The 8-Bit Truth About World Of Tanks Artillery

Playing as artillery and providing powerful long range support in the team-based MMO World of Tanks is a role of great responsibility, where your skill matters a lot. So as this 8-bit video shows, things can go wrong easily if you can't distinguish your allies... or if you're a cat.

Just think about this video before yelling at your artillery support whenever it does something completely weird.

8 bit Tales: Artillery is on the Watch [YouTube]


    ...Im sorry... but what?

    What was this... what was this even about?

    If you don't play World of Tanks then this vid isn't going to make any sense.

    Since the 8.6 update the quantity of arty per match has gone down and the quality of arty players has gone up. It's a good thing, but arty is still for rubes.

    Last edited 11/07/13 11:44 am

      Also cats are awesome and want to play World of Tanks but have not been taught how.

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