The Beginning Of PAX Australia 2013, In Some Photos I Took

So, PAX. As Kotaku Australia's resident (and only) Melbournian, for the next three days I'll be braving the spicy environs of one of the biggest gaming exhibitions ever to be held in this country. The event has only just kicked off — I've been here for less than two hours — but I thought I'd share what I've seen so far.

First off, it's a perfect day for it. After almost being wiped off the face of Australia by a wall of wind and rain, Melbourne's weather is relatively pleasant, with only a cold breeze upsetting the balance. Trains are running almost direct from Flinders St Station to the the Showgrounds at Flemington, a trip that takes all of 15 minutes.

Here's everyone lining up. It's hard to make out in this photo, but that line is many people thick and goes a far way in either direction.

Journalists were given an hour's grace to roam the expo floor before the bulk of attendees. I used the opportunity to take a few photos of what I thought would be a fairly dead-looking area, but even with just media strolling from booth to booth, the place still looks quite busy. The photo on the right is the deadest snap of the bunch.

I'll take some more shots once the army has descended completely. has the expo's quota for tanks and trucks covered, as you can see from the lead image and this dandy photo here.

And that's all for now. Once I've figured out where all the exits are, I'll undoubtedly be back with more.


    This just pushes me to want to be a gaming journalist more and more, the fun things you get to do.

      There are plenty of other occupations which would be more fun and rewarding than a gaming journalist, unless you specifically like to write about game related topics. Also if you think being around fat sweaty and smelly gamers all day is fun, then you're gonna have a real bad time. It's lucky PAX in Australia isn't during the summer.

        I don't mind writing or talking about games, among other things it's something I enjoy doing.
        However I will agree I'm glad it's not done during summer.

        What do you have against gaming journalists? I just can't imagine anyone quite thinking "Oh shit, I ONLY get to write about games and nothing else today!" after saying that's what they wanted to do. It's like saying "Man, I want to watch a movie..." then rebutting with "Yeah, only if you like movies."

      Who says you need to be employed by kotaku to be a gaming journalist. If you really want to be one, start a blog, youtube channel or something. Many people employed at kotaku, gametrailers, IGN im sure started that way

    Take lots of pics for those of us stuck at work, Logan!
    Also, got higher-res versions of the pics you've already uploaded? All we can see are thumbnails :(

    That kinda... looks low key and half finished.... and sparse...

      You can barely walk around from all the crowds now that the gates are open

    Odd - seems our backend is acting up, those pictures should be clickable. I've added some manual links, you should be able to see larger shots now.

    My enforcer shift starts at 6:30, pumped to get involved

    Everyone who is at PAX this weekend is a closet Beiber fan. :P

    Got a shot from inside the line if you'd be interested in using it @loganbooker, it's fairly low res but captures the whole thing.

    I missed out on tickets too, I wonder what the limit of tickets/showgrounds was? It seems like a ton of gamers were not able to get tickets at all.

      They were capped at 35 000 for OHS reasons, and they sold out months ago.

        Really should have been capped lower. The whole thing is well over crowded. Need to line up an hour in advance if you want to get into panels.

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