The Cosplay Of PAX Australia

It always feels a little odd stopping someone in the middle of a crowd and asking if you can take a photo of them. At least at PAX, they know why you're asking and you know why you're asking, so that makes it slightly less strange. And I think I'd feel worse if I didn't capture some of the excellent cosplay wandering the expo.

My favourites are the Pyro in the lead image here, and the gun-metal Iron Man suit in the photos below. The latter was particularly impressive with its glowing eyes and chest-mounted power source.

Despite taking photos of every costume I've spotted so far, I know there are great ones out there I missed. If you've been doing the rounds at PAX yourself and snapped a few shots, please share!


    I didn't get any photos, but the dude dressed as Manny Calavera was my favourite :-)

      White suit on Friday, or black reaper cloak on Sunday?

      If it was the former, then that was me! :P

        Yep, you in the white suit :-D Great work. Any pics? I was trying to explain the costume to my wife.

          Umm... I haven't got any from the weekend up anywhere (not that I got that many of myself :/). I know I appear briefly at ~1:39 in, not sure if I've popped up anywhere else yet.

          Thanks though! I'm still stupidly proud of how well the helmet turned out :P

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            Thanks man. Grim's one of my favourite games, so I thought it was great. I was impressed with the way the mouth moved too :-)

              Haha, I loved how after every single picture I'd say thanks or some kind of "bye" to whoever it was that stopped me, then they'd explode with "OH MY GOD THE MOUTH MOVES!". Made me laugh every time.

          There's kind of this one too from somewhere in TAY. Accidental capture, so I'm kind of hidden, but it's one with the mask up.

    Baby Ezio wins PAX Cosplay.

      Seconded on that one, now lets just hope he doesn't have a tiny retractable blade otherwise he just became the scariest mugger of all time

      Another here (on the dance floor):

      Saw a video of this little guy through my friend's FB who got invited to be an enforcer. Sorry but yes, this isn't even a contest.

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        I would really love a copy of this. We have some claptrap video but not ezio and I saw a few people filming her with some pretty pro gear so hoping to see some on YouTube etc. see comment below for contact details. Pplllleeeaaaasssseeee.

          It's only a short 12 second clip (probably because of whatever app she was using -_-) but if you're still interested I can definitely ask. But yeah, those 12 was just her being precious.

            Certainly am...that's the fun bits we have no pics of as we had to keep her contained hehe.

              She'll send you a copy to the address you mentioned soon :) I hope we see more of the little star in future expos.

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                You certainly will....we are already mulling ideas for next year as this years was a little rushed towards the end.
                Thank you.

      YAYAYAYAYAY that was my daughter. She was also baby zubat on Friday and (very reluctantly and for only short bursts) baby claptrap on Sunday.
      While we did take many, many pictures of her we were also enjoying the moment a lot as well and would love to get any shots or video people have of her.

      To see the smiles she brought to people made the event for us and the smiles she gave out from all the joy being shared her way was wonderful. (The paparazzi anytime we stopped was pretty amusing too).

      If you have some or know people that do can you post links that I can grab them from or send to [email protected]
      My wife and I would be very, very grateful.

        You and your wife are awesome parents. I never thought I'd ever love a Zubat (let alone an entire family of them) in my life

          Thanks :)
          My wife made all the costumes....I can take none of the credit (apart from my love of assassins creed and borderlands meaning we HAD to do those two hehe).

          Hopefully in years to come she loves us for this not hates us :p

        Ohhh man, I didn't see baby claptrap. That would've been awesome :O
        Great job on the Ezio costume though. That was one of the highlights of the show for me. Unfortunately that's the best photo I got though. But yeah, big thumbs up :D

          Thanks. My wife put claptrap up on twitter so you can check her out here
          I've grabbed that pic so thank you.

        I absolutely LOVED the zubat family picture I got, especially because Zubat had fainted by the time I spotted you all walking through the exhibition hall. Just adorable.

          Please email to me (or post and link somewhere)...I'd love to see it. we only got one family shot at the start of the day.

