Tell Us Dammit: Your Gaming Tattoo

Games characters love tattoos. So do many gamers. If you could have any game-centric tattoo anywhere on your body, which one and where?

Photo: Yovany Alas

This was inspired by comments earlier this week on this story. Now, I've got to come clean here; I've never been particularly tempted to get a tatt myself; something about the combination of pain and permanence puts me off.

Which isn't to say I'm anti-Tattoo; everyone's body is their own. But for those who are in the same camp as me, pretend for the sake of argument (hopefully without inflaming the "that's not a real tattoo" crowd) that it's a temporary tattoo instead.

What would you have, and why?


    Not that I'd ever do it, but if I were to do it I'd go full out and get all the characters I've really liked over my life of gaming tattooed up my arms and on my chest and back. Then I would never go out in public ever again.

      That's exactly what I'm doing except only on my arms and I will proudly show them off outside.

    I have a fallout Brotherhood of Steel soldier on my right forearm. I am getting League of Legends on the other arm (yep! I have finally decided)...

      Oh, and Walking Dead zombies (it's a gaming tattoo now they've made a game, riiiight?)

      Have you decided on the characters and / or style. Or going to have some rough idea and throw it to the artist?

    I'd probably end up getting "war..war never changes" on my forearm or something along those lines. Maybe even the griever symbol from FFVIII

    The Skyrim symbol on my upper right arm.
    Look for these lovely legs at PAX! (if I'm wearing shorts)

      Is it difficult walking when your left leg is so much more awesome than your right?

        Especially so, as that right leg is so light, i would imagine that keeping it from soaring to new heights must be a tireless task. But no issues with the left one. Being that heavy it must be easy to keep it at rock bottom.

    For the record, it'd be Bub and Bob, although I'm unsure where they'd go, apart from not in the tramp stamp position. Especially if they were blowing bubbles. boom! still has a bit to go
        I feel you pain xgen, twelve hours on Tifa in one sitting and still has Gaia and Meteor to be done as a background

    I have the tattoo from the headline pic on my leg. Got it a few years ago in the states, still love it.

    If I were ever in the mood for something extreme I'd get the circut board patterns JC had on the side of his head and hands in Deus Ex.
    At one stage I was also considering a Triforce tattoo on the back of my hand, inspired by Ocarina of Time, but but that's one of the most painful places to have a tattoo, apparently.
    And while I'm not ever going to get a tattoo, I know one person who has a Mario super star tattooed on her hip and one or two other tatts, also game-themed, all small.

      Homie I have my hands covered in ink and its one of the less painful sessions I've had. The junkie spot and very far bottom of the wrist (where your palm starts) is where it tickles ;)

    I'd like to get the Crimson Omen from Gears of War or the Halo Reach UNSC logo on my upper arm. But first I'd have to thicken my arms up a bit, and prepare myself for my mum killing me when she found out!

    The Full Far cry 3 tattoo - but id only get a bit at a time after i learnt new things

    Come on people, LINK TO PHOTOS PLEASE

    Although I dont play WoW anymore, as a memory of the years of my life I spent playing it I am tossing up the idea of having the Horde Symbol on my upper Arm. But first I am designing my next tattoo, which is a wizard coming out of my skin, with a mouse in one had and Wiz74 under it ;)

    That will go on my right shoulder blade, as I have a skull with knife and my kids names on the left shoulder blade

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    If I had the time and money and balls, i'd sit in public getting a tattoo that petitions for half life 3 on my back and people come up and sign their names and then the tattoo artists rolls over some ink.

    when valve decides to do it, I'll tattoo gabe's face over the signatures.

    Have a look at my avatar or check out the link mine is a full back piece dedicated to Mortal Kombat, just wish I could get it finished sooner

      How long you gotta wait to get it finished xgen? It looks fair sweet so far

        got 2 more sessions next month and 2 in Sept, hopefully thats it :)

    I am getting Majora's Mask tattoo'd on my left hand next weekend.

    But I do have Avengers Assemble tattoo'd across my knuckles and a Tardis on my leg...if that counts ?

    I thought a lot about getting tattoos when I was younger, now all I know is that I’m REALLY glad I never went through with it. All my ideas were stupid and I’ve got so many mates with tattoos from that period (18-25) who came to hate them within five years of getting them done and are now stuck with them.

    Sometimes the smartest thing you can do is understand that you’re an idiot but that you’ll be slightly smarter in 5 years time. Future-proof yourself from your own stupidity by not letting some high-school dropout draw something permanent on you!

    That said get a tri-force. They are awesome.

      The girl who did my tattoo graduated from high school early and had a degree in graphical design before she was 21. Stop trying to stereotype people.

      I have no tattoos, nor do I have any plans on getting any but, as f4ction said; stop stereotyping people. My sister in-law is a tattoo artist, she finished high school, also has a degree in graphical design and she's is a part-time teacher.
      Perhaps part of the reason 'all' of your mates that got tattoos around that time-period and now hate them is because they didn't think to actually research their artist and had a terrible job done.

      That said, do not get a tri-force. They are not awesome at all.

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        Anything that you want to get (or not get) as a Tattoo is, I think entirely up to the individual. A tri-force is awesome if you think it's awesome. End of story.

          I agree entirely. He voiced his opinion on it, then I did.

      Not sure I get the hate here. You're not stereotyping the tattoo artists, you're stereotyping the people who get them at a young age who come to regret it soon enough.

        Nah, I totally did stereotype tattoo artists.

        The thing is people get ridiculously defensive about tattoos and feel the need to justify getting them because their only other choice is accepting that they are permanently stuck with something that makes them look like a moron.

        It’s like being an console fanboy where you can’t ever own or play a console that you haven’t backed from the start.

          hmmmm, lets see, i earn 75,000+ a yr, drive a Beemer & yet i'm a moron because I have tattoos? go figure.....

            Good luck getting a job!!!
            You probably stole the 75K and the BMW!


              Oh, knock it off. Not all tattoos are even about aesthetics. Mine are non-game related, but they're also things I got done to mark emergence from a difficult phase of life or to remember something crucial. They're in discrete places, do not impede my ability to work in a professional setting and above all, are not for anyone else to comment on. They're mine. It was my choice. If someone makes that choice with something game related, good for them.

    I have a collection of gaming tattoos and more booked later this year. When I thought of tattoos and something meaningful, all the times I'd spent huddled around a CRT playing games with my friends were the best memories worthy of a tattoo. I have Conker and Old Greg, Red XIII, an MGS one and a huge Tifa as well.

    Don't have any, but the artwork on sc2 marine armor looks tattoo worthy.

    Probably the tri-force or a mario mushroom or something.

    I don't think I'd ever get one though. I wouldn't want the pain or permanence.

    I'm a personal trainer and sooo many of my clients in the 25-33 age range have the full sleeve thing going.

    Close up they look great, but from a distance they just look dirty. Sooo glad I was never tempted. If I did, just small symbols and yeah, my kids names. Intense big pieces don't look good from a distance.

    If I ever manage to lose enough weight to have the confidence to be seen in public, I'm thinking of getting the symbol of torment from PST and on the other shoulder in a pirate font the words "How appropriate, you fight like a cow!"

    Akuma's "ten" symbol across my back.

    Stylised version of Dark Souls bonfire.
    No idea where. Probably ankle or something.

      yeah i was thinking along the lines of getting something like that as my second tattoo, but i'm not sure where to put it, and whether I want it to have it huge with more art to go with it. I just need more time to think on it.

    I have a full greywash warhammer chaos fantasy sleeve. I'll post it when I'm home from work

    So far I have a bioshock shin piece, and a murder of crows bottle from bioshock infinite

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