TED Destroys All Of Our Superhero Fantasies With Stupid Legitimate Physics

Have you ever had the flying dream? If you have then you will know it is the all time best dream a human being can ever have. You may have also had 'the force' dream. Where you have the power to move objects. One great thing about video games is the way it empowers you. It gives you the chance to be a 'superhero'. Now, in the interest of 'science' TED has put together a series of videos completely debunking the chance any of us have of having super powers in real life. URGH.

Yes I'm kidding. I guess this is kinda cool.




There are more of these at this link, check them out!


    Oh, great. Gee, thanks SCIENCE.

    ...I can't stay mad at you, Science. C'mere, gimme some sugar.

    I think they miss the point. Superhuman abilities are designed to 'defy' physics. Their arguments are invalid.

      Yes. Don't they realize? A wizard did it.

        It's that suspension of disbelief that keeps a man dreaming ;)


    Can you say "jet packs"? Hang gliders? It's all in how you approach the problem.

    What super powers do I want...?
    1. Heal the sick
    2. Travel through space / time at will
    3. Understand all forms of [human] communication
    4. Change my form / appearance at will

    Floating = constantly moving to the same relative point in the air. Flying is a variation on that. Changing form allows for a serious secret identity when not healing the sick and / or grabbing people out of crashing planes, or collapsing towers.
    No good looking like a harmless Tibetan monk, if you can't understand Tibetan.

      Just knowing all forms of human communication would be an amazing one. Imagine the money you could command working at the UN lol

        I decided on that one, primarily to ensure I could understand autistic people. Just because I know they're autistic, doesn't mean they want to be "cured". No sense in curing people who don't want to be cured, as depicted in Life Of Brian...

        "Spare a tanner for a poor ex-leper?"

    Oh ffs. Supermans got it so difficult according to this... poor guy :(

    What would TED know. String Theory is all about Possibility Manipulation from Superposition which means we make the rules of Physics.

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