The Assassin's Creed Movie Targeted For June 2015 in Australia

Video game movie adaptations are often discussed, but are very rarely given concrete release dates but Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed is apparently getting the movie treatment and it's now been given a release date in Australia: June 18, 2015.

Obviously that's very far in the future, especially when it comes to the movie business, but it's interesting that a date has been provided at all.

Ubisoft confirmed a May 2015 date for the US, meaning that, if all goes to plan, the movie will make its debut here in Australia roughly a month later. It is worth noting, however, that 2015 is a long away. A local representative from Twentieth Century Fox confirmed the date was genuine, but that it may change in the future, which is completely understandable.

I'm just surprised that the movie is actually being made. Not because I think it's a terrible idea — I don't — but because I am simply so used to hearing about game to movie adaptations and then having them dissolve into the cinematic equivalent of vapourware. It looks as though this thing is actually being made.


    It's only 2 years away. Or, more accurately, 2 more Assassin's Creed games away.

      3! Part 4, the next one after that, then that years edition XD

        3? You guys are being really conservative here. More like 5.

    Who's the guy on the end with the rifle?

      Nikolai Orelov, from the AC: The Fall and AC: The Chain comic series. Kinda random to include him here, imo.

    2 years isn't that long. Figure a couple of months to work out a 'treatment', then you have to get producers on board and work out schedules for your director, cinematographer and principle cast. Principle shooting will likely be a couple of months on location. Given the subject matter you can expect a fair bit of time in post for CGI (gotta make it look medieval or whatever). Then editing and promotions.

    i want them to do the whole movie in CGI like they do there trailers.

      If you've seen Lineage (the short prequel to ACII, it's on Youtube), then you can see that Ubi can do a pretty decent live action piece (with CG used well in it).

      But yes, their trailers are drop-dead amazing. If only ACIII had been that good...

    It will have to be a multi part series right? I can't see how they could do it in one, unless it is was terrible.

    Would like to see a priest get bribed in the film, followed by the smug "hehehe'.

    u know whats going to happen now right?

    when movie release... those die hard religious people, going to complaint that the movie is not true and lie about adam n eve blah blah blah its not gonna end lol u guys watch :p

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