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        Just shot you an email mate, wish I'd been there to run into you!

        I wanted to take photos, but your daughter seemed so happy to run along that I didn't want to disrupt her.


      Baby Chun Li has some competition.

    Does anyone have a photo of the Agent HUNK cosplayer? He was the one with the red tinted gas mask.

    These were all good, but the Typing of the Dead guy took the cake for me, also the gender bender Hatsune Miku and Iron Man with the Link colour palette.

      Oh man, there was a TotD guy? Got any links? I don't think I saw that one.

      Typing of the Dead guy is my husband. We are trying to find pics but haven't had any luck. I was dressed as the girl Pokemon trainer from Black/White on that day, and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII on the first day. Was going to cosplay as Lara Croft on the third day but I was so tired and it was freezing!

    Anyone get a shot of any of the RWBY characters? Monty Oum's character design is awesome, and doing cosplay on the day the show is launched is amazing.

      I only saw a Red and a black (idk characters names yet) Ruby was spot on. I think the black cosplayer took a few libertys with it so as not to catch a cold and I don't blame her. IMO it wasn't as good as the ruby but I feel that black has a far weaker character design to the others.

        I saw Yang on Friday, she was great. I might have a picture somewhere...

    OH MAN thats me as Warrior T1 with my friend as the Judgement Pally! I really wish I'd fixed my shoulders before Saturday, haha. (I know there are loads more photos us though, any more photos would be amazeballs, thanks!)

      Not to be "that guy" who hates on cosplay, but your friend needs to build a helmet :P

      Pally tier 2 is wasted without dat judgement hood.

      I saw both of you when my friend and I were on the way out of PAX in the queue room at around 3:30-4pm. God those costumes looked cool but yeah, your friend definitely needs a helmet haha

    Got an awesome shot of some Borderlands cosplayers and me with a fantastic Legion from Mass Effect if you want me to upload.

      That Legion was incredible. I had trouble figuring out how a person could possibly be inside.

    The Ariel next to Sora was fantastic, and made some great comments during the "Fake Geek" panel about cosplay "elitism".

    Waaaaait a moment....Pyro doesn't have a ushanka! :P

      It's a brown bomber. Bam!

        Dammit, too many hats to keep track of now!

    Running into Glados was awesome! (Went as Chell) It was however, horrible as I was trying to leave very sick and vommity people trying to ask me for photos. I'm not sure if they thought I was in character being beat up and tired, hahaha.

    my friend did an amazing Chell on the Saturday.

    I did see people getting shots of all the TF2 cosplayers in one place on Saturday - sniper, pyro, soldier, heavy etc, that was pretty great. I think they were all pretty much red, except for one lone blue scout too. Made it even funnier, the reds standing over a dead blue scout!

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    There's a bunch of good pics in on my facebook:

      Album is friends only

    I was Mew from Jet Set Radio on Sunday and C Viper on Saturday, and despite being at a game con, very few people knew who I was as Mew! Time to Educate yourselves, PAX Aus!

      Ah, I have a photo of you!

        Awesome, thanks! I have a lack of shots of that costume :(

      I saw your fantastic C. Viper at some point during PAX, but were you not the Mew that was near the stage at the Protomen performance on Saturday night who got given a pick from Turbo Lover, or am I thinking of a different Mew cosplayer?

        Haha, as far as I'm aware, I was the only one, so yes, that was me. Turbo Lover did give me his pick :)

          I thought it was you! I was really impressed with your Mew, but I didn't want to bother you at the concert. Very cool to see JSR represented so well. :-)

            Aww thanks! I was really hoping more people would at least know who I was, it's always nice to get recognized when you work so hard to making the costume! So please, always feel free to come up and ask for a photo from me at least, it makes my hard work that little bit more worth it! (I had blades too, but wasn't allowed to wear them inside)
            Having said that...if it was during the concert, maybe not...don't interrupt my Protomen time ;)

    I've uploaded a few cosplay photos to my tumblr from this weekends festivities!

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