The Bikini Isn't The Only Thing Wrong With This Gaming PC Video

MSi, the Taipei PC gaming company, released a new video that shows how to build a MSi Z87-GD64 Gaming PC. Or something. Apparently, all you need is a Philips driver, a bikini, and a bad English language dub. Oh, don't forget the cheese ball pop music!

Because that's how you build a gaming PC, right? Um... No.

On YouTube, people are making the obvious comments about the video, but there were more insightful ones about why the PC building element is all wrong — not to mention the video itself.

"First of all you don't hold the CPU like that, and you don't touch the gold plates on the memory," wrote YouTube user Dawie Fourie. Numerous other YouTube users pointed out that this was no way to hold a CPU.

"MSI this is the last straw," wrote YouTube user Luke Yorn. "Why didn't you use a real expert instead of this over the top crap?"

How to build a MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING PC [[email protected] via @Grummz]


    You guys really need to find something new to harp on about instead of feeling slighted every time a hint of breast shows up anywhere on the Internet.

      I think the worst part was the dub. As bad as the Naruto dub.

      Yeah it's getting old. Like a troll who keeps going on and on about the same thing. Nobody thinks its interesting or funny the 50th time.

    That's how I build gaming PCs... But in all seriousness, there is nothing wrong with touching the circuits or contacts (gold things) with you hands. So long as you are statically discharged, and your hands are clean you won't cause any damage. Electronics are delicate, but they aren't made of tissue paper either, after all, computer circuit broads used to be made by hand, and in some cases still are. Do you think average Joe in the factory making your Dell computer really cares about not touching the gold contacts?

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      Hell, back when I was tinkering very frequently with hardware optimization, I'd frequently get down to my boxers to build PCs.

      I'd heard it was to reduce the chance of static discharge, but it became part of the ritual. Building a PC? Time to get naked. Is this common, or just me? When they said a woman was building a PC in her bikini, my first thought was, "Good. Knows what she's doing."

        Well, I believe proper technique actually dictates wearing a man-kini when system building. Obviously the closest female analogue to that is a bikini, so it makes sense for her to wear one.

    Maybe they put her in there because they knew it was guaranteed front page press?

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    How is the bikini wrong? Looks rather fetching to me....

    my nose usually starts running in the middle of a PC build.

    Maybe the bikini has electrostatic properties.

    I suppose the PC booted up normally first go?

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      My nose didn't start running in the middle of that video, but I blood did start spraying out of it...


    Wow guys come on...

    What i saw was a company using a model to show that "even she can build up a pc". You can see she most likely has never opened a pc before but come on.

    Any one that has built a pc before should know its not that delicate and touching things like the gold plates on ram sticks really doesn't do anything.
    Static shocks shit are a thing of a past.

    I build up pc's for machines we sell and do around 5 every 3 months. I throw them together in a very quick none careful fashion and have never had them fail. And they are fairly high end speced. God i hold my CPU's at times much much worse than she is with no issues. And the main reason she holds it like that is to show it to the person watching.

    End rant.

      I like that you picked up on the hint of sexism in this video. Still very visible in the industry isn't it?

        Oh come on....How is this sexist? Cause they are using a model to show off there pc? Would you say the same thing if a male model was the person chosen to show off the gear? Get off your high horse and look for problems elsewhere.

    LOL this is hilarious! Not to mention I learned a few things too haha.

    So this is basically how it goes:

    1. Kotaku writes an article hinting at or directly pointing towards an apparent instance of sexism and sexualisation of women.

    2. Everyone in the comments gets frustrated because no one gives a shit and we just want to talk about games.

    3. The (self-proclaimed) moral benchmarks of society go on Twitter, sit around a campfire and complain about how "disappointing" the comments section is. They all agree with one another and it's concluded that Kotaku readers are idiots that don't understand the moral plight that is the discussion point.

    4. Kotaku quiets down for a week or two on similar pieces, before coming out guns blazing with a thesis on how bad women have it in the games industry.

    5. REPEAT


      Not bad, but I would change step 4 to "Someone takes the time to bitch and moan about how terrible Kotaku is, but keeps coming back and keeps posting comments on how terrible it all is" and step 5 to "Someone calls him on it".

    She was building a PC? I must have missed that bit.

    Who the fuck cares if shes showing off a little cleavage, that case is disgusting.

    Wait, what? You guys don't build PCs in a bikini? Here I was thinking that everyone did it.

    Would you of watched the video if it was a socially awkward nerd telling you how to do it? I don't get why everyone is so against girls in Bikini's these days, is it just because the general population is so fat the idea of fit people showing skin is offensive?

    Because only neckbeards are allowed to be shown building a PC?

    The bikini is stupid and sexist, as is your implication regarding "proper" PC assembly.

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    Actually i think this is rather effective marketing. MSI deal almost exclusively with custom builders. They are grabbing attention using a model which is fair game. I think people are more likely to watch the whole video with a good looking model. She makes building the PC look unintimidating which is the biggest barrier for new PC builders.

    All in all i think it is an effective video for MSI

    Sex sells. Scantily clad people of both sexes are used to sell and promote products the world over. Get over yourself Kotaku, find something important to desperately try and drum up controversy about. This is a non-issue.

    Having a laugh at all neckbeard elitist nit picking everything. I've built PC's drunk/on carpet with thick socks/ wearing shit that tends to create static and have never damaged/destroyed a part ever. All you gotta do is touch something metal like iunno, the case/powersupply/etc.

    Do You come with the PC?

    She can come assemble my PC if she likes.

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