The Best Cosplay From Comic-Con 2013

When you can actually get up off your butt and move your camera around, there was some of the best cosplay in the world to be seen at last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con.

And much of it was captured by the very mobile Sneaky Zebra, who were in attendance with fancy equipment to capture all the best outfits, performances and costume gags.

Well played, Bilbo Baggins. You get the glory, while the horse's arse gets...sweaty.

San Diego Comic Con - Cosplay Music Video - 2013 [Sneaky Zebra]


    0:24 - OMG BEBOP! Also 0:34.

    Man, they get so many awesome costumes over there.

    Props for Rufio, also, that Ironman at 3:00 was fantastic

    Nice camera work. Who doesn't love a little sow motion.

    Who needs booth babes, when you have cosplay! Great video btw.

    Awesome costumes. But I was kinda wishing the camera guy would use a different move after a while. Often he was so close for most of the shot that I couldn't appreciate how awesome the costumes were.

    Great vid though.

    Props to the Lannisters, but that Warm Bodies guy was amazing

    Chick at 2:24 is a pornstar lol

    The Penguin cosplay looked almost exactly like Danny DeVito's version!

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