The Battlefield 3 Easter Egg Nobody Has Found

Between the spaceships and dinosaurs, you’d think Battlefield players have found everything hidden in Battlefield 3 by now, right? I mean, Battlefield 3 has only been out for almost two years now. Still, there’s one easter egg which nobody has found in-game (or, if they have, it hasn’t been documented yet).

How do we know it exists, then? DICE tipped players off months ago, deeming it one of the hardest easter eggs to find in the game. It wasn’t until jackfrags uploaded a video earlier this week that anyone concretely knew what the easter egg was — and even though he walks us through how how he discovered it in this video, it’s not something that was experienced naturally in-game.

Basically, there’s a ridiculously small chance of hearing special audio that calls out a developer that worked on Battlefield 3, David Goldfarb. Jackfrags was able to find the audio hidden in the Battlefield 3 gamefiles, but we haven’t yet seen evidence of someone coming across this easter egg in the actual game.

Is it the most exciting easter egg? Naw; just audio. Still, but it’s fascinating to hear how people go about finding hidden things in games. It’s a process that can be consuming, and only the most dedicated undertake it. There’s an interesting element of faith involved too, where you have to have confidence that there’s more waiting for you in game that you might not necessarily be able to see. And it makes you wonder, too — how many of the games that we think we know inside out still have stuff that’s secret to us?

Or heck, a secret to the developers? Goldfarb didn’t know this easter egg was in the game!


Battlefield 3 GOLDFARB – New Easter Egg! [jackfrags]


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