The Best Part Of Today's GTA V Trailer Is 10 Seconds Of Multiplayer

Today's new gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is filled with all sorts of nifty things you can do in the singleplayer game. You can keep those. All I care about is that last 10 seconds of tantalising multiplayer mayhem.

I never finished the story mode of Grand Theft Auto IV. Hell, I only completed a handful of missions before the allure of an open world to play in distracted me from millions of dollars' worth of voice-acting and script-writing. It's the same thing that happened in the older Grand Theft Auto titles, only IV gave me a new way to do absolutely crazy stuff for hours — with a gaggle of complete strangers.

I spent countless hours in the game's free play multiplayer mode. Sometimes I would be in the thick of the action, playing impromptu games of "How Long Can We Hold Out Against The Cops?" in the middle of Liberty City. Other times I would climb that big-ass crane in the middle of town and just watch everyone else screw around. I planned entire evenings around watching other people play.

We don't know much about the multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto V yet. We know you'll create a custom character. We know there will be jets involved. Grand Theft Auto Online, as they're calling it, should carryover the Crew system from Max Payne 3, so it's likely some sort of gang wars feature will be available. What little we know sounds lovely.

But what excites me most is the view in the trailer. The player is standing in a high-rise, watching other folks tear through the city in cars. A jet performs a fly-by. I want to be that guy, sitting in my penthouse apartment, sipping a beer and watching the world go up in flames.


    It was a nice tease, but for me... the scope of the map along with Mount Chiliad.

    The playground is huge!

    I echo this article's sentiments!

    We are kindred souls, Mike.

    My friends and I only just got onto GTAIV multiplayer recently after picking up cheap copies of Liberty City Stories, and we have been playing it obsessively since, so THIS interests the living shit out of me. The campaign can wait, I'd rather build my character while rolling with my posse though San Andreas.

      If only all your friends had liberty city stories instead of just gta4 with the dlcs. Unfortunately you can't mp between lcs and normal gta game pain in the ass

        yeah its ridiculous, no idea why it is so but at least we can all get in on GTAV on the ground level. if you're doing xbox that is :D

    I know this may seem obvious, but there is so much potential to make the online experience with GTA absolutely amazing...I also know it is currently great, but what they could do realistically has no bounds!

    Man, that jet just keeps flying past his window...

      I swear to God I am gonna punch through your jet windshield if you don't fuck off now.

    There is a multiplayer mod for san andreas that has a tonne of people still playing (like 10s of thousands) which is just insane mayhem and super hardcore with cops and robbers.

    Initially you think, boy thats alot of people, but really it looks like 24 all in the same spot.

    Airport. All my games always seemed to end up at the airport fucking about with the helicopters and screaming down the runways.

    It looks like the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod!
    I still remember GTA2 multiplayer with a friend... good times.

    oh yay the fucktards are going to be camping the jets... like BF3 :P

      To the point where 90% of players won't know how to fly the damn things, OR they'll be so giddy/excited at finally sitting in the cockpit that they'll crash almost immediately :P

      I for one will be with the cool kids, riding my BMX cross-country. 8)

        cool, I will be running the cool kids over in a 4x4!!

    That does look cool.

    But.. does anyone else think that jet is going waayy to slow? Like I know its just a game but I feel like fighter jets probably go fast enough that you couldn't casually watch it go by your window.

    Excited though!

      The real estate agent didn't mention this place was right next to the flight path.

      Last edited 11/07/13 7:09 am

    I cant wait for this game! SAMP was an awesome MOD for GTA SA, That had some many varieties.

    i should be very excited about this, but since offline system link has just about died, i too died a little inside knowing that this will be onilne multii only :(

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