The Big Question: The Great Video Game GIF War

The Big Question: The Great Video Game GIF War

In the great video game GIF war there are two generals and the GIFs that travel in their wake is legend. Kaz Hirai and Satoru Iwata. No gaming figures have inspired more GIFs than these two men. The only question is: who has the best GIFs?

I’m going to ask you to first go over the evidence before making a final decision.

Satoru Iwata GIFs

Kaz Hirai GIFs

Okay you now have permission to vote. If you feel like making a stronger case for either man, feel free to drop GIFs in the comments below!

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  • Iwata feels more like a deadpan comedy, whereas Kaz is just balls-out insane.
    I vote Kaz.

  • My fave is the one where the throw Iwata’s coffin in the ocean and he busts out on a jet ski

  • Well, I think Kaz has had a bit of a surge in popularity lately with the ps4 announcement, but considering about half the things in that tag are the fake twitter account and the fact that Iwata has been consistent in basically every appearance, plus most gifs get you a side order of Miyamoto and Fils-Aime I have to vote for Iwata.

  • I think you might have discounted Reggie a little too easily, Mark; “What’s wrong with you?” has easily surpassed “My body is ready” as my favourite from him.

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