUD.
                  I am so happy to be here, i have an amazing life and you guys keeps me cheered up

                  At least your family is nice and close.
                  Glad you like Melbourne

                Not at all dude,
                Yeah my parent's are actually coming down March next year \o/

                To be honest, the whole home sickness thing is over and done, This is my home now, so talking about it is cool.
                It comes with the territory that people are curious, so happy to answer all questions about that.

                It does suck a bit not having been there since 2008, but i have seen my family so it's all good

      Excellent news, congratulations!

      Congrats Pixel! Your gonna be an awesome uncle!

    I had a pretty awesome weekend this weekend. I didn't go to PAX, unless it was PAX South. ;) However I did see Pacific Rim and bought FTL, Dragon's Lair and The Cave. Also bought a couple of t-shirts from Totally Irreverent's closing down sale. I've also started using meal replacement shakes for breakfast in the hopes I'll be able to lose weight faster. Really happy at the moment.


    And now I'm hungry...

      Oh man, I just had a crazy healthy breakfast. I drank vegetable juice. VEGETABLE JUICE!

      Why must you tempt me. D:



          No. I just know the chances of ever getting to go to a meat there is non-existent at the moment. XD

            Start job seeking! (and don't you dare try to pull that "I'm unemployable" bollocks!)

            I guess you're just forcing everyone to go to Brisbane >:(

      I only ever eat chips. Too many food poisoning incidents

    I finished reading The Long War (the sequel to Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter's The Long Earth) and was really disappointed.

    Just felt like a series of ideas that were still gestating.

      Damn. I spotted it in the airport the other week and wasn't previously aware of the series. Was hoping it would be good.
      Ah well, one less thing to buy and put on the backlog.

        The Long Earth is better. The Long War takes half the book before there seems to be a point and then things just happen before it gets to the end and something something spoilers.

    Dear @pixel_the_Ferret_viking

    Please check your inbox.



    Last edited 22/07/13 10:58 am

      dear @shane... damn you.... sir...
      Genorosity of TAY strikes again...
      ALL THE GAEMZ...

      seriously though, thanks a million, you're all awesome

        Anytime, my brother from a Danish mother!

        It's a present to say "Happy, um, babywarming!"

        Last edited 22/07/13 11:16 am

      Haha, dammit!

        I should have just trusted TAY to deliver, instead of reactivating my Steam account.
        Sorry, man.

        naw sorry dude!
        Love the gesture though, thanks...

          No hard feelings. Well, maybe Pixel has after his eventful morning, haha.

    Hey @powalen !

    We should beat Kid Icarus: Uprising one day :D

    I only ask you because no one else plays/likes it :P

      @strange gifted that to me! I played a fair bit, but I got something else that distracted me from it, been meaning to go back


        It's a really well made game but the controls are baddd

          It is awesome, and the controls are fine!

          You just need to never play it with a stylus, ever. Dig out your DS Phat, and steal its thumbstrap. That's the only way to play 3/DS games with the touch-analogue controls :P

      I also have it.

      I also need to finish playing it.

      If they brought out a Wiimote or twin-stick version for the WiiU I totally would :P

    Heeey! Did someone post this already? Just got word from a friend that Ron Giblert's PAX keynote is on the tubes, yaaaay!

      Thanks Sughly! That's all kinds of awesome!

      Will have the bit where rocketman called me in the middle of the speech!


      I only got in at 10:33 so it was too late :(

      Haha! Ron's not as grumpy as I imagined! Hopefully he doesn't quit the keynote half way through. XD

      He actually seems pretty awesome and funny! has my pax photos!

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      So this is what non-camera phone photo quality is like :O

      EDIT: Last two images say "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available" :(

      Last edited 22/07/13 11:05 am

      Blaghman with surly face takes the win.

        I can't fake a smile for cameras, it means that most photos of me end up being horribly depressing.

          I'm the same, except I just pull a shit face (some would argue just a normal face) because fake smiling and I don't work together.

      Greenius doesn't like Gaytimes huh? Can we just like, kick him out or something?

        I don't know where you got that wrong assumption from

          That is not a face of joy at having a Gaytime, Greenius.

          Last edited 22/07/13 11:43 am

            That's me pulling a silly face Mr. Bishington :-). Even if it was, I hadn't consumed the Gaytime yet so it would've changed.

            Wait for @fatshady to upload his pics and you'll get the other end of the spectrum :P

            Btw, weren't you going to be at PAX?

              I refuse to believe anyone could willingly pull that face around a Gaytime.

              Also yes.
              But then I couldn't because work.
              True (sad) story